The Celerio just swallowed a few Viagras!

Quick Scribblings of Motor Uncle  :

1. Celerio X is the cross over oomphed up version of the Good Old Celerio

2. The Engine remains the same 1 Ltre

3. A lot of Oomphs in form of New & Sporty Front & Rear Bumpers, Black Interiors, Sporty Smoked Alloys and sporty claddings to shout “I ‘m in a New bottle”


The Celerio has always been a reliable workhorse. A vehicle with simple and understated design cues, more like the person with the beauty within. The AMT ( Auto – Manual Transmission ) making its Debut with this vehicle in the Maruti Range after great Improvements, it quickly won customer’s heart, space in their garage and also several recognitions, like the Best Innovation by World Auto Forum Awards in 2015.

Every product has a lifecycle and sees decline in appeal and sales once the fatigue sets in. Here comes the Product Planning and Development of Maruti Suzuki India to give it some new clothes with an oomph factor

Naysayers lament ‘hey whats the big deal in some black claddings, sporty bumpers, alloys…its the same old car! ”

We at Motor Uncle, feel car looks,  styling and aesthetics are pivotal in a products commercial success.  Historically cars, purely and solely on good looks have made a lot of consumers drool over them and get them home woth little regard to its service cost,  dealer network,  mileage or resale value. Well thats how love at sight does typically is!

In the case of the Celerio,  the product attributes  concerned with the mind are anyways sorted.  With the Celerio X and its refreshed oomph look it could be a great cross over option to go for

Motor Uncle Rating of the Celerio

Specs expected

10 Odd cm longer , 3 odd cm wider … It looks much more in mm ..which is a std Industry Practice! Practically its zilch … putting up a bull bar might make more difference quite frankly!

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