Is 360 Degree Camera Surround View In Car Advantageous In India?

03 Feb 2020 1 Comments Author: Ashish Gaur


In a country overpopulated like India where almost every family does have around 1–2 cars per family, driving or parking a car is almost a hassle in such a scenario. 360 degree camera does it all for a driver, so say to no more hassle while parking, just drive with the flow with the help of 360 degree camera car system (surround-view) and get it placed in your car right now.

To read more click here, Is 360 Degree Camera Surround View In Car Advantageous In India? 

abhishek soni I think that is right. it is a very good advantage in india

All New Hyundai Creta 2020 Teaser

02 Feb 2020 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle



The Hyundai Creta has been the undisputed champion of the compact SUV segment last several years. A car, an SUV which enjoyed  a waitlist , a zero discount dream run till as recent as last year.  A product the country aspires to buy, own and drive. 

A proud parent could be heard sharing with his friends and relatives, 'My daughter has bought a Creta'. A symbol of success and having arrived in life. 

Hyundai India also pitched it as the "Perfect SUV"  which it surely was till the competition caught up, spoiling the consumers with choices like Tata Harrier, Kia Seltos , MG Hector, Jeep Compass, Nissan KIcks etc

Now the leader gets a new avtar. The All New Creta is all set to be unveiled at the Auto Expo 2020. Bigger, better, More Modern, Upbeat , shedding its lines, cues & interiors which once modern, look a bit dated now.

The most important question : "Would the all new Creta regain its Pole Position in the compact SUV Market of India ? That too despite so many choices now? 

Well, time shall surely tell. The Auto Expo 2020 shall surely be the Litmus Test.  The 'SRK Charm' shall surely exacerbate the magic! 

Do check out the teaser released by the company yesterday ...

A few vital Details of the All New Creta : 


Based on the iX25 Platform. It was unveiled at China last year. It is based on the latest Hyundai Design Philosophy Sensuous Sportiness. The DRL's , LEDs all latest features with bells and whistles expected. Looks like the elder sibling of Hyundai Venue. 

Interiors too upgraded and comes with Tesla lke 10.4 " touchscreen 

The Powertrain is expected to be shared with the Kia Seltos epsecially the 1.4 L Petrol ones. 

All shall be clear and right there at the #autoexpo2020 ! 

Birdie Mae John Nice car,,, We also think about Creta as an Hybrid car . Is it possible?
Anuj Guglani Awesome! Looking Forward !! Yay!

This Delhi Boy simply loves His Nissan Kicks SUV!

26 Jan 2020 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Meet Piyush Maggu from Vasant Vihar, New Delhi who simply loves his Nissan Kicks

He evaluated several cars from Creta, Harrier, Seltos to Hector.  His Heart came on the Nissan Kicks. 

He finds it value for money and in his own words gives him the "Kick"

He also finds it very spacious and even the Nissan Service he rates as "Excellent"

Nissan Kicks Report card at Motor Uncle 

See the Video to know more..

VTK Jeep Thankyou Piyush for the extensive research you made to bring such wonderful information for the viewers.You have made it simple enough even for newbies like me. My knowledge of the automobile sector and to be specific about Nissan has improved tenfold after I viewed your video. I recommend this video to those who plan to buy the new Nissan Kicks SUV.check this out
Anuj Guglani this was super fun!

Book Jaisalmer Tour Package, affordable tour services in Jaipur by havish travel

24 Jan 2020 1 Comments Author: havishe tourtravel


You want to Book travel package in Jaipur for Jaisalmer visit. Then havish travel  is Best for you. They also provides Online booking Services for Jaisalmer Tour package. If You want to know more details about havish travel, you can call us at 91-9799552266.

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World's Biggest Charging Station at China! Can India have similar ?

02 Jan 2020 3 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


600 + plus cars , majority Taxis get charged in an hour at 1/4 the price of Gasoline here at Shenzhen China 

Most cars are cabs and of the make BYD

Drivers fairly happy , say they need to invest an hour and then they have charge which gives them 10 hours of business a day and guilt free emission free ,  clean driving 

While they charge , they rest on recliners,   recreate , network , hobnob !

India might do well with cluster chargers of 10 to 15 car capacity spread across the city and highways .. 


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Ford Endeavour that Weeps!

20 Dec 2019 5 Comments Author: Monica Ray


The Ford Endeavour that weeps! 

Its rain water entering the passenger cabin. This seems serious flaw here! Even a Tata Nano would not have this problem. 

This vehicle belongs to Mr Dharminder Pathania , Senior Corporate Officer at Delhi.  When he approached the Ford Workshop,  he just got their sympathies. They said even they are Puzzled ! 

Is this how Ford Dealership should treat their customer of most expensive product in the country.  Shouldnt they swing into action to solve the issue ??

Has Ford at India stopped taking care of its customers after their Mahindra JV ?

Hope the Customer gets some help. 





Smith Clarkson I have been inside all of these vehicles except Passat but driven only the Elantra but not enough. FORD : Fix or Repair Daily ?
jayaram bro Thankyou.
dr neelu chhabra FORD : Fix or Repair Daily ?
Motor Uncle A Moment of Truth for Ford India ... The Nation is Watching...
Anuj Guglani Batao Yaaron... Aise Kaise Chalega ... Billy Bhai Kucch Karo ! :)

Motor Uncle Video of Uber Driver gets played as testimonial at Hyundai Dealerships Pan India

11 Dec 2019 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


The Uber Driver Testimonial video has gone Viral! 

It is being played at Hyundai Dealerships & Workshops  across India 

The Power of Customer Reviews ! Please go ahead and share your videos and pics and reviews at Forums ... you never know even you might become super famous! 



Now the video which went Viral !


Its time to MU! Its time for


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Anuj Guglani Kudos to Team MU and Team Hyundai for harnessing the same ! Best Wishes ...

Uber Driver finds Hyundai Xcent much Better than Maruti Suzuki Dzire

06 Dec 2019 1 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Shubham Kumar has been driving the Hyundai Xcent for last 2.5 to 3 years. His friends have Maruti Suzkui Dzire. He has driven both the cars. 

After 3 years of driving , he finds the Xcent much better than the Dzire in terms of space, comfort, customer satisfaction and also service cost 

see the video now! 


Monica Ray Wow! Straight from the heart ... Certainly shatters several Myths !

A logic to identify your first car buy

01 Dec 2019 2 Comments


Which car to buy?

This is a question with a lot of answers, a lot of advice and yet not easy to choose from.

As an old proverb too many spoils the soup, when you are loaded with a lot of information the decision making will be hard.

In most cases, we can’t just avoid people’s advice and can’t simply follow.

Just read these points 

Family Car Planning List

  1. Space
  2. Trendy Design
  3. Good Performance
  4. Attractive color
  5. Price of the car and Finance
  6. Mileage
  7. Service Cost


So don’t feel ohh!! With the heading, just filling the seats you want to drive :)


These are some points we may have in our head when we are going to buy a car and these questions take repeating mode if you are going to buy a car for the first time.

The 5th point is very crucial for more than 85% of car buyers. This concern is good for many reasons. For this 85% of people particularly in India, buying a car is not just luxury, he/she has to use the product to the fullest potential. So the price of the car, how one’s finance is planned, maintenance cost and resale value become points of concern.

If you have set your budget ( i will say keep it a little flexible, for you may land into a better car with a little more investment) the other factors come into play.

The 6th and 7th points are more of speculation for we can’t have the precise answer but at the same time, we can have an approximate figure. To have a better idea you can use many portals like Zigwheels to compare and to know more about different brands and models.

As of now, you should have an idea about a brand or model and budget. Now you can go with the first four points with ease and can have an opinion of your close friends or family.

After you marked your checklist does a dealer visit for real experience and match the data you have acquired with the real one. 

The second last part is demanding for offers and possible discounts or gifts/addons available with your purchase. No need to feel bad, as the dealer can provide you a lot of benefits.

Now take the assistance of dealership or direct bank for the finance if you are looking for one.

Hope this lengthy story helped a bit.

Thanks and regards to my friend Mr. Sunil, working with Indus Motors- Maruti Suzuki dealer in Kerala

jayaram bro Excellent Blog! I would like to thank for the efforts you have made in writing this post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. I wanted to thank you for this websites! Thanks for sharing. Great websites! Pubg APK Pubg mobile APK Pubg for pc Pubg latest Version
Motor Uncle Good ! Impressive ! Keep it up !

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 25 Years in India and 10 Years of Chakan Plant near Pune

29 Nov 2019 0 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Established in 1994, Mercedes-Benz India which celebrates its 25th anniversary in India, pioneered the luxury car market in the country and boasts of more than 130 years of cutting edge innovation in the luxury automobile industry globally.

  • As a part of Mercedes-Benz’s 25 years celebration in India, Mercedes-Benz is offering 25% rebate on select parts for periodic maintenance, applicable for  customers owning Mercedes-Benz cars for over 5 years
  • All customers can avail a ’Quick and Clean’ combo pack and Mercedes-Benz AC Spa treatment at an attractive price

Set up in 2009, Mercedes-Benz India’s world class production facility is spread over 100 acres in Chakan near Pune. Since June 2015, Mercedes-Benz India also commenced production from its new expanded production facility located in the same premises. Mercedes-Benz India is part of Mercedes-Benz’s Global Production Network.

It plays an important role in the CKD/MVP production network in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. At these locations, Mercedes-Benz produces vehicles in various extension levels for domestic markets. The production facility now carries an investment of INR 2,200 crores and has the largest installed production capacity for any luxury carmaker in India.

 Mercedes-Benz India also has the largest network spread amongst any luxury carmaker, with presence in 47 Indian cities through 97 outlets. Through the exclusive AMG Performance Centers located in 6 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, and Pune; the AMG performance sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz also boasts of a strong retail network presence in the country. 

Mercedes-Benz India’s flagship programme, ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ launched in 2016, aims to completely redefine the after-sales experience by digitalizing service process and create unparalleled benchmark in the luxury car service domain. In December 2017, Mercedes-Benz India launched its innovative ‘Pit Stop Service’ across all AMG Performance Centre to create service differentiation. This speedy, personalized and priority service is a commitment to the AMG and Specialty Cars customers, in driving delightful vehicle ownership. ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ aims at enhancing the customer’s vehicle ownership experience manifold, making after-sales experience as the new differentiator in the luxury car segment.

With the use of big data and in-depth knowledge of the driving pattern of Indian customers, Mercedes-Benz has been able to drive successfully low cost of ownership for its customers. A testimony of all these initiatives is reflected in 2018 JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which ranks Mercedes-Benz India at the top, with a score of 903.

 Mercedes-Benz India product portfolio comprises the locally produced Mercedes Maybach S 560, S-Class, E-Class Long Wheelbase, C-Class, CLA luxury sedans and the GLA, GLE and the GLS luxury SUVs. The CKD GLC was the ninth product added to Mercedes-Benz’s local production portfolio. Completely Built imported cars portfolio includes the A-Class, B-Class, V-Class, CLS, E-Class Cabriolet, E-Class All-Terrain, S-Class Coupé, C-Class Cabriolet, S-Class Cabriolet and the S 600 Guard, plus a range of other Guard vehicles.

 The product portfolio also comprises the iconic off-roader Mercedes-AMG G 63 as well as a wide range of other Mercedes-AMG performance cars like the AMG CLA 45, AMG C 63 S, AMG E 63 S, AMG S 63 Coupé, AMG S 63 Sedan, AMG GLA 45, AMG GLC 43 Coupé, AMG GLE 43 Coupé, AMG GT S, AMG GT R and AMG GT Roadster sports car, AMG SLC 43 and AMG C 43 Coupe. Mercedes-Benz India recorded retail sales of 3885 units in the period January-Mar 2019. In 2019, ‘The Best Never Rest’ is Mercedes-Benz’s brand motto.

Honda City 2020! Who would buy the Civic now?

28 Nov 2019 0 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


The New Honda City 2020 was recently launched at Thailand

Just look at the car! 

Does it make Civic Sense anymore ?  :)

The Fifth gen Honda City got launched at Thailand. 

Just look at the car! front styling. Wide stance! Brilliant and extended LED Headlamps. The easy to recognise Honda DNA Fron grille

It shall come with a 1 L Petrol turbocharged engine and a 1.5 L Diesel Powertain too.  The Petrol powertrain mileage is 23.8 Kmpl as per Thailand Testing Cycle. 

It shall have new great interiors, brilliant LED Taillamps. It is 100mm longer than the previous gen City. 

With such a great package of styling, performance and price, Now who would go for the Honda Flagsip Model Civic which got launched earlier this year! 




Hector or Seltos ?

19 Nov 2019 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Now that both the Brands with their respective Cars have made their stellar Debut in the Indian Car Market 

Which one do you recommend ?

Kia Seltos or the MG Hector ?


Monica Ray see right here :
Monica Ray Any day Seltos! More rounded Package , Better Handling , original product and Original DNA , features like HUD , air purifier .. didnt it also win WAF Award for Best Product Innovation ?

Best Automotive service in Hyderabd

14 Nov 2019 3 Comments Author: Xenex Automotive


XENEX Automotive is the leading innovator of customized vehicles in Hyderabad. we have been redefining the iconic Mahindra THAR, creating the most innovative, beautiful and spectacular vehicles. The results are a ground-breaking blend of capability, individuality, and luxury. To this day, we remain exclusively dedicated to the THAR and to creating your unique interpretation of the world’s best luxury 4×4. Please contact on the following number for more information 8686000001 (XENEX Amar)

Monica Ray Are the LED Lights atop the windshield Legal ?
Patrick Stevenson WOW! That looks amazing! Really innovative vehicle. In JD Byrider reviews there are lots of diferent automotive services but this one seems to be one of the best as for me.
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Literally - The Money Car

08 Nov 2019 1 Comments Author: Paola Reniery


The place I work at just bought this car from the street. It's covered in 1 cent pennies, this junkyard buys cars from everyone, but this time the junk car's weight is not in the engine but the body of it. which is not very common.




Its funny when someone says "they put a lot of money in their car" well this is true for this car, they have put lots of money on it for sure.

Monica Ray Wow!

How can get rid junk cars in New York and Can anyone suggest of the best junk car buyer?

22 Oct 2019 0 Comments Author: David Wilson


I want to get rid of junk cars and can any one help me  for junk car selling?And I also got a hansome money from my junk cars.

How To Get Used Car History UK To Have A Safe Used Car Buying Experience?

11 Sep 2019 3 Comments Author: brenda charles


Car history UK reports can make you cleared about doubts regarding a used vehicle history. Get Comprehensive reports from Car Analytics today.

Arlene Stewart Want to sell your old but don't getting idea where to sell we have found best solution for you just go to IVAutoINC and sell your junk car and get paid in 24 hours.
David Wilson Today nobody really has the time to deal with the selling of a car. If you can’t afford to get it fixed or you didn’t get your car insured against accidents, we are here for your rescue. Get rid of your junk car for a handsome amount of money without taking ages.
Shevin shah Every now and then, the offices modernize their car fleet. They buy new vehicles, get rid of old ones. The worn-out, though still functional, can find a new owner, e.g. by auctioning. In newyork, however, officials are increasingly choosing another way to get rid of unnecessary cars: they donate them in the form of a donation to NGOs. Here is more information about free cars for needy people

Waterless Car Wash

30 Aug 2019 3 Comments Author: yassar yasmark


After the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the availability of steam engines became common, One could witness the rise of automobiles that proved to be much effective than horse-driven carts. Then, as technology progressed, the automobiles evolved to be more powerful, sleeker and even more awe-inspiring, catching the eyes of all humans.

But, one thing that remained common was that we always had to clean our rides as they tend to get dirty as we ride through mud and soil or whatever terrain that happens to be in our way. It just hurts to see our vehicles soiled in the mud. The traditional ways of washing included the use of foaming soaps and other similar emulsions that would act as the detergent to wash off the dirt. It made use of rubbing and buffing with clothes to take away the dirt.

Since water resources began to diminish we needed an alternative. Our unique “waterless car wash”  like the term suggests, requires no water to wash. It makes use of a spray that frees the dirt from the body of the car. All it needs is a gentle swipe using any cloth, to give back your car that pristine look. Rest assured, we are sure that you would be amazed by the quality of our Carwash that not only saves water but drastically reduces the time needed to do so.

 You will get back the clean and spotless car you’ve always been waiting for. Who doesn’t want their car to shine like a new one? Undoubtedly we are the best car washers in town. How? Our clients say so.

And did we mention,  it's convenient too? It sure is! Unlike normal water washes, it takes no less than 25 minutes to clean your car inside out. And our added advantage that we can clean interiors reduces the interior odor as well.

visit us at

Save the Environment. Go waterless when it comes to Carwashes too.

Yasmark is the best



ds f At the front, it gets a shine dark grille supplemented by dark ORVM covers. From the side, the 16-iSkoda Rapid Monte Carlo nch double tone composite wheels get polished dark jolt covers while the B-columns get a dark embellishment with a 'MONTE CARLO' banner identification. At the back, the vehicle includes a dark rear end spoiler and the dark grained diffuser also. A dark rooftop foil finishes the look.
naman garg Hey, I have a couple complete and total newbie questions. I've read that automatic car washes can harm my car's finish, but I don't have a driveway where I can wash it myself. So I'm looking for a solution to regularly keep the car clean. I just learned about waterless wash, but couldn't really find a lot of reliable info about it online. I was hoping you guys might be able to provide some answers to really basic questions. Are waterless car wash products a good solution? Can they be used as the primary (or perhaps even only) way to regularly wash a car? Or would I be better off going to one of those "wash your own car" places where they basically provide a sprayer and you bring all your own supplies? Are they safe or will they harm the clear coat or paint? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around how spraying a product on the car and wiping off dirt wouldn't scratch the car while a bit of dirt on the rags at commercial car wash will cause scratches and swirls. Do they really work? I don't really get mud caked on my car, but bug guts are pretty constant on the front. Any recommended brands? Aero seems to be highly rated and seems to just be a "spray and wipe" type product. Just browsing a few threads on here, I've also seen people mention ONR--but that seems to involve a regular wash without a rinse. Can someone please explain whether one of these methods is better than the other? Both Aero and ONR claim to wax the car. Does this replace actually waxing the car with a dedicated wax every 6-12 months? Or do you still wax the car even if you're regularly using the waterless wash/wax? Thanks!
Dantey Patrik Get registered TOEFL/PTE/PMP/CELPIP online without exams in India, Kuwait, Qatar( drivers License

Do you recommend oil additives for vehicle?

20 Aug 2019 3 Comments Author: Brian Rogers


Oil additive is compulsory recommended for vehicles? Any expert here, share your thoughts and experience with oil additives here. 

Monica Ray Not mandatory ... only if the Auto Maker says so ... else it can be counter productive !
Joseph Waugh As an automobile student, I have researched a lot regarding these types of the topic for my college papers and as above you discussed "Oil additive is compulsory for the vehicle" so I recommend you that it is not compulsory or necessary but it is good that you can increase and extend the lasting quality of your engine.
Anuj Guglani only if recommended by the vehicle maker ... else they do more harm than good!

After TVS Racer, It is Time fo TVS Zeppelin to Hit the Streets by 2020

14 Aug 2019 2 Comments Author: My Auto Reviewer


TVS Apache RR 310 gained a lot of attraction and appraisal last year. Now, TVS plans to launch another unique concept motorcycle in the Indian market. TVS Zeppelin is a stylish cruiser bike with some amazing features and futuristic looks. With its relaxed cruiser stance and shades of brown and matte black, this bike is pretty contemporary and feels well-finished.

TVS motor company is going to launch his cruiser motorcycle by 2020 in India. TVS Zeppelin comes with ultra-modern & futuristic design with a raw metallic look and aggressive body type. This bike comes with an engine of 220 cc single-cylinder engine. It is also offering the best milage in this range of bikes.  To know in details about this bikes visit our website today and know in-depth. 

Monica Ray TVS racing DNA is surely unmatched in the Country!
PetterCarr PetterCarr Who has been able to pick out the best gadget among those listed on this site?

How to find The Best Car Help for needy people

09 Aug 2019 2 Comments Author: Poranze John


Every now and then, the offices modernize their car fleet. They buy new vehicles, get rid of old ones. The worn-out, though still functional, can find a new owner, e.g. by auctioning. In newyork, however, officials are increasingly choosing another way to get rid of unnecessary cars: they donate them in the form of a donation to NGOs. Here is more information about free cars for needy people

Shevin shah Woww such a great thanks i have also take a part in cars for needy People and received a car, nowadays car prices going highly and the low-income families cant buy a car.
Monica Ray thats a Fab idea , would surely need a third party agency to evaluate cars health and certify fitness

Limousine service in Dubai Dubai

02 Aug 2019 1 Comments Author: executive Limo



The primary aim of our service offering is to lessen the burden of having to deal with many service providers thus mitigating the risk of inconstant quality across vast geographies. This ultimately reduces your time, efforts and workload by dealing with one point of contact with the same quality level anywhere in the world.

stella white On what terms you will get charge either the time duration or the kilometres that covers by Limousine.

Rats in my car

31 Jul 2019 1 Comments Author: Srey


Hi anyone facing issue rats in a car?

Hello everyone, Just a few days back I was trying to start the engine of the car, but unable to start the car.

later I call a mechanic and he told me Ac and fuel pipe was eaten by rats.

Can anyone help me with the issue..there are lots of rats in my locality due to unhygienic.

does anyone know how to repel the rats? 

Poranze John I found the same issue but fortunatly now a days internet is more than enough to manage cars. here is what i found that time and this is still helping me to improve my car performance


30 Jul 2019 0 Comments Author: Falco Motorworks


Pay all pending fines: If you have any penalties for your car, the same should be cleared before applying for registration renewal. Fines can be paid online through the RTA portal, the RTA app or by visiting them. This is applicable for vehicles that are more than three years of age. If your car is less than three years, you do not have to get it tested.

Suzuki Vitara

25 Jul 2019 1 Comments Author: CarPlus Project


The Suzuki Vitara is a small SUV/crossover model and the best-selling car in the Suzuki range. The current model is the fourth generation Vitara, which went on sale in 2015 and was given a substantial facelift in late 2018. Know more:-

Monica Ray Aah! It used to be fab a decade back ! Are getting its EV Avtar ?

Which is the best car tyre for indian roads

24 Jul 2019 2 Comments Author: Ritu Rawat


I am looking for tyre replacements for my Swift Dzrire 2017 (Newest Model). The Apollo Alnac 4G keeps popping up as an option everywhere I look. But then some friends have also recommended Michelin and Yokohama. But then there is the cost of car tyres from foreign makers. I am in a bit of a fix here.


Monica Ray apollo has done fab in CV however failed to make a mark in car tyres ..
Monica Ray Apollo is where Tata was for cars , decade back ... Extremely successful for CV but poor acceptance for Cars ... Well .. Hope they can follow Tata and be where they are now with cars like harrier

Built in cup holders

23 Jul 2019 2 Comments Author: Ashish Jagetia


What are the dimensions of built in cup holders for cars in India?

PetterCarr PetterCarr Who has been able to pick out the best gadget among those listed on this site?
Monica Ray well depends on what cup you referring to ... ;)

what way i can benifit my self with car registration check in uk?

22 Jul 2019 1 Comments Author: brenda charles


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Monica Ray Wow! Now Isnt that Awesome ! Lets hope people use your service more and more !

Hyundai Kona Electric to be Launched at India on July 9

04 Jul 2019 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Hyundai India is all set to launch Kona,  the electric SUV. Amidst falling Car industry sales, it is an innovative and a bold move! 

As per Hyundai India, Kona shall charge as fast as a Mobile Phone! 



Hyundai Motor India has decided to skip the Hybrid mid way stop option and straight away catapult to the Fully electric one. The Company is all set to launch the Kona, its first fully electric SUV model. Hybrid vehicles in India despite being a favourable mid way stop to Battery EV (BEV) , attract the highest GST slab ie 28% plus 15 % Surcharge taking it to a whoppong 43% Tax Rate!

Whereas the EV attract just 12% GST Rate. So actually one doesnt need a study by the Big 4, to decide to launch the EV instead of the hybrid! 

Hyundai Kona boasts of an impressive design with a closed-off front grille and twin headlight design. There are LED headlamps, LED DRLs and LED rear lamps. The electric SUV gets 17-inch alloy wheels as well.

The Kona's interiors boast of a digital dashboard, a head up display, infortainment touchscreen with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. , electrically adjustable ventilated front seats. The five-seater SUVs offers a boot capacity of 373 litres. It also possesses paddle shifter (regenerative braking control) and electronic gear shift button

The electric SUV gets a permanent-magnet synchronous motor. The power and torque output in standard trim is 136 hp and 395 Nm, respectively. It has a top speed of 155 kmph, while the driving range is 312 km in a single charge. The upper trim makes 204 hp and 395 Nm of torque. It has a maximum speed of 167 kmph and can cover a distance of 482 km in a single charge.

According to Hyundai, Kona's lithium-ion batteries are liquid-cooled to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. They can be recharged up to 80 per cent of the capacity in less than an hour with 100 kW DC fast charging station for minimal downtime.

The challenge is to find fast DC Charging stations when on the Move! The problem can exacerbate when on the highway.  However it is surely a bold move for the second largest Car maker in the Country to sound the bigul on 100% Electric vehicles that too a super stylish and a modern SUV! So time to get fully charged Up! and be ready for the Game as it goes Electric and Eclectic! 



Hyundai India 

India Today  

NDTV Car & Bike 


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Kia Motors India to make Debut with Seltos SUV

06 Jun 2019 0 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


 Last week Kia Motors India anounced they shall debut with the SUV called Kia Seltos.

Seltos is based on the SP2i Concept Vehicle, they had showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo at Greater Noida , Delhi NCR. 

Seltos the name comes Greek Mythology. The name of Hercules's Son. 

Seltos is based on the SP2i Concept Vehicle, they had showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo at Greater Noida , Delhi NCR. 

Incidentally Kia Motors India had also won the World Auto Forum Best Pavilion Contest last year. A Contest keenly contested by all exhibiting Auto Co's


@KiaMotorsIN truly surprised the Indian Motown with a Great Show at #Autoexpo2018 Their Leadership Team accepts the WAF Auto Expo Best Pavilion Contest Award Trophy & Certificate. India, please welcome Kia! Contest Powered by @Autoturff #WAFExpoContest


The Seltos shall boast of High Performance, Modern and Aggresive Looks and Styling and Great interiors to pamper the Indian Customer. The Company shall put in their best to ensure

thumbs up Experience on every account. They have invested close to US$ 2 Billion in India. They have a state of the art new plant at Anantpur Andra Pradesh. The vendor hub has seen

investment of Rs 5,000 Crore from the Kia Vendors.

“We have spent a lot of time in perfecting our car to suit the taste of the Indian customers and I am glad that this originally India intended car is so perfect that it compelled us to make Seltos

available globally. The car looks absolutely stunning and very closely matches the SP concept we showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. I am confident that Kia Seltos would be an outright

favourite when it hits the roads in the next few months,” said Manohar Bhat, Head - Marketing and Sales, Kia Motors India.


Anuj Guglani, CEO World Auto Forum mentioned, "Kia as a brand and as a company have a distinct One up advantage over the other new entrants in the Indian Motown. The name is simple to 

pronounce and remember. It sounds like a Hindi word. Recall can be built better. Global Brands like Renault, Peugeot and Chevrolet really struggled on that one. They have support of Elder

Silbling Hyundai. They have made a huge investment. Their product line up is really state of the Art. Now depends how they put it all together and perform. Here's wishing them all the success"


Earlier this month, Kia Motors India had organised their Dealers Conference at Seoul, South Korea. It was an opportunity for the New Dealers to connect to the Global Kia Leadership and see

& experience their Tech Prowess and vision for India. 


Motor Uncle wishes Team Kia Motors India , all the Very Best!


Team Motor Uncle 

Why it wont be a Cakewalk for MG Motor at India ?

30 May 2019 4 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


MG, Morris Garages, the Iconic British car brand owned by the Chinese Auto Co SAIC is all set to make its brand debut in India with the SUV, MG Hector. 
As always we begin with the good points. The strengths that can really catapult this debutante to the Performers Club :
  • New Brand brings with itself,  freshness, new energy, Innovation. 

  • The Culture is open, operates like a start up , encourages innovation. 

  • The Company goes overboard in wooing the employees and the dealers as they are extended family.  The Dealer personnel represent the brand and a new brand understands this completely.  

  • The Top Team at MG Motor is mostly from GM India. Even the Plant at Halol is the Old GM Plant. They have unfulfilled aspirations from the GM days which shall be harnessed for the success for MG Motor. It surely comes round as a watershed moment. 

  • The company leaves no stone unturned in launching a classy product with Top Notch performance and deliverables at every front. In the Automotive, it surely begins with the product as the consumer experiences it on a daily basis.

  •  The Product is surely a show stopper. Its feature loaded with several Segment First initiatives.  



Now Come the Challenges : 

The Passenger Vehicle Industry in India is between a handful players. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai command close to 70% of Market Share. You add Tata Motors PVBU and M&M to the list, it crosses 80%. You add Toyota and Honda so 6 Auto Makers and you are talking about close to 93% of Market Share!
The Customer in India is very choosy and picky. For the Car Makers, the ROI and viability comes from volumes and they lie in small car segment, which happens to be a place where a lot of car makers have burnt their fingers.
And of course you need Rural Penetration and Products which are more mainstream and can Perform in Challenging circumstances.
Its Essentially Maruti & Hyundai who have tasted sustained success here. You need an extensive dealer Network, you need spares availability, You need trained Manpower following the Company SOPs.
You need the entre Supply Chain, Tech, Ops in Place. It has taken Maruti and Hyundai years and years to build this. Thats actually when you begin to make profits too. For Instance, Just the annual spare parts business of Maruti Suzuki across its Dealerships and MGP Outlets is around Rs 6,000 Crores. It took them 25 yrs to reach here. Do New Cos have that much time ?

"At the Same time, GM entered India before Honda, Toyota and Hyundai but could not sustain. It boils down to the Right Strategy & Vision."

The Business Partner who needs viability first is your dealer. If the dealer is making money, you can make them do anything from SOP to Customer delight, to employing expensive manpower, anything, Period!  A skill craft-fully mastered by Toyota In India.
MG Motor might also be adopting a Toyota Like Strategy for Dealer Network. Have lesser dealers. More touchpoints. First right of refusal for expansion lies with present dealer.  

Brand Acceptance can be a Big Challenge 

MG Motor is not the only new entrant around this time. We shall also see Kia Motors and Groupe PSA debut with Citroën. Kia shall be able to leverage their Hyundai Sibling Strengths in a Big way. Right from vendors, to processes to functioning.  When it comes to Citroën, they  can position themselves as a 100 Year old French Brand.
They shall have their local partner Hindustan Motors support ( wondering whether we can really count  that as  a support!). But the narrative of a French brand surely gives the positioning of Class, Great Design & Taste.
The Chinese antecedents might haunt the Brand MG atleast initially. "Chinese" as a Brand Tag, is where "Korean" was 15 years back. Daewoo faced it. Hyundai faced it from Maruti dealer personnel when it came to competition bashing.
Even GM faced it for the GM-DAT products like Spark, Optra, & Aveo. Eventually the "Korean Antecedents" ceased to be a taboo at Motown due to the overwhelming success of Hyundai and yes SRK! 

Possible Initial Competition Narrative against MG 

A very convenient narrative for competition dealership this time against MG can be, "Sir ji  its actually a Chinese Company. You know how Chinese products / mobile phones are - flashy and feature loaded but they dont last long.
Madam ji Even if they Say, its MG, Iconic British Brand, please ask them how much they sell in UK ? Its not even 5 %. Not a single model of MG is in Top 10 Selling Cars List of UK. See, I shall google and Show you. They sell majority cars in China.
They say leader in connected cars technology, Madam ji , Hyundai Venue has the Blue Link Tech at half the Price. Just the OTA updates & some features they have extra. Better to avoid sir ji, for security and to prevent car being attacked by Hackers!

"So this is one rendition. You can control , train your own dealer teams but not the competition ones!

A Great far Reaching Digital Campaign can help arrest such narratives from becoming popular opinions."


Motor Uncle's Opinion 

A relationship based on 'half truth' can't endure. So MG Motor should surely talk about the Iconic British Brand but at the same time, should not shy away from saying its owned by SAIC. In fact take it as an opportunity to share the humongous achievements, the colossal stance, the great achievements of the parent company.

"Establish MG Motor as well as SAIC as brands in the minds and hearts of the consumer before the competition bashing narrative grips the consumer's mind."

Remember how Baleno used to desold by Honda sales guys, 15 yrs back ? When a customer would take Baleno's name as an alternative, Honda Sales guys would ask , "Sir, are you thinking of Buying the Maruti Baleno instead of the Honda City?" Back then , just "Prefixing Maruti" would kill the premiumness of the Product.
The constant premium product market failures of Maruti eventually led to formation of Nexa, which surely turned the fortunes for the Baleno Brand!
The other day , we overheard one proud father mention on the phone, "My Son has bought a Creta"
He didnt say his son bought a Hyundai Car. Now the products aspiration and Brand even exceeds the car brand! A great situation to be in! 
At the same time it cant be a One Product wonder. No Company has tasted sustained success like this. 
Moreover in the Age of Shared Mobility, A Personal car Plus Personal Driver Business Case is in any case unviable! People are in no tearing hurry to buy a new set of wheels or even replace their existing car.

"Kaam chal jaata hai Uber and Ola se.  So Focussed Pan India Fleet  Penetration and Tie Ups would not be a Bad idea!" 



For any new entrant there are these 5 balls which need to juggled and balanced. 

1. Employee & Vendor Relations 
Thats literally where it begins. They are your first family. They spread an important message about you in the trade, in the market, in the Industry. They are also the info source for Industry, Media and Investors when all is not well. Managing them well surely pays the dividends. 
2. Customer Experience with the Product 
Products are becoming more and more world class, better and better and thus losing key differentiators. Customers want nothing but the best. It takes years to build the Brand and minutes to destroy it. Here we have the "Brand WIP!" MG would need to listen to the customers very carefully. Its human, its ok, to mess up. How fast we respond to fix it, is the KEY! That can be the opportunity to win!

3. Dealer Viability & Dealer Manpower R&R
Even now Nothing beats Toyota's Dealer Network Strategy. They made the initial dealers come up with a great infrastructure with just one Product Qualis.But then the dealers did it for "Toyota". Here MG would need to put constant energy to cajole, impress, retain. Would that be "The GM Way" or a brand new "Mg Way" is what we need to see.
4. After sales experience & Cost of Ownership
For a new company, launching an SUV in the range of 15L,  volumes shall be low. But one can take it as an opportunity. You have to impress less no of customers. You can really focus and do it well! The Price Range is such you are neither luxury nor entry level. So customer would surely show they are price conscious. You have to manage your economics well and not go the Kingfisher Way!   
5.  Resale value
This is eventually your report card based on your performance on the aforesaid 4 points. It eventually ensures your sustained success!
 We wish MG Motor all the Very Best to Surge Ahead and  Create History!!
Motor Uncle Team

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Monica Ray Very Well Written Motor Uncle .... Great Depth and Knowledge of Industry ! Keep it up !

Vitara, XUV300, Ecosport, Nexon Challenger Hyundai Venue Launched at 6.5 Lakhs!

21 May 2019 0 Comments Author: Motor Uncle



  • Vitara Brezza , XUV300, Nexon, EcoSport, Duster Watch Out! Here comes the Simba of the Big Daddy! That too a Connected One! 

  • Starting Price 6.5 Lakhs 

  • 3 engine Options : 1.4 L Diesel, 1.2 L Petrol , 1.0 turbo Charged Petrol

  • 7 Trims & 12 variants 

Hyundai Venue is the offering of the company in the sub 4m , Compact SUV Segment. This was a space left blank by the company as its best selling Creta is way above.

People who have always aspired for the Creta, can now have a mini Creta of sorts within their reach.The front grille is all chrome, aggressive and loud styling. The top DRLs which are in vogue , which one gets in much more expensive SUVs like Harrier and Hector, come in the venue!

Safety is std across all variants and is ready and complied to the New Safety rules 2019 :

  1. Dual AIrbags
  2. Rear Parking Sensors
  3. ABS


Bluelink Tech

Hyundai Venue is claimed to be the First Connected SUV of the Country. It comes with Bluelink tech sitting on a 8 inch touchcreen boasting  33 features across safety, security, vehicle management, remote access, alert services, location-based services and AI-based language inputs. The Blue Link technology makes its India debut in the Venue and utilises an embedded Vodafone-Idea SIM card for connectivity. 

Quick Specs

Length 3,995mm

Width 1,770mm

Height 1,590mm in height

Wheelbase 2,500mm

Wheel : 195/65 R15 Steel

Suspension Front : McPherson Strut with Coil Spring

Suspension Rear :   Coupled Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Spring




Team Motor Uncle wishes Hyundai India , all the very Best for the Venue


Sometimes the radio doesn't display song info on Bluetooth? (2015 CR-V EX)

16 May 2019 2 Comments Author: Trevor Noah


I generally connect my iPhone to my CR-V via Bluetooth, with Spotify being my default music app (although this also happens with Apple Music so it's not the music app). Sometimes I see the song title, artist, and album, other times those fields on the display are blank. No matter what, my car plays the music from my phone just fine, it's just a minor annoyance that I can't always see the song info on my display. I should also add that this has occurred with multiple phones (my previous iPhone SE and my current iPhone XR), so I don't think it's a phone-specific issue.

Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?


Motor Uncle The System might need an Upgrade !
Monica Ray hey ! which country spec would your car be ? I have a Renault product ... I dont face this issue ...when I play songs using in India

Is Ford India All Set to Close Independent Ops ? A JV with M&M Again ?

09 Apr 2019 4 Comments Author: Motor Uncle



When the going gets tough, the tough get going for JV ?

As per most reliable sources at Reuters,  Ford India is all set to end its independent Operations. 





The first Product to roll out was The Built like a Tank Ford Escort. It didnt do well until the arrival of the Josh Machine, the Ford Ikon came round the block

Ford had ended the JV with M&M and started independent ops. 


 A Tough Market called India 


India is surely the fastest growing Automotive market in the World. However the Passenger vehicle segment hasnt shown much movement last 6 months now. Dealers are carrying stocks in excess of 100 days. Shared Mobility, Demonetisation, GST , you take the pick for the sluggish PV demand. The consumers are in no tearing hurry to replace their wheels.

Since its entry in 1995, Ford invested more than US$ 2 Billion in India. They also  have their BIG Global Business Services facility at Chennai. 


Life Comes Full Circle : A New JV with M&M


A Big Pile of money spent, dealers appointed , customers won, Ford India seems to be hanging its boots but surely not the GM India way! If Reuters reports are to be believed, they would be present in India through a JV with M&M. They shall also get an emolument for their assets, which Ford India can use to set off their accumulated Losses from Operations. 

So much so for Another great Classic American Brand all set to bid adieu ! So the tables have surely turned! Its the East rising!

In Oct 2017, The investment at Detroit by M&M in the form of Mahindra Automotive North America was the first investment in 25 years in a Manufacturing facility. 

Anuj Guglani, CEO, World Auto Forum said, "India is an interesting Market. Its fast growing yet it takes time to win Consumers trust. Its one nation, yet every state has unique consumer behaviour. Its one currency, yet businesses and ways of doing business vary. The consumer is hard to win, but once convinced, makes you achieve "Ghar Ghar Maruti"

We are sure Ford India has taken lessons from GM India and shall manage the situation with great alacrity and responsiveness. The First challenge shall be how to control Overnight Crash of Resale Value and convincing the customer of continuity of Service Operations. 

We need to appreciate, consumers in India,  when they would have bought a Ford product, they would have gone against popular Public opinion available in Abundance with their Friends and relatives and social circles. The Ford Consumers can simply become a laughing stock in their social circles, being told a thousand times, "See, I Told you!"

That consumer frustration gets vented to the Company and their dealers. 

At the same Ford Products are most sturdy & amongst the safest ones. Last 3 years, Ford India  had seen a happy turnaround in their after Sales Operations and Consumer Satisfaction levels.

As they say, it boils down to numbers! Indian PV Market is more like a duopoly. With 70% Market controlled by two players, the meagre 3 % market share of Ford India was at times lesser than the delta shown by the two Mega Players in the Indian PV Market!

 Well So Long Ford India! till we meet again in the New Avtar. All the very best for managing the Transition and your existing consumers! And Yes We hope this is a Big rumour! But coming from Reuters, we need to believe it! 

We shall share Ford Service Complaints as we recieve them on our website  at the Service Complaints Section





CarPlus Project Remember when Ford stole the show from Acura with the F-150 Raptor, Mustang Shelby GT350, and GT? The latter made the most jaws drop at the Detroit Auto Show a few years ago, but as opposed to the first generation of the mid-engine supercar, the... there are many more news to know about Ford just have a look on -
Motor Uncle Ford Motor Co, posted on our FB page, that this is a rumour and they are at India for Good! and thats too good!!
Ketika ranjan The only reason to love ford is Mustang GT500. The car is a real beast and it the car that I always wish to buy one day.

Citroën comes to India

02 Apr 2019 0 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Hey there Citroën and Groupe PSA Fans!

At last Citroën is making its debut at India 

The Parent Company Groupe PSA announced their plans to Re-Re- Re - Enter India,  2 years back

Its been 18 months, they made the Formal tieup with  CK Birla group to Manufacture, Assemble and distribute Groupe PSA Vehicles

The Plant in JV with AVTEC at Hosur already on a roll for the powertrains.  The cars shall be manufactured at the CCP- ( Chennai Car Plant)  - Thiruvallur - The Mitsubishi Plant - of HM. 

It's one plant which is like a resort. Open, Green and Sparse. Small little Kitchen and Canteen for the workers, serving some awesome South Indian Cuisine. And yes you  had  to cross a giant Kingfisher Brewery enroute to the Plant! Atleast till a few years back!

Citroën a groupe PSA Brand about to get launched in India Next Couple of Hours! 

First car to be made and launched shall be Citroën C5 Aircross. Supposed to go on sale at India in 2021 ! Wonder what the brand shall do till then?

Probably teach how to Pronounce the BrandName or educate how to roll the tongue to convert e into ë   :) 


Groupe  PSA seems to be preparing a War Chest of Brands for India. To begin with the Citroën and then ofcourse our dear Ambassador Brand , which they acquired from HM in 2017 for Rs 90 odd crores! More like buying a friend's Old Guitar with Super Emotional Appeal and the friend sold it too! Yes we Indians are really emotional for our Amby Brand! Motor Uncle had done a small story on Amby two years back :

The Amby is slated to get modern Babe avtar and come as an EV around 2022 ... Lets see! The New , all Modern EV Ride for our Babus with a mandate for EVs

 and then of course the Flagship Brand of Groupe PSA , Ma Belle , Peugueot which the company might have at the end of Batting order for the Obvious Re-Re-Reasons ! :)



As per Anuj Guglani, Dreamer at, "Citroën is a fun brand with a Formidable History of Innovation.

They have several Firsts to their credit like the World'd first mass produced Front Wheel Drive Car. World's first Self

levelling HydroPneumatic Suspension. It can be a watershed moment for the brand, in its centenary year, to

debut in India - The world's fastest growing Auto market! We wish them all the very best!" 


An Interesting Blog Post  by Anuj Guglani CEO World Auto Forum on Peugueot & Groupe PSA can be read here





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Is Honda going the Audi Way ?

25 Mar 2019 1 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Hey People at MU Forum!

Is it just me or even you have noticed ?

Most Hondas now look so so much alike. Yes! A family does look a like. Its the same lineage, genes

But a person buying a car worth Rs 36L  might not want striking similarity with cars of the same brand which come for half or 1/4 the price

A similar reason why Audi A8 didnt sell much. A reason why New E Class has started selling a lot more , due to striking resemblance in size, shape, design to the eder sibing S Class

Past gen Honda cars City, Civic, Accord used to have a common Design theme and at the same time distinct design cues to justify the price premium ... but now its gradually fading away 

Similarly when the cars  go for service, they end up at the same service station too! One Argument can be that Nowdays its mostly Pick & Drop. Owners seldom go to the service station. At the same , time most car lovers end up actually visitng the service station. The Car Makers are well aware of this and try to engage them  when they are on Premises!

So Would honda try to  go the NEXA Way or the viability act as a hindrance! If not now, probably in future

However the Striking resemblance in Design can act as a spoiler and affect the Brand's Aerodynamics ! ;) 

Whare are your thoughts on this ?

Would love to knw 

Anuj Guglani hmmm ... Interesting Perspective! Must Say !

All New Honda Civic Launched! Is it worth the Wait ?

09 Mar 2019 1 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Honda Cards India has launched the #AllNewCivic today! 

Several Buyers, Honda Fans , enthusiasts, Experts had been waiting for it for a while now. 



First Generation Civic was launched in 1972 as a Sub Compact or Hatchback or 5 Door

Though Civic was not the First Production Car by Honda but surely the first model to win most hearts!


Brief History of the Legenday Honda Civic 



Presenting the 10th Gen Honda Civic 


 So now after the History and the Introductions lets get to sharing our first few experiences of the New Civic

So this is the 10th gen Civic. Honda skipped the 9th gen for India and 10th Intro gen. This one is the Refreshed 10th gen , so makes it the very latest across the globe!

India got 8th gen Civic which was first shown at the 2016 Auto Expo , launched thereafter and was there till 2012. It was surely futuristic for its time. The IP , criss cross wipers, the Digital speedo , the space craft styled dash were in a different league altogether!


Quick Notes by Motor Uncle :

Globally Latest Civic Model, Premium & Spacious Interiors, Coupe Like Styling, Catchy C Shaped Taillamps, No A/T in Diesel, No M/T  in Petrol, Great Mileage, Not as Peppy, Feature Loaded, Great Ride & Handling, Starting Price a Bit High, Overall Great Package


Lil more Details , just lil more :  

Ride :  So full marks for Ride and Handling but its not a Drivers car.  The CVT makes it a tad sluggish esp in the Hills but also gives great stress free driving and great mileage
Mileage  : its Class leading !  16.5 KMPL Petrol 
Aesthatics : Full Marks again for Looks & Styling ( can be polarised though ) , Great Interiors, Sporty feel , the Coupe style rear design, C shaped tail lamps - C for Civic! can also call it "Boomerang Taillamps"   Though we miss the double barrel exhaust from the 8th Gen. This one has the concealed exhaust, more a clean rear finish!
Engine :  1.8 litre iVTEC , Previous Civic Engine finetuned for greater Power . iVTEC ! And Yes 1.6 Litre DTEC is the new one for Civic @ India , but same as which powers the current CR-V.  Might seem peppier than CR-V , as Kerb Weight lesser by 300 Kg! 
Ground Clearance  : They have lifted up the 10th Gen Civic by 20 mm compared to global Spec Model as 8th Gen Civic use to love scrapping tarmacs on Breakers and pot holes! Special India Spec of 170 mm. After All, we matter!  :)
Space : Class Leading , Great comfort but tall guys at back might feel leave their hair gels on the Car roof esp with three guys on rear seat !
Boot Space : Least compared to all Rivals. it is 430 Litres only! It encourages you to carry Baggage probably ! 
Interesting Features :  Features like Lane Changing Camera Assist , Electronic Power Brake,  Hill Start Assist
For  Specs and Motor Uncle Rating , please click here :


So overall its a great machine to look at , to be in , Great Ride n Handling, Great Mileage, Great Pedigree. 
The only down side : Just a few features missing here and there and cud have been Peppier.

Rest its all Sorted my Boy ! Makes Civic Sense!

 Write to us at


Ketika ranjan This is really beautiful and I just loved the test ride of this car, it was very comfortable & handing was smooth. It is one of the most luxurious sedan in the market, I must say.

XUV 300 - Love it or Shove it ?

28 Feb 2019 3 Comments Author: Motor Uncle



The Brand new Boy on the Most Competitive Compact SUV Space is the Mahindra XUV 300

This segment grew by a Whopping close to 25% YoY  . It comprises Vitara Brezza ,  EcoSport , Duster,  Nexon and the Likes

XUV 300 stacks up pretty well. As per the Top Car Experts Ratings aggregated by Motor Uncle, it tops in Pick up and Features & Accessories 


Quick Notes on Mahindra XUV300 by


Shortened SsangYong Tivoli Platform, Great Overall Quality, Super Loaded with Features, Ground Clearance lowest in Class but not that Bad, Tweaked Engine of Sibling Marazzo, Flat Torque Curve, Slight turbo Lag but Great Pick Up! Cabin Space Ok-Ok despite longest Wheelbase in Segment

Highest Rating for Pick Up and Features & Accessories


Ketika ranjan When Mahindra will gain capture the market as it had captured with Scorpio. Its been a long when people are just looking for Mahindra SUVs and even not thinking about any other brand.
Anuj Guglani In Fact Creta is So Good, it killed it's Elder Sibling the Santa Fe ;)
Anuj Guglani M&M Products are getting Better and Better ... Nice to see that ... However Products like Creta till better overall ...Wont take long before the SsangYong , Pininfarina force kicks in fully !!

Fiat - Are you really Shutting Shop at India ? You have been around for a while now!

01 Feb 2019 6 Comments Author: MU MotorUncle


While most Media vehicles publish this news story with a Sanju Style Question Mark, we go on a Nostalgic trip with the Fiat ..

Fiat cars have been around for a while now. They were amongst the first few to set up shop at India. In the Pre Maruti era, one had just two choices - Ambassador or Fiat  and then  Premier Padmini 

Fiat struggled for several years now in India. They seemed contented miliking their cash cow the most popular 1.3 L Multijet Diesel engine, which the company supplied to Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors. 

Unconfirmed reports say they plan to wind up as  their Cash cow wont meet BS6 Emission norms without significant investments. its major customers viz Maruti and Tata have already gone long distance in preparing their BS6 Powertrans inhouse to save money. The current line up of Fiat wont be compliant to the upcoming safety rules which kick in starting April 2019 and Oct 2019 ie the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program ( BNVSAP).  Fiat India finds it unviable to invest so much money to be 2019 ready. They feel they should focus on the Jeep Brand.

Fiat brand has been close to the hearts of most indians. A lot of us have grown with a Fiat or an Ambassador at Home.

Talking about The Premier Padmini. The Green arrow style indicators on either sides of the IP. The two red lights indicating Charging and Oil. The Deep Blue light Indicator at Top Centre of teh IP, for High Beam. the Steering mounted Gear Shift Lever. The Paddle style Accelerator. The bench front seats , later replaced by bucket ones. The Steel bumpers, the Smiling Moustache style PAL Logo .. all part of one's growing up  and still the Ubiquitous Mumbai Kaali Peeli!

Around 2001, Fiat did try to resurrect with the Palio. They roped in Sachin Tendulkar as "Ambassador for Fiat" ; Spent lot of money. Got Sachin a Ferrari too , the Contentious one.  Launched the Yellow Palio variant on his name, the  S10 edition. However ineffective strategies , lack of Focus from Head Office, Wrong Selection of Dealer Partners, lack of support to Dealer Network led to a grim situation where we now hear about their winding up. We still hope its not true! salutes the FIAT Brand. It shall always remain special to us. We dedicate a few pics from yesteryears and wish the team all the very best! And also please try if you can hold on for longer and take it as an opportunity to turn this around for good!


Smith Clarkson FCA will be discontinuing the Fiat brand in India is that true ? 9AppsVidMate appVLC
Barry allen FCA will be discontinuing the Fiat brand in India shareit
Barry allen Fiat as a car manufacturer has failed. It's main reason is it's service and maintenance. It's expensive and it's service centers though are increasing now but still are less compared to it competition like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Tata etc. I asked the people from service stations the reason for such an expensive service they told me that that Fiat makes less money in sales of its car but tries to make and recover profits from spares and services. If they can control the prices and make it more affordable and easy to get they just might be able sustain in market also might increase their sales.
sam123 kent best car model i seen today
Smith Clarkson No reply ? 9Apps 9Apps
Ketika ranjan Thanks for posting this informative piece of content. I was not even knowing that the taxis I see here and there is a products from Fiat. Thanks Fiat for most of your impressive model.

Fortuner V Endeavour V Alturas

27 Jan 2019 1 Comments Author: Jyotsana Trivedi


Hi! Guys ,  Please guide which one to go for ... 

Mind says Fortuner , Heart Says Endeavour , Patriot in me says Alturas ...   :) 

Totally Confused !!

MU MotorUncle It all depends whom you listen to ... Heart or Mind ... your answer lies right there ! :)

Hello! Are you the NEW SANTRO ? Would you be a SuperHit like your Papa ?

08 Oct 2018 5 Comments Author: MU MotorUncle


The Santro had won the hearts of many! It was also the Debut of Shah rukh Khan in the Motown! An  Association which still stands the test of time ! Hyundai India And SRK!

The Complete family car , with Tall Boy Design added things  like Power Steering, fuel Injection to Common household lexicon of the Indian Middle Class. 

A Product which paved the way for  Hyundai as the second largest Car maker in the country.  

So Is this the New Santro ? Would it be a hit like its predecessor ? Can the New Santro codenamed AH2 catapult Hyundai to No 1 Slot in India ? Ahead of Maruti ? Or is it a long way to go for HMIL as of now in terms of Network and Cost of Ownership of vehicle. 

Well no straight and ready answers but  a lot rides on the AH2  ! 

SPECS of New Hyundai Santro ( yet to be confirmed ) :

• It will be named- Santro.
• Santro will come with a 1.1 litre Petrol, making 68 hp, 104nm torque.
• ARAI fuel consumption figure is- 20.3kpl.
• Santro will have a touch infotainment system which will support Android Auto and Apple Car Play. There will be steering controls for the audio system.
• Rear Camera will be offered.
• Rear AC vents, first in the segment will be offered.
• Pricing will start at 3.69 lakhs for the base variant and will go upto 5.40 for the top end variant.
• An AMT type Autoamtic transmission will be offered, Hyundai’s first.
• Green will the launch color.
• 24th October is the launch date.



Team Motor Uncle

Ph : 7042124674

Ketika ranjan The santro is one of the most demanded car in India from Hyundai brand and for sure the new santro will also get very good response as the car is very efficient & easy to maintain as well.
Incredible Travelindia Incredible Travel India Private Tour Jaipur based tour operators. We are one of the best travel agents and Tour Operators in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Paul Copper Best cars under 20k / with exact price and specifications.
Cars India Explore the list of the best suv under 10 lakhs in india 2019
Monica Ray Lets see ... wont be that easy to replicate Santro V 1.0 Success... Different decade... Different customer , Diff kind of competition ... Would be exciting to watch surely !

Fortuner or endeavour ?

03 Sep 2018 2 Comments Author: dr neelu chhabra


Guys please share fortuner or endeavour ?

Motor Uncle Raise thru motor uncle service complaints section
Chandan Bhattacharya In hyundai service centre they changed the alloy wheel with some steel wheel ( spare tyre) and now they are denying. What to do.?

Which is the best SUV in 8 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs range?

07 Aug 2018 7 Comments Author: Monica Ray


The EcoSport, Duster, Creta, Brezza, S cross have been for a while now ... Which SUV is expected to arrive soon ?



Any New one ? or we still get the same old options in the Motown! ???

What about Kia , MG and Peugeot ? When are they launching their SUV ?

Kitkat Star In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic "cognitive" functions that humans associate with the human mind, such as "learning" and "problem-solving
Kitkat Star Dictionaries and scholars have offered a variety of definitions. The Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary offers a definition of the term: "the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems" and "a machine, piece of equipment, method, etc.
Kitkat Star Dictionaries and scholars have offered a variety of definitions. The Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary offers a definition of the term: "the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems" and "a machine, piece of equipment, method, etc.
Poranze John Lot More to Come Now , Market is changing as per customer needs, car industry in more focusing on comfort in Budget to their customers. the best thing is that all models are coming and upgraded with the previous car models click here to read more
Paul Copper Best cars under 20k with exact price and specifications.
dr neelu chhabra I love the Duster ..
Anuj Guglani Nissan Kicks is coming , then You already have Tata Nexon and also facelift versions of Creta, S Cross, Eco Sport , Duster have been launched .... You also have Jeep Compass for an year now and now also the New XUV... consumers are spoilt for choices here ! What say?!


26 Jul 2018 1 Comments Author: Andrew Smith


Motor Uncle Do you offer services at India ?

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler arrested in diesel emission case

18 Jun 2018 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


German authorities have taken Audi CEO Rupert Stadler into custody, making him the highest-profile arrest in the group’s diesel-cheating probes

Volkswagen AG diesel emissions cheating fiasco had the company in news for all the wrong reasons. It lead to dramatic exit for the VW chairman Winterkorn. 

Despite the company paying more than a USD 1 Billion in damages and compensations, here comes the  biggest move by the authorities. 

The Arrest of the Audi CEO Ruper Stadler. It surely sends out a powerful message, an exemplary reprimand of sorts , that wilful cheating and playing with environment and Health is unpardonable! 

Time to see how the Audi and VW companies, their dealers and consumers respond. Lets see how future unfolds and history gets made. It is surely an opporunity of a "La Harvard case Study" for VW and Audi to turn around the things for the better. Time to hit the mattresses and fight for  Win -Win ! 

dr neelu chhabra Rule of law should prevail...this is impacts entire society ...they should be dealt with strictly.. this step plays testimony..
Monica Ray These Fish are way too Big! They pay their way out through compensations and damages ! The control govts! They can get away despite that the air pollution is a Big KIller and they cheated on people through their device ... Painful ..

Will you buy an EV for 50 Lakhs ?

18 Jun 2018 3 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani



The World's highest selling and most fav EV the Nissan Leaf shall be launched in India soon! 

The EV segment in India is the most watched out space by the World' s leading EV makers like the Tesla and also the conventional car makers for their EV range 

But the Nissan Leaf at Half a crore ? Would you buy it ? How many takers for this one ?

Would you go for the Audi A6 or the Nissan Leaf if you have 50 Lakhs to spend ?



Jensen Pitt Yes, I would go. I like these models. An interesting article is on the site.
dr neelu chhabra Ev is the future but cant afford to produce power from fossil fuels as what the global trend is... Shall be catastrophic.. energy need to be from Green energy.. what Jan Oorja guys are doing ... Bio CNG from waste ..killing two birds with one stone ..
Monica Ray Yes ! But it has to be a Tesla Model S !!

The Hype, Hoopla & Hysteria behind "All New Creta"

14 May 2018 3 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Yes Creta has been the segment leader. 

One of the fastest and hottest selling Compact SUV's in the Country.  It has offered pride of ownership to several customers across the country, so much so that it even canabilised elder sister Santa Fe.  

Even on, it has enjoyed one of the highest aggregated rating from Expert and Actual Users.

The Hype & Hoopla of Facelift Model 

Old Creta

New Facelift Front 

Old Creta Rear 


New Creta Rear 

The Great Hysteria and Hype Car Co's make do Minor facelifts, calling it & branding it "All New Car" 

It cant get funnier than that. These are brilliant strategies to add steroids to the fatigued product and sagging sale. Yes, it could be an exception for the Creta, as it has done consistent no's in the market despite great competition from Tata Nexon and Jeep Compass from either ends of the Price Ladder.

As far as the "All New Car" trick is concerned, All Car Companies do it! The only difference being the extent of changes. However, if you try to see in the case of Facelifted Creta, its almost like a "Spot the Difference" Quiz :) 

Additionally, according to Industry sources, which could be unreliable, even the Engine specs remain more or less the same. There could be new transmissions though

Do we still call it the "All The Creta" 

There are pics floating on the internet which show spy shots of "Facelifted Creta" taken at a Dealer Stock yard, as the company prepares for the launch. Yes the Team Bhp Pics, which have been used by all Leading Car Sites and Magazines, of course after giving due credit. 

 Let's see how the hype, hysteria of the Facelift Model, unfold for this great product which has truly proven its mettle in the market. 

We wish Hyundai Motor India all the very best for the launch, last week of this month

 Cheers! Team


Jensen Pitt I like the new design more. You can read interesting articles about electronics here.
dr neelu chhabra Frankly very difficult to distinguish from the earlier gen Creta .. almost like spot the difference game ... And I flunked it ..
Anuj Guglani This SUV is so Good! it killed the Santa Fe! :)

Who would buy Cullinan, the Rolls Royce SUV ?

10 May 2018 4 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Rolls Royce today unveiled their upcoming SUV  - The Cullinan

It might be the best SUV performance wise, but frankly its a bit tough to  digest a SUV which looks like a Rolls Royce. Its like a Grand old Lady in a Mini Skirt ! Or a KungFu Attire 

Come on take a look! Doesnt it seem , the bottom has been suddenly sliced ! It shall take a while to digest the rear styling. 

We feel the Rolls belongs to the Sedan and Rolls is the Car of the tycoons and the Kings and the Maharajas!

An SUV styling somewhere dilutes it all .... WHAT SAY ?



Jensen Pitt It looks weird! You can find a lot of interesting information here.
dr neelu chhabra Great interiors ..
Anuj Guglani Market is unforgiving and fair at the same time ... Let the customer decide ... they arent many of them around anyways ... Yes ! It 's a bit to accept ... quite frankly ...
Monica Ray It looks weird! confusing .... they have made us so used to the grand Sedan ... Accepting this looks a challenge! Well I m neither an authority on this nor a customer .... ;)

India needs to grow its auto eco system responsibly with Safety as a Prime Enabler!

19 Apr 2018 3 Comments Author: CITIZENS FOR BETTER INDIA


We need more and more cars for the masses which are safe, sturdy and have low cost of Ownership ...all cars right from entry level should have basic safety features like Air bags , ABS, reversing Sensors, good Strong built ...

We are already the 4th Largest auto market in the world ... we need to grow more responsibly ... 

Policy Makers, Auto co's, dealers, suppliers, Citizens all need to work on it together

The Consumers need to demand Best Cars without any compromise 

We need to reduce the Road Fatalities. We need safety in vehicles, safety on roads. Safety needs to be a way of life! Losing 1.5 L people in road Accidents every year. That amounts to :

  1. One Death Every 4 minutes, 
  2. 20 children under the age of 14 die every day due to road crashes in in the country.
  3. 377 people die every day, equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every day.

This needs to Stop! Lets harness tech for this! 

Car Meets Cloud

Connected Vehicles tech should be harnessed. Majority reasons of Accidents like Over loading, Over speeding, Drunken Driving, dangerous Driving, Lack of Servicing of Vehicles, Spurious spares can trigger alerts, from the Car Computer and notifications, sms can be sent to the Driver/ owner, their kin, govt Call center, Insurance companies, Car Service center for corrective action. 

Insurance premium, traffic Challans can all be controlled. Even Excessive emissions can be controlled the same way. 

We invite responsible members of the Auto Industry to come together and run trials with govt Agencies, Tech Co's. Pass Laws around it. If Ola, Uber can do it, why cant the people of India, govt  ,Auto Industry and spirited Citizens ?

Lets turn around our biggest weakness into our biggest Strengh! Yes we can do it!

Jai Hind 

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dr neelu chhabra Let's action this ... Need of the hour ..
Anuj Guglani Idea is good ... need more elaboration with the stake holders ... can be surely initiated Wishes

So why did the Renault Captur Bomb despite being a great product ?

17 Apr 2018 4 Comments Author: Monica Ray



Was it overconfidence of Renault ?  They had just delivered a uber successful Product like the Kwid.  No Normal Success it was... Something what Harvard Biz School Case Studies are made of ...

It seems the reasons of Success of Kwid got turned around to work against the Captur. 

What worked for Kwid :

1. Great SUV LIke Styling in a Entry LEvel hatchback

2. Unbelievable starting price lower than Maruti Suzuki vehicles 

3. Good Localisation 

4. Superlative Marketing Blitzkrieg

What didnt work for Captur : 

1. Great Styling but looks like a swollen up Kwid. So lost out on the differntiator bit 

2. Now despite striking resemblance with Kwid, it has a price tag, even higher than Duster

3. Indian Customer no fool, they research online and get to know Captur is on same platform as Duster. 

SO why would the Customer pay more than the Duster, for a car made on the same platform and which actually looks like the Entry Level Hatch ie the Kwid ... ! 

I know Captur has some class leading features and gadgets. I know Captur is the NExt Gen Vehicle ... but mere doston jo dikhta hai .... wo Bikhta hai ! 

See for yourself, Kwid and Captur look like Sisters.  The same reason why Audi A8 does miniscule numbers. The Siblings curse I guess... One Has to be Salman and the other Sohail. 

 A Premium customer paying a higher price wants a clear differentiator

Source : MU Ratings

 Captur :

Kwid  :


dr neelu chhabra Looks like overgrown Kwid ... They should have launched Kwid after capture ... Wud have worked win win
Gaurav Bhateja Quality of interior is far better in Creta ... even compact SUVs like wrv , nexon are far ahead as far as interior goes ... Renault has not done due diligence in getting that luxury feeling/ wow factor which is expected from Car of this class
Motor Uncle Well Nothing succeeds like Success and if something bombs the same hands which once applauded, now point fingers either succeed or learn .... Most imp thing here is that a car company keeps taking the learnings in real time and keeps moving forward! Even Abhishek Bachchan and Bobby Deol are planning come backs, so its ok! : ) Cheers from Motor Uncle
Anuj Guglani Not Bad ...On your Face kind of posts ... takes guts to write things like these..

Does it ever make sense to buy a new car?

31 Mar 2018 6 Comments Author: Rayancaleb Rayancaleb




I’m approaching the end of my Camry lease in July. After making some moronic decisions with my past 2 car purchases I want to make the best possible decision this time. I recognize that a car is not an investment as it just depreciates but I want to be conscious of the total cost of ownership as well as safety features with this purchase. I’ve saved up 17k ontop of my emergency fund which I can either use to buy out my 2015 Camry lease residual, buy a different used vehicle, or put a large down payment on a new car, preferably a 2018 CamryIf I buyout my lease I’ve eliminated car payments and have a low mileage 2015 Camry with a residual that should be just under market value. The issues are I didn’t exactly baby the car in the past 3 years as I wasn’t anticipating buying it out. Also, the car is lacking many of the safety features I wanted to upgrade to as I anticipate my wife and I having kids in the next couple years.In my head, perhaps because my father told me “never buy new” I feel like a sucker buying new as I would be the one taking the depreciation hit and would be committing to more monthly payments. On the upside I make over 200k and could easily pay it off quickly, I’d be getting every safety/convenience feature I want, and would get the benefit of the new warranty.Lastly, I’ve ruled out buying a heavily used car as I had my fair share of those in my life and am not mechanically inclined enough to identify a good/bad deal or handle repairs myselfIf you were in my position what would you do? Does it ever make sense to buy new over used with a car like a Camry?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.


Digital content production service



Jensen Pitt The new car is better. It requires minimal maintenance. It has new parts, boards.
sneha bhosale Buying a used car can be a good option as used cars cost less and insurance premiums are also less for used cars. Car Factory FL, can help to find the car of your dreams, you can find the car of your choice from inventory over 600 cars
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Ravi Varma Very Nice
Motor Uncle Buying a car very close to finding a life partner .... You spend so much time together ... there should be bonding and Synergy ... Take a long Test Drive and there shall be clarity ...
Monica Ray you seem to be wedded to the Camry .. If you are making decent money ... as you shared ... go for a change ... any of the new models ... whether Jap , German or American ... If lease suits you be it . But go for a new and a latest product ... take a really long Test Drive.... you should feel the connect with the car .. thats what matter the most ... rest everything can be fixed and adjusted with ... as no car is perfect ... but feeling the connect is most imp .. IF still you feel , you have the best connect with CAmry ... so be it ...!! Let Camry first outclass the latest models in the motown ! Best Wishes ...

cars just not selling? what am I doing wrong

31 Mar 2018 0 Comments Author: Rayancaleb Rayancaleb




My latest factory, no matter how much I discount the cars they just will not sell. Buyers say they're too expensive...what am I doing wrong? Should I strip them of all options that are labeled "very rare"? not sure what else to do, have over 600 cars waiting to sell but can't figure out Also, why do I have a car say priced for Luxury, but in my inventory it shows it as "expensive"?

Please help

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Digital content production agency



New Car Co's on the Block, Who will rule ? Kia , MG or Peugeot ?

23 Mar 2018 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Indian Motown Story was never this exciting! 3 New Car Companies getting ready to launch! Kia Motors which created sensation at the Auto Expo Last month and then MG Motors which is a famous UK Car Brand, makers of the Once Popular Morris Minor but now owned by the chinese Auto behemoth SAIC and of course the Peugoet part of the French Giant Groupe PSA 

Each of these companies have their own strengths as well as drawbacks. A Shared Drawback aka shared Mobility is that they are coming in late.  Maruti , Hyundai, Mahindra, Honda and Toyota have already had a ball.  Maruti and Hyundai enjoy more than 70% market share 

Lets take them one by one ...


They have already made multiple U -Turns in the past. Lets Hope this time they are here to Stay.  Though they have some great exciting products. Motor Uncle had blogged on  Peugeot

MG Motors 

They have adquired the General Motors Old Plant at Halol. It was aged even when GM acquired it from Hindustan Motors, more than two decades back.  Moreover It shall take tonnes of Mktg Ammo for MG Motors to paint the picture thats hey! its an iconic  British Brand. Meanwhile the rivals shall be busy googling MG Motors, opening Wikipedia on their deivces and educating the customers of its Chinese Owners ie SAIC. This is very similar to what GM India faced with Optra and other vehicles of GM Daewoo antecedants. In the last decade, Korean Car Companies had faced lot of flak and a run down on image due to Daewoo Bankruptcy.  But that was last decade.....Success of Hyundai has been a great image makeover for Korean Co's and yes Kia gets to leverage this.

And for management at MG Motors life is a full circle. This is because most are from the Initial Years of GM India when they faced similar issue due to Daewoo and now they shall face from the Chinese Owners SAIC. People also say it was the dated SAIC products launched by GM India last few years which proved as latter's death warrant! Anyways lets bury the past as we are here to discuss a promising future! 

Kia Motors 

Kia has a lot going its way. A Big Brother like Hyundai by the side, whom it can always turn for advise, support, leverage.  Then its a Korean company and thanks to its parent, Korean Brands acceptance have seen a sea change for the better last one decade. Then its an easy to pronounce name, almost like a Hindi word "Kia" . This can mean higher recall and engagement with masses. It all begins with a easy to pronounce and remember name. Ask Mktg & Sales guys at Renault India and Chevrolet India and they share their Market challenges of a difficult name to pronounce! 

By the way Chevrolet in French means Goat's Milk! So Big Advantage to Kia on the name part and the lineage. Additonally their product line up oozzes excitment and assuming the power trains are shared with Hyundai, this means trust and proven quality even if not supremacy

And they have already invested in a plant with a capacity of 3,00,000 units an year  based on the confidence of gaining traction and marketshare. 

So the lines have been drawn ! Time to rev up the engines or charge up the Batteries! Its  Race Time ! May the best Companies win! 

Anuj Guglani It shall be surely very exciting to see who gets sustained success, as we have the best men and women of the motown behind each of these brands and companies... Eventually it shall be the win of the eco system, leadership and culture
Monica Ray Great Candid Piece! Way to go Motor Uncle ! Thats why we all love you so much !!

What is the best month to buy a new car so as to get great deals ?

05 Mar 2018 3 Comments Author: Gaurav Bhateja


Anuj Guglani The discounts are long forgotten and the Car Quality & Experiences cherished for a longer time ... Cars which dont move at the Dealer or Car co end have higher discounts ... they are not moving for a reason ... think about it !
Anuj Guglani The Year end discounts can be an Eye wash ... As one the car ages by an year in a few days ... in a small car ... Year end doesnt work out as saving, if car sold under 3 years ...
Monica Ray Well the best month has to be march or sept for Depreciation benefits ... However these days even year end discounts are great

From the Annals of American Auto

01 Dec 2017 0 Comments Author: Shawn turner



Recent history of American auto reveals that two auto companies, namely Suzuki and Hyundai, entered the JUMBO American Auto market around 1985. Suzuki-America has yet to make profit from American operation in 25 years and probably in 2010 they lost to the tune of 100 Million $ in USA due to extra expenditure associated with introduction and advertisement of Kizashi. However, lucky for them, Indian Maruti Suzuki is booming without leaps and bounds – the most profitable arm of Suzuki. In 2010, Suzuki Japan increased the parent company’s royalty from 3.5% to 5.35% from Maruti, which kept global Suzuki in BLACK but Maruti-Suzuki’s net profit declined in India in spite of substantial increase in sale #. America is the sizable source of profit for Hyundai and they have a big manufacturing facility here. To get a feel see a comparison Lexus LS460L, Bentley Mulsanne, Lexes LS, Audi A6 and BMW 5 series, Lexus GS 350, Lexus RX 350.

For more details: product launch videos

Do headlights fade?

01 Dec 2017 2 Comments Author: Shawn turner



I have read several articles and posts on the Internet that say a cars headlight bulbs fade and get dimmer over time, and that replacing them will make them brighter. My car is 13 years old, I have had it for 3 years. I never replaced the headlights since I had it, I don't know about before that. I just took my car into the local Firestone service center to have the headlights replaced. When I told them I wanted the headlights replaced even though they still worked just because I wanted them to be brighter, they looked at me like I had two heads. I ended up replacing them with brighter bulbs(at twice the price I was quoted over the phone to just replace them). Is everything I read online about headlights fading false, or was I lied to by Firestone?


I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

graphic videos

Jensen Pitt Perhaps the cause is electronic components. You can read more detailed information on the site
Anuj Guglani Try pouring some coke or soda over it to clean .....brush it vigorously ... or just sell the machine ... get a new one .. new headlamps !! :)

Is Innova invincible ?

22 Nov 2017 3 Comments Author: Monica Ray



The Innova replaced the Qualis in March 2005 

Its been a straight 12 Years reign for Innova. Products have come and gone 

There have been taveras, Xylos, Lodgy's , Hexas of the world ... None could match the quality, reliability, styling, durability of the Product and the Brand 

The Innova began at at Introductory price of 7.5 Odd Lakhs and now sells at Rs. 21 Lakhs !

Would we ever be see this product ever retire or is it the corolla of Sedan Market ... Even Corolla faces tough competition from so many gret products ... here its just a sheer Monopoly!


What say People !??




Monica Ray Noone can come close to a Toyota ... its not just the product ... the entire ownership experience , Cost of Ownership , resale value , engine endurance ... toyota challenger still a while away ...
Motor Uncle Mahindra working on a Innova Challenger yet Again ! Lets see ...!!
Anuj Guglani Yes! From what it seems last 12 Years! It surely is invincible! No other product has been able to match the quality, reliability, Performance, Aesthatics, Cost of Ownership and Pride of Ownership!

Captur is on Duster Platform and priced Higher!

01 Oct 2017 2 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


The captur is undoubtedly very stylish, a head turner, loaded with features BUT...

The Captur , India gets is not the same model available in Europe!

The Captur India shall get is based on the same MO Platform which powers the Duster. Renault wishes to charge a premium for Captur.  

SO does this really matter....!!  ??

Would Captur be able to displace the Segement Leader Hyundai Creta ?

We shall get to know soon!!  Happy Diwali!

Motor Uncle Captur bombed .... Indian Customer is not a Fool , Ma'am... Yeh Public sab jaantee Hai ..
Monica Ray they would pull it off .... Who goes beyond the Skin ... Very few !!

Hyundai Service Centre Duped you? We will help you better than Hyundai Customer Care!

06 Jul 2017 1 Comments Author: Garima Juneja


Hyundai Service Center Duped You? 

Hyundai has more than 1200 service centers in India. Hyundai is committed to offer best after sales service through these centers. It conducts various kinds of service events to deliver pleasant Hyundai drive experience. In addition to seasonal camps, free car care clinic will be organized to keep your car in right condition. The service program offered by the company include road side assistance retail, road side assistance, 24 x 7 call center, insurance program and extended warranty program. You can raise your queries and connect with customer care executives through the toll-free number, 1800-11-4645 (Only BSNL and MTNL numbers). Mobile users can reach 09873564645 (for GSM connections).

However, many times people are dissatisfied with the performance of Hyundai Service and the customer care also doesn't help at all. In that case, we at motor uncle can help you in getting a resolution. You can share your queries here:


After sales car service

The Hyundai after sales car service request can be raised through the Motor Uncle. Many customers suffer from overcharging, repeat repair, non-genuine parts and rude behavior of service staff. Motor Uncle will address all these issues and the maintenance of the car will be done very efficiently.

You can experience red carpet welcome at Motor Uncle. The service complaint can be registered online and the request will be shared with your car dealership immediately. The service complaint can be submitted online as well.

The dealers can be rated based on their responsiveness. There are some dealers who do great job by satisfying the needs of customers. You can rate the dealer so that you will help other customers in choosing the right dealer to fulfill their needs.

If you are purchasing a new vehicle, you can compare one or more vehicles with the information provided on the website. You are advised to join the forum to get the pulse of the motor industry. The forum is a great place to share your concerns with other customers.

The social sharing experience will be speeded up with the active participation in forums. You can visit to access forums. You can raise your voice with Motor Uncle by filling the online form.

Motor Uncle is committed to offering a service better than Hyundai Service Center. Hence, you can approach MU to get quick and prompt resolution for the issue. You can upload the service issues online by taking few snaps as well so that the information can be conveyed in a better way.

About MotorUncle is committed to offer best car care. The website is one stop solution for car purchase as well as maintenance. 

Motor Uncle will do comprehensive research on cars. It collects information from various sources including automobile experts, magazines and consumer data. Consumer surveys are conducted to get the real pulse of the market.

The ratings are considered on various parameters such as style, space, AC performance, mileage, driving experience, pickup, comfort, features & accessories, maintenance cost, resale value, after sales service experience and overall quality.

You can get a report card of every car so that an informed choice can be exercised.

Motor Uncle Motor Uncle has this unique service where one can raise a Service Concern with any Authorised Service Station and get a fast resolution! The usual concerns being : Delayed Delivery, Rude Behaviour, Over charging, repeat Visits , Bad Quality of Work, Non genuine/ old parts, Pushing non mandatory stuff as company prescribed Service Jobs! Yes you get a solution here! More here :

Not Getting Resolution from Maruti Suzuki Customer Care?

27 Jun 2017 3 Comments Author: Gaurav Mishra


Maruti Suzuki, the popular car manufacturer has its presence in India for more than 3 decades. The company started its operations in Gurgaon, India in 1982. The Maruti Suzuki 800 was the first vehicle rolled out from the factory and it has registered a huge success.

Exceptional customer service

The success behind Maruti Suzuki can be attributed to its technical competence as well as fulfilling Maruti Suzuki customer care. The R&D efforts of Maruti Suzuki yielded best results as the company is able to introduce affordable and innovative car models as per the needs of the customers. There are various models from the lowest range to the premium-segment from the company.


Through innovation, quality and reliable service, the company is leading the automobile industry by selling the highest number of cars in India on annual basis. The company designed and developed new segment of cars to withstand the typical Indian road conditions and without leaving heavy burden on customers’ wallet.

Maruti Suzuki introduced small cars in the Indian market in the early 80’s. Now, it has become the biggest contributor of family cars in India. It sells more than 1.5 million cars every year. Customers can reach the support team very easily. The Maruti Suzuki service complaint number 1800 102 1800 can be memorized very easily by customers.

Popular models

Maruti Suzuki offers various models of cars as per the customers’ budget and lifestyle. There are 150 variants ranging from Alto 800 to the latest, Life Utility Vehicle Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

The current Alto 800 can be considered as the replacement for Maruti 800, the most popular car from the brand. It comes with Aero edge design, stylish headlamps and sporty grille. The car features stylish interiors which include ergonomically designed rear-headrests and spacious interiors. The slim doors will ensure maximum interior passenger space. There will be great convenience with the power windows. The engine efficiency is very high as it has an electronic throttle and passengers can experience a smooth ride. The 796cc petrol engine delivers sufficient power with 3 cylinders and it is ideal for driving in traffic-jammed roads as well. The vehicle delivers 24.7 kmpl on petrol and 33.44 km per kg on CNG. If you have any issues in booking the model, you can raise a Maruti Suzuki service complaint.


The Maruti Suzuki Dzire offers more number of features and it offers better value for money. It comes with 1.2 liter petrol engine which can deliver 82 BHP and 113 of torque. The 1.3 liter diesel engine can deliver 74 BHP and 190 Nm of torque. As per ARAI, the vehicle delivers 22 kmpl and 28 kmpl with petrol and diesel respectively. You can reach Maruti Suzuki customer care to know more about the model.


Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the popular models from Maruti Suzuki. It is available in petrol and diesel versions. The diesel variant comes with 1248 cc engine and it delivers 23 kmpl on city roads and 25 kmpl on highways.

Wagon R

Wagon R was launched in 1999. Many changes were made from the earliest version to the latest version and the company has achieved great success in selling Wagon R. it is available in petrol and diesel variant. Five adults can sit in the vehicle in a comfortable manner. The petrol version delivers 17 kmpl and diesel version delivers 19 kmpl. If there is any issue with the vehicle, you can reach Maruti Suzuki customer care to get quick resolution.


The diesel variant from Maruti Suzuki delivers 27.39 kmpl mileage. The 1248 cc engine is connected to 5-gear manual transmission. The petrol variant delivers 21.4 kmpl of mileage. It has best safety features, interiors and exteriors to deliver great experience for passengers as well as driver.


The Maruti Suzuki Celerio comes with 998cc engine and it delivers 23.10 kmpl of mileage. With great comfort-enhancing features, you can make the most of your investment.

Maruti Suzuki customer service

Maruti Suzuki customer care service centers are presented throughout the length and breadth of the country. The company services about 40, 000 cars per day and it achieved J D Power Customer Satisfaction Award for 16 years in a row. The company offers great after-sales service which is exceptional. The company has 3225 outlets across the country. It manages 33,000 trained service personnel to fulfill the needs of customers. You can reach the customer care by calling the toll free number 1800 102 1800 or 1800 1800 180.

Issue Redressal system of Maruti Suzuki

You should be aware of the Maruti Suzuki service complaint booking process. Customers can raise an issue with Maruti Suzuki by calling the toll free number or email. You can reach by sending an email to The query form, feedback form and complaint form can be filled online and it can be submitted easily.

You have access to qualified and trained technicians so that the issue will be resolved immediately. The replacement or repairs can be done very easily as spare parts are available at the service centers very easily.

The company should respond to customers immediately when they face issues from dealers. In some cases, the customer has to wait many days to get response. The customer should have patience to reach the phone support and should be able to spend time as well.

Motor Uncle Motor Uncle has this unique service where one can raise a Service Concern with any Authorised Service Station and get a fast resolution! The usual concerns being : Delayed Delivery, Rude Behaviour, Over charging, repeat Visits , Bad Quality of Work, Non genuine/ old parts, Pushing non mandatory stuff as company prescribed Service Jobs! Yes you get a solution here! More here :
Monica Ray You need to try Motor Uncle Service Complaint Section ? One of my Colleague had used it .. and She got immediate Solution to her Overcharging & Staff Rude Behaviour issue with Amount reversals and Letter of Apology!
Diy Junkie Hi Sir, I had contacted Maruti Customer Care multiple times regarding overcharging on my car servicing.. nobody responds.. pls help sir.

Speed Date with Jaguar F Type

22 Jun 2017 0 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani



Seems surely closest to Moksh! 5 liter V8 600nm , 400 bhp+ ; a 1.5 G is what you feel in the plexes with your head buzzing for a while ...The crackling exhaust , One really loud Roaring Jag!

The Art of Performance Tour 2017-18 | Noida was yet another Successful Event organised by Jaguar India. Up Close & Personal with the Jaguar Dream Machines! Great Detailing like Expert Rally Drivers to guide and Help, Resident Doctor, Customised Videos for Guests, Trained & Helpful staff; Clean, Air Conditioned and 5 Star std Mobile Washrooms, Special focus on safety! Kudos to the #JaguarExperience


Bugatti Veyron Top Speed

14 Jun 2017 1 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


Mind Bloooowwwinnng Man!!!

dr neelu chhabra Thats a great car , can we make it an EV ?

Maruti Weaves Magic with Ciaz  ; Overtakes Honda City!

05 May 2017 5 Comments Author: Varun Gandhi


Whats up Maruti Suzuki ? Broken the decade long jinx, if not longer??

Lets discuss the list of Products bombed in Premium segment last decade : Baleno , Kizashi, Grand Vitara ... Yup! A long list it is! 

Now comes in NExa, New Marketing, New Branding, Fading Consumer Memory ( always helps) , forgiving customer for past debacles

and you have a brilliant new Product and Buying Experience! 

Despite Honda launching a refreshed City, the Ciaz has overtaken the former in monthly sales. Tables have surely turned

Honda as a brand has stood for prestige, premiumness, luxury and comfort and has enjoyed a superlative Aspirational value since its launch in India in 1997-98. though it was very distinct from its global image which has been of entry level workhorse. Several Mass Auto Brands come to India and become Luxurious and Premium , other examples being VW,  Skoda, 

So what worked for Ciaz ? Shift to Nexa , Consistent Product Performance, Change in Mindset and Brand Perception of Maruti Brand or a combination of all these factors ... All said and done ...a big Hats off to Maruti Suzuki India for Pulling this off ... Lets see how long the lead can be sustained... as its just the beginning!


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Anuj Guglani Now new and Different Stories coming in Media how Honda is going well with WR-V and New City .. PR Machinery at Overdrive, after all the Flagship Model of Honda has been challenged by the Brand of the masses!
Monica Ray Lets see @varun .. too early to pass a Judgement ... a Honda in Unbeatable!!!
Anuj Guglani Seems "Spot On"

Hey! Are you the New Mahindra XUV700 ?

01 May 2017 2 Comments Author: Dr. Neelu Chhabra


The Premium SUV space seems to be hotting up with the New Fortuner and also the Next gen Rexton showcased last year at the Paris Motor show


Can Mahindra command the premium Pricing the Toyota Way, especially after the Lacklustre Performance of the Rexton in India

Hey! Hey! time to turn to the Ace Marketers... A good Leverage of the XUV Brand and some exciting Product Campaign can really turn the fortunes of this long awaited Product!

Monica Ray It s a Long way to challenge a Fortuner!! Period!

Time to WAFit!

19 Apr 2017 0 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


World Auto Forum connects Auto industry in 125 countries.

CIO’s & Heads from Auto Companies, Heads from Software, Hardware, Cloud, AR / VR, ERP,  Cyber Security

Innovators from Driverless & Autonomous Cars, CRM Heads and Thought Leaders come together to #WAFit

You would have seen the Frost report on IT Spending by Automotive. It shall double to US$ 80.05 Billion by 2020 from US$ 37.9 Billion in 2015
CIO's of Auto Co's aren't any more contended just with Infra and Conventional Enterprise IT 
They are actively engaged in their Organisation's pioneering work in Connected Cars, Mobility, Digital Retail, Security, IOT
This is a US$ 80 Billion opportunity in Automotive in next 3 years!
25+ Thought Leaders, 5 Key Note sessions, 3 Power Panels, 150+ Delegates, a Mini Exhibition and some great conversations @ WAFit!
Book now with a Discount Code wafit500 for instant discount of Rs 500/-
Limited Seating in hall, Registrations about to close 
Chief Butler 
World Auto Forum 

Would the WR-V trigger a much needed Sales Avalanche for Honda

27 Mar 2017 3 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Honda, A Brand which has been aspirational for the Indian consumers...Back in 1998 when the Honda Siel Cars debuted with the first Honda City at India's First Honda Dealership at Chandigarh, People went from Delhi to buy the City. That was the aspiration for owning a car with the power of 100 Horses... Something new and alien for the Indian Consumers back then... Many returning to Delhi with dented bumpers and fender... Unable to handle the power of the High rev Honda engines back then!

Honda, somehow lost the plot since 2010, it seems ... The Products like CR-V, Mobilio, BR-V have just seen average or below Average Performance.  Amaze though has a great start but was unable to displace DZire from it's throne. 

Now comes the WR-V . Pricing seems to be right. Shape is surely futuristic. Performance of Honda Petrol Powertrains is surely incomparable ... Petrol is the In thing these days 

The WR-V Ratings on Motor Uncle seems just Average ... They are the Experts  rating  only as of now... as the Actual Customers are yet to build to a significant no 

WR-V Sales performance would surely be a cornerstone for Honda Cars and We wish them all the very best!

Anuj Guglani and WR-V becomes a show Stealer ... the Cash Cow for Honda ! 5 K units a month ... WR-V ya Wagon R ;)
Anuj Guglani People say it looks more like a hatch ... and less like a Compact SUV ... In India a lot depends on Car looks .. and Yes, cars like Honda City LQ have been class leading High Selling exceptions!

Tata Hexa becomes Highest Rated Car in its class at

10 Mar 2017 3 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


In such a short period since its launch, Tata Hexa has become the No 1 Rated Vehicle in its category at Motor Uncle

That means All India Experts and its actual users the initial ones give it the highest rating amongst the other vehicles  in its class.

Surprisingly it shows highest rating in two parameters which have actually been Achilles Heel for Tata Motors : Cost of Ownership and After Sales Experience!

Now thats really surprising! or is it Tata Motors Customers saying the Ford Punchline "Feels like Family for a Change"  :)

so what is really special about this vehicle apart from its ability to pull a Boeong 777   thanks to an overwhelming 400Nm torque? 

SO what the grapevine about the Hexa ?

Hexa Motor Uncle ratings are here :

All said and done Tata Motors is surely going through a metamorphosis ... Hexa and now Tamo Racemo!

Wish you all the best Tata Motors ..!!! way to Go!

Anuj Guglani all these plan hauling tactics dont work long time ... Tata needs to . fix dealers and fix its service experience .. Resale value, pride of ownership would follow too ..
Jay Guglani innova rocks any day beta
dr neelu chhabra So whats the verdict ? Is hexa better than Innova ?

Baleno RS - Maruti Suzuki's First Turbo Petrol Booster Jet Engine & Most Powerful Maruti Hatch

04 Mar 2017 2 Comments Author: Monica Ray


The Baleno surely turbocharged Maruti Numbers and was a saving grace for Nexa Network after the debacle of the overpriced S Cross

Maruti Suzuki debuts its tubocharged DI Gasoline engine. It drops a cylinder to save weight.  Calls it the Booster Jet engine

It unleashes 101 bhp of power at 5500 rpm and 150 Nm of torque available between 1700-4500 rpm.  

The VW Polo GT TSI , on the other hand, belts out 104 bhp and 175 Nm of torque from a 1.2 litre engine and is paired to a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission.

The Baleno RS that way has a 5 Speed Manual Option for the still Manual Crazy Indian Customers. Not really sure if the Polo is it's closest Competitior. While VW Polo has been just an average Performer sales wise... Baleno has been on a 1.5 Months waiting for quite some time now

The exciitng featiues like Black interriors, LED Headlamps, Subtle Skirts,  only top notch variant ie Alpha trip make it a great Package

Thought the Test Drive of the actual vehicle supercedes all specs on Paper ... Hoping it outperforms and outdelivers and goes beyond..

so People what are your thoughts on the Baleno RS??


Kevin Evans Max Brake Pads for Maruti Suzuki is here
dr neelu chhabra Oh wow ... Looks nice !

Aadhar 2.0 - For Every Govt Property on the Road

26 Feb 2017 1 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani



Aadhar 2.0 - For Every Govt Property on the Road

Every Fixture on the road should have a simple unique code which is prominently displayed. Examples of Fixtures : Bus Stop, Every Street Light, traffic Signal, Road Sign

Two Benefits :

1. Each Code linked to a unique Geo Location Coordinates. In an emergency, just tell the code of the nearest Fixture to emergency Service vehicle and they can put it in their Hand Held device and simply Navigate. Precious time is not wasted in locating victim or Accident or hazard site 


2. It becomes like the Aadhar on the road, helps manage Govt assets better, effective utilisation of tax Payer's Money 


Road traffic safety :

1. Cycles should not come in black colour. Most Unsafe colour at Night ... Leads to Accidents ... Not Visible

2. Mandatory to have speed Breakers on either sides of road and Pedestrian Light with Zebra Crossing  outside each and every  school in the country 


We look forward to Honble PM' s response on these suggestions as in the grievance Registration no : PMOPG/E/2017/0110757
Anuj Guglani
World Auto Forum 
+91-9810552425 , +91-11-49057413

dr neelu chhabra This can be a game changer

Hum to Pardesi Ho Gaye - Aapki Pyaari HM Ambassador

13 Feb 2017 3 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


They say back in the 60's , half of US was conceived on the backseat of either a Chevy or a Ford! Well even Indian grew up seeing the Ubiquitous Ambassador. It was later joined by Fiat and then Premier Padmini. Prior and In between we had Moris Minor, Standard and many cars with temporary flings. But the Landmaster and then it refined avatar in form of Ambasador stood the test of time.  Till even few years back the most powerful Men and Women of India would proudly occupy its rear seat. 

They say the rear Seat of an Amby was nothing less than the most comfy spring Sofa. Yes that's besides the point that she would ride on Leaf Spring suspension!

A thorough Workhorse, Most Spacious, the signature LIght On/Off Switch at the B Pillar inside akin to the one at Home! One of those rare cars still around, where the fuel tank can be detached within couple of minutes and the fuel can be emptied in a bucket in no time if the gas station attendant has poured the wrong fuel, while the driver was busy on his mobile!

Though eventually there were safety issues and Structural Stability concerns, exacerbated by fall of CK Birla group and complete non Focus on the HM Business.


The Taxi Workhorse even now at Kol!

Whether its the cab drivers or the passengers or the person at large on the Street of the City of Joy our Dear Kolkata ... They still swear by this machine. HM - A company headquartered in their state, they carry that pride with an even more special air. Undoubtedly the Amby instills a special character and colour to the City of Kolkata. The ride could be bumpy, the Ac might not be working, could be tiring to drive and manuever on the narrow streets, Challenge in Procuring spare parts...But Little Complaints!

Is this Foreign Invasion for the Better?

Image Courtesy : team BHP

HM had officially stopped production of the Legendary and Iconic Ambassador some time back. The plant at Uttarpada was in a shambles. There were grave  issues around Employee severance, welfare, technology, safety, upkeep

So it was a dying company and a deplorable state of affairs ... So if this foregn invasion ie Brand Acquisition by PSA Peugeot can infuse a new life in the brand, Product and set up ... It just might be worth it ... One has to surely keep in mind that Peugeot's journey in India ... last 25 years has been marred by failed attempts and false starts ... starting from the 309 , Premier JV and the attempt in 2011 with a plant at Sanand which again couldnt take off ...


Well Inline of the Never say Die spirit of the French Car Maker ... you never know  two negatives could make a positive!

Looking forward to the next Amby Model, Bon Jour! Pheonix! 


dr neelu chhabra So whats the next Amby model called ? Le Phoenix ?
Monica Ray Reading this article is too emotional and Nostalgic for me ...!!

Tata Motors Kite 5 Tiago Based Sedan named Tigor

09 Feb 2017 1 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Hey Guys, Did you check out the new Tigor Sedan? Confused ? Well its the Tiago based Sedan from Tata Motors codenamed Kite5


The name got out Yesterday.  After the success of the Tiago, TML is very confident of this sedan avtar. Supposedly armed with advanced features found in premium sedan, this logical replacement of Indigo can boaast of :

  • Automatic Aircon
  • Power Steering
  • MID
  • Eco and City mode
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Remote tailgate opening
  • 12V front Power Outlet
  • Power Windows
  • Follow-me-home lamps
  • Speed-sensing door locks
  • Central Locking with Remote
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Harman Infotainment System with touchscreen
  • Driver’s seatbelt reminder
  • Rear Defogger
  • Steering-mounted audio controls
  • Driver’s seat height adjustment
  • Cooled glove compartment
  • ABS with EBD
  • Corner stability control
  • Dual front airbags
  • Reversing Camera

Its the Revotron Engine at the Heart


The Styling, Aesthetics are surely state of the art and contemporary. Slowly and Steadily, Tata Motors is regaining lost ground and coming in the consideration set of Personal Car Buyers and not just entry level cabs or commercial vehicle owners. 

Really looking forward to  an exciting launch of this vehicle most pobably begining next FY!

Anuj Guglani Wow! Looks Awesome!!

Who's fault will it be??

01 Feb 2017 1 Comments Author: Kartik Gupta


Technology has been always been developed to provide comfort and safety to humans.

We are also seeing a similar trend in the auto world with the development of autonomous cars. There are semi-autonomous cars for sale in market already. Almost all the OEMs are trying to develop their own autonomous cars for the future and that future doesnt seem to far away. All this is being developed keeping in mind the driver's comfortability and safety.

But then no technology is ever 100% fail proof! We have had many examples recently of self driving cars carshing, just to name a few:

  • Google's self driving car jumped a red light and was involved in a serious crash.
  • Tesla's self driving car suffered a crash last year, killing the driver. 

Am not questioning the technology here, self driving cars certainly have a better record than the human driven cars in terms of crashes. But what am questioning here is that, who's responsible if the self driving cars crash?

Who takes the blame if a component or a software malfunction in the car leads to an accident? The OEM? or the driver?

OEMs like Google and Tesla say that if the cars crash they will take the responsibility, but in a recent crash Tesla blamed the driver saying that the accident could have been avoided if the driver was alert and had kept his hands on the stearing wheel. But they are designing cars which will be completely self driven and require zero human input. what about then? Companies like GM say that to some extent the driver inside the car will be also held responsible if a crash occurs, as he/she can react to avoid the crash.

If OEMs are taking the responsibility and compensating the damages, then what will happen to car insurance companies? What about damages caused by natural phenomenons likes hail storm and typhoons? Who will compensate if the autonomous cars hits a pedestrian? Also all the traffic laws are currently written with the idea of a driver behind the wheel? Will we have to change the driving laws as well?

Anuj Guglani It shall be a puzzle for the Insurance co's and the Courts to establish Liability once tech takes over the wheel ... partially or completely ... Exciting times at the same time Challenging .. How safe and Practical these self driving machines would turn out to be ... Hope its safer days ahead and not Judgement Day!

General Motors India , What's Up Dude?

30 Jan 2017 4 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


General Motors India or GMI, as how the company started its operations after the JV with HM was brought to end ... Its been more than 2 decades...... Some great Products,  Some great People, Some great Product Failures, Controversies.... The Company has fought and survived it all ... 

 However .... last few years ... It has chosen to just do the downward Spiral ... whether its Customer satisfaction, Sales, New and Exciting Products, Dealer Experience... and of course most important consequence Profitibility ..... As per Jan 17, 2017 report, the losses are 4 times it's Net Worth.

So what's the road Ahead for GM India? Can GM Corp afford to close the operations in an emerging economy like India? It's ramifications shall be felt even at Detroit as shareholders shall question the competency of not just Indian but Global Corner office as well of GM. 

It can be the greatest Challenge and also the finest Opporunity ... Something what gets taught at Harvard or Stanford Biz Schools!

May the Best come out!

Anuj Guglani Great Mistake - GM ... Leaving India ... Janta maaf nahin karegee... Such knee Jerk decisions coming from Detroit Boardrooms ... Sad ...
Kartik Gupta I find GM almost invisible now! They are having a real hard time in the Indian auto market currently. I loved Beat and Cruze. But with better products offered by other OEMs, gone are the days of these cars as well. Hope they can make a turn around!
Monica Ray One of the longest running Auto maker of all times...the Big Daddy of Detroit .. The creator of Epic Brands like the Chevy , Cadillac , Buick and Products like Corvette, Camaro ... Has to struggle ...Especially when they were the early movers and had great run up compared to other car makers... Wishing you all the best Dude...for a great Turnaround!

The Next Big Thing - Tesla Motors

18 Jan 2017 7 Comments Author: Tanuj Saraf


The Next Big Thing

This title, at times has been used for various tech launches and events. But when I mention this in context of Tesla Motors, it makes sense. Let's find out why.

Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Likewise, the people of this century wanted more efficient (but still conventionally driven) cars, until of course Tesla showed up.

For the uninitiated, these are cars that open doors for you when they sense you approaching, cars that will drive themselves to meet you at the click of a button, they have sensors all around to void obstructions and yes with the new Autopilot System, they drive themselves too (well at least to a large extent). Though technically what Tesla calls autopilot is broadly a combination of existing technologies namely Automatic Lane Keeping + Automatic Cruise Control + Automatic Parking.

And forget about the fuel bills because Tesla runs on Lithium-ion batteries. In addition to that, Tesla has a network of 795 supercharging stations worldwide where you can charge your car batteries for free (For cars ordered by 15th Jan, 2017).

With the launch of Tesla Model 3 last year, Tesla did for electric cars, what the iPhones did for Smart phones i.e. democratize them and push them from a niche audience into the mainstream.

Don’t mistake yourself to think that Tesla was an accidental success from the pool of companies that try to revolutionize the world. Want to know why?

It is because everything about what Tesla is doing today was released by Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors) 10 years ago. Have a look at the excerpt from his Master Plan 1.

Now moving on, let’s talk about the cars a bit. Shall we?

Currently Tesla offers 2 cars primarily, Model S and Model X and though the Model 3 was officially launched last year, it won’t be available until later this year. You can choose from either of the single or dual motor setup. We have the option to choose for a variety of battery, colours and fancy features options. You can choose from either of the single or dual motor setup.


I won’t bore you with the specifications here. If you are a car fanatic, I’m sure you know about them already from the Safety Features to the Touch Screen panel. From Bio-Defense mode to Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity, also Automatic keyless entry works like a charm. And if you aren’t already aware of its specifications; I’m sure the above sentences made you curious enough to check it out.

In the end, I’d just like to conclude by Elon Musk, “If you go back a few hundred years, what we take for granted today would seem like magic - being able to talk to people over long distances, to transmit images, flying, accessing vast amounts of data like an oracle. These are all things that would have been considered magic a few hundred years ago.” So rather than sticking to the ordinary and conventional, go out and innovate.

FootNote: Feel free to comment for further discussions.




alex nicolas great articles about car inspection. also, I found this website for car-related tips and tricks suppose you need car breaks so you can read this type of breaks review article also there is all type of accessories tips and review article
Ashok Chhabra Very interesting post ..
Mudit Agrawal Insightful Article.
Tanuj Saraf Tesla has been working really hard to create sustainability a reality. Last Year they merged with Solar City and now they have the means to generate green energy and Tesla Power packs to store them as well. Recently they completely transformed an entire island of American Samoa from 100% diesel to 100% solar powered. Even if we leave these things apart, Tesla cars still are beautifully designed and well crafted. One of the major concerns people had with electric cars in the past was that they couldn't get much acceleration and power out of their cars. But with Model S accelerating from 0-100 kph in a mere 2.7 seconds, I'll have to say that they addressed this issue handsomely and provided people with a power packed Sedan.
Kartik Gupta Completely agree with you Tanuj. Its been a series of brilliant launches from Tesla in current times. Amazing to see Mr. Musk work with such passion towards the goal of futuristic cars and sustainable technology.
Anuj Guglani Undoubtedly .... Tesla has Brilliant tech ... albeit a few bugs here and there .... and yes the contentious issue of the person losing life in a deriverless car... However...the future is well envisaged by Mr Musk ... We cant run EV's on Thermal Power ... else it shall be just shifiting emissions from tailpipe to thermal station chimney tower... We need clean energy to power the EV.... Many countries still fail to understand this !

Mercedes proved it Again

18 Jan 2017 1 Comments Author: Anirudh Sharma




In August 1888, Bertha Benz set off on her famous first long-distance automobile journey from Mannheim to Pforzheim. In doing so, the wife of Carl Benz demonstrated the suitability of the Benz patent motor car for everyday use and thus paved the way for the worldwide success of the automobile. Precisely 125 years later, in August 2013, Mercedes-Benz recorded a no less spectacular pioneering achievement following the same route. Developed on the basis of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE research vehicle autonomously covered the approximately 100 kilometres between Mannheim and Pforzheim. Yet, unlike Bertha Benz all those years ago, it did not have the road “all to itself”, but had to negotiate dense traffic and complex traffic situations.

Autonomous long-distance drive.

Mercedes-Benz became the first motor manufacturer to demonstrate the feasibility of autonomous driving on both interurban and urban routes

Autonomous driving.

Partially automated driving is already available to drivers of new Mercedes-Benz E and S-Classmodels: the new DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot is capable of steering the vehicle mainly autonomously through traffic jams. This system thus forms the core of “Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive”, the intelligent networking of all safety and comfort systems.
DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot takes the burden off the driver when it comes to staying in lane and the system is now also able to partially autonomously follow vehicles in traffic jams. Thanks to the stereo camera, the Brake Assist system BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist is, for the first time, now able to detect crossing traffic and pedestrians, as well as boost the braking force applied by the driver. If the lane markings are broken lines, Active Lane Keeping Assist can detect when the adjacent lane is occupied, especially by oncoming traffic, and reduce the risk of the vehicle leaving its lane unintentionally by applying the brakes on one side. Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus allows the main-beam headlamps to be kept on permanently without dazzling other road users.

Jensen Pitt Progress does not stand still. I wonder if we can see such cars on the road? I also recommend reading interesting information about the breadboards on the site

Das Auto

17 Jan 2017 3 Comments Author: Atharv Shiromani


Centuries ago some great minds of the period created wheel to ease up their travelling process.On the foundation of which in the late 19th century the concept of automobiles was fabricated which marked the beginning of a new era and the rest is history.

The first ever engined car was designed in the year 1807 by François Isaac de Rivaz which was fueled by hydrogen but the concept gained popularity when Karl Benz was granted the patent of first engine in the year 1879 but it took around 7-8 years for the automobiles to gain popularity among the common public and since then there has been no looking back .The evolution of automobile industry has seen a very rapid growth thanks to people like Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari for devoting their career to the industry and revolutionizing it. 

The history or rather the journey of the automobiles has been very great and pleasing as evolution never took a step back instead it kept on taking big leaps as time passed by and now it has reached such a point where we are able to build "cars of the future".Talking of the car industry it is divided into 4 major categories- Sedan,Hatchback,SUV & MPV each made to suit different class of people.


A sedan is a passenger car in a three-box configuration with A (engine compartment), B (passenger & driver compartment) & C cargo compartment. eg- Maruti Swift Dzire


A hatchback is a car body configuration with a rear door that swings upward to provide access to a cargo Elite i20


A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car that is usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on-road or off-road EcoSport


MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) is a car classification used in some countries to describe superminis or subcompacts which have taller build and often with a flexible interior Innova

There is a new totally different class of vehicles in the industry gaining popularity these days,"The Smart Electric Cars".They work on concept which is a fusion of electric power and AI.The use of AI is the most fascinating feature of these smart cars.With the help of AI these cars can learn to drive and make decision on its own like changing lanes,adjusting speed according to traffic,parking etc. thereby satisfying the actual meaning of automobile i.e. 'self-driving'. Interestingly,the learning process or the driving problems can be enhanced or tweaked with help of software updates.Moreover these cars very powerful too,when comes to power they show what kind of beast they are.The companies like Tesla,Chevrolet and Faraday Future are killing it in the industry with their flagship cars like the TESLA Model S,Chevy Bolt and FF91 respectively.Inspired by them,even the Cupertino's tech giant APPLE is also getting ready to step in the game with its smart electric car project "Titan" which is expected to be released in future soon.

 The automobile industry has seen many reforms over the year and many more are yet to come so all we need to do is to wait and see what comes next.

Veena Singh Very nice blog . Keep it up
Aditi Shiromani Keep going ahead.
Aditi Shiromani Great piece you Novice :)

Customer Complaints

17 Jan 2017 0 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


After getting your car repaired or serviced at an authorized outlet, how many times do you feel you have experienced :

  1. Being Wrongly Charged
  2. Rude Behaviour
  3. Delayed Delivery
  4. Bad Quality Of Work
  5. Suspicion of Spurious Spare Parts
  6. Being Pushed with Non Mandatory Services (VAS)

You can raise your After Sales Car Service Blues through Motor Uncle


Well, time to rejoice as you have a friend now by your side and that’s Motor Uncle! It takes just a minute to raise a concern through our Service Complaints Section and it is shared with your Car Dealership, Car Company’s Regional Service Head and eventually the National Service Head through a well laid out Process. You can submit your service Complaint here:

New Honda City ... Hey But what's New in it?

17 Jan 2017 3 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Yesterday the Auto Media went Gaga ... On the launch of the New City in Thailand ...

while the entire world is going Woo Hoo!! over it ... I frankly struggle to locate, find "what New in the New City" 

Probably I'm not a Petro head who knows the car part by part , part no wise... well so are the normal 90% customers if not more... who had been waiting for the new city for a long long time..

Auto journos says ... Most changes are on the exterior ... and thats where I struggle the most to spot them ... They says its the new grille ... bla bla bla ... But no idea...

They say there would be leather seats, stereo with car Play, ABS ... Well Good Morning even the Ignis and Baleno come with these features now...

They say powertrain is very smooth and refined.... Hello! Honda has mastered making the finest petrol powertrains for donkey years now...

Did I head DRL's ? Daytime running Lamps ? YOu call that new in today's age... If they come ... they shall be restroing basic hygiene... 

So my questions remains ...  #WhatsNew?


john smith Great Article! Yesterday I bought a new seat covers here
roseline nancy Honda City........ My dream car
Anuj Guglani Indian customer is more demanding than ever .... Lets see how they react and respond to it!

Ola & Uber all set to take over Personal Mobility ?

15 Jan 2017 0 Comments Author: Monica Ray


The way Ola and Uber are hogging up the Personal Mobility space by unbelievable accuracy, precision in service. By the competitive tarrifs ... cheaper than an Auto rickshaw and cheaper than owning personal set of wheels... Is that the day not too far when becuase of pure maths and convenience, we shall stop buying our own cars and hirng our own drivers. 

The days of Cars all accessorised, multiple varied colours, personal customisation, various cars and models out there to see and savour ... Are the days limited and counted?

The roaring petrol engines on K&N Exhausts or the special alloys and wide tyres... the First date in the car ... without any intrusion ... The Long Drives with one's Life Partner .. the surprise special gift in form of a car on Karwa Chauth or Diwali or Birthday or Anniversary ...

Would all cars vanish /turn  into a coherent white stream of Ola and Uber, next 10 years ? Wait a minute ... How do these companies manage to pay such high incentives to drivers and susidise our journey bills ... Its a dual Sword by which they are piercing their investor money reserves...... How long can they sustain this mad cash burn ?  Uber has already exited China for the same reason ... they had burnt USD2 Billion in one Single year and they decided to save their business in the other 350 Odd cities ...across the world ... than win China by going Bust ...

It shall surely be exciting to see how future unbfolds and what kind of strategies viz innovation, business, cash, on ground, choice of cars, involving car brands works ... 

Till then let me enjoy my Long Drives and romantic dinners ... Drive safe ... Always wear a Seat Belt or a Helmet  ... 

Maruti Suzuki - Ignis

11 Jan 2017 2 Comments Author: Kartik Gupta


The New Maruti Suzuki Ignis is all set to be launche don 13 January 2017!!!!!

One of the most awaited cars of this year, is almost here! Looks really good!

Check out few cool things about Ignis in the link below:

Monica Ray Maruti is shifting even the new hatches, like this one, to Nexa ... The people buying swifts and wagon R's are step Customers now?
Anuj Guglani Wow! Looks Awesome!

Maruti - Master of lightweight technology

07 Jan 2017 4 Comments Author: Gaurav Bhateja


It seems maruti has mastered the art of lightweight technology. With paper like metal sheets they seems to show no concerns on passengers safety.

Majority of indian buyers are obsessed with Maruti name and generally ignore safety aspects.

Volkswagen and Skoda though costly to buy and maintain but its good to see that they do not compromise on safety front.

Kartik Gupta Oh wow! thanks for such a wonderful insight! @dr neelu
dr neelu chhabra It's not that the car body has to be super rigid or strong all across. . there has to be a combination of soft and hard steels. . Crumple zones and rigid passenger cabin. . So if we take the case of tata indica ... the body is rigid ..and the Fender is soft metal to absorb the impact which is equally important if not more ... the absence of this combination of soft and hard metals actually made cars like ambassador which looked superb safe and sturdy., actually unsafe..
Kartik Gupta I have the same problem with my Hyundai Verna... though they provide airbags for safety, but still the metal body of the car is comparatively weaker. A simple nudge from another vehicle creates such a deep and big dent. Where as my friend's Polo is so rugged in design. I guess all Japanese and Korean companies prefer using lightweight tech. and provide more airbags. Where as the European and Americans prefer the other way round. But no matter what way they choose the safety of the driver and the passengers should be the foremost priority for every company!
Monica Ray Majority people in our country are generally and consciously ignorant to Safety and Environment...Only Govt rules and compliances can reign these things... which sadly get excessively influenced by Car Makers and their powerful lobbies... after around 8% of GDP comes from Auto and around 20 million jobs...

Honda Jazz Relaunch

05 Jan 2017 5 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


Must say the Honda Jazz is one of the best cars in its segment. The earlier Jazz was a tad overpriced and subsequently was sold was on an attractive discount which led to quick stock clearing from the Honda Factory Finshed Goods yard and Dealer Inventory .

Honda took the learning from the Old Jazz Price pain and launched the "The New Jazz" at a competitive price

The New JAzz initially showed initial bouyant sales figures, however later plateaued and then subsequently tanked

Does the Indian consumer still find it overpriced? For the performance, style. equipement levels, I feel it is rightly priced.

Was it not promoted and or marketed  rightly ? Did it get caught between the Utility segment and the aspirational one ?

Were the people confused by its unique styling which cut across traditional lines hatchback and sedan Or is the 3 Box Sedan Customer still adamant for the Boot outside for Social reasons

Anywhich ways, I personally love this car and one can check out its rating by All India Experts and its actual users here at Motor Uncle


john smith Great article! I recommend also a snow chain, you can see it here
Edward Cross I extremely enjoyed your article, your article is exceptionally petrified me in the learning procedure and give extra information to me, perhaps I can gain more from you, and I will sit tight for your next article, much obliged. Visit here:
Kartik Gupta Oh it's a really good car, But i believe that the marketing could have been better by Honda. Also as far I believe people never could see it as a hatchback due to its elongated shape.
Gaurav Bhateja For me few special things in this car are CVT with paddle shift (only VAT-model) & Magic seats (only VX model) but both comes at heavy price. If somehow these features can come in lower models, maybe SV model then i would run to buy this car.
Monica Ray I simply love the Jazz .... I feel marketing and reach out of this car could have been better! Its a great product

How safe & Practical are Autonomous & Driverless Cars

03 Jan 2017 3 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


The world is going mad after Driverless and Autonomous Cars. How safe and Practical are they? 

Especially for developing markets like BRIC 

Would you be comfortable in driving or be driven in One ?


How do we envisage the world in next 5 to 10 years ... Would we see self driving cars and pods buzzing down the roads ?


Kartik Gupta I doubt in next 5 to 10 years there will be driver less cars buzzing around on the streets. Its an incredible technology and vision but I bet its gonna an expensive novelty to have in your car. Though i would love to experience travelling in a self driving car! Also on streets like those in India plus the kind of traffic we have here... the computers on-board will simply give up and shutdown! :p
Jay Guglani driverless should be a reality sooner than we think
Monica Ray How about driving like this at Chandni Chowk ... Yes its possible ! if only driverless cars allowed and noone else!

HUD on my windshield

30 Dec 2016 7 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


In the era of several distractions and 75% of accidents happening due to driver error and Driverless cars still a bit away ... Why can't we have more Inclusion and acceptance of HUD 

Just the way the naughtiest Brat in the class is made the class monitor... Tine to actively engage the navigation, phone , music system on HUD ..

 So that atleast the driver has Head Up ... No matter what ! 

Kartik Gupta @Guragam Singh: Thats a very good point you raised!!! See the HUD system was 1st introduced to the fighter aircrafts before the commercial liners. A fighter aircraft pilot uses a HUD system much more than a commercial liner, and that too during dogfights. During this time a lot of inputs are required by the pilots, who are under a lot of stress. That is how the HUD helps, by providing information in the line of sight of pilot rather than taking any inputs. HUD is all about giving information in a better manner rather than taking in inputs. That is why I said that it might help in reducing the stress of the drivers. Navigation systems are visual outputs to the drivers, but none see them as a distraction I suppose. Infact incorporating a navigation system to a HUD will only help the driver as they are generally located a little below the line of sight of the drivers in present day cars. Also I agree, that adopting a technology from one industry to other might not always be successful, but there have been many examples where they have been successfully incorporated. For example: The conveyer belt system adopted by Henry ford, which gave us the 1st mass produced cars (Ford - Model T). But I guess this a very relative topic. Some driver might like it, some might not. But as a driver I would love to have this system in my car.
Guragam Singh While this does seem like a nice concept and is aesthetically alluring, the fact that it's been successfully used at 36,000 ft. is no guarantee of a repeat performance on the ground, where prevailing conditions are radically different. Up in the sky, under normal conditions, there are no obstacles that try to dislodge you from your chosen path, a stark contrast to road conditions where something or the other keeps competing with you for the same road space. Do we really want to add audio-visual pings in the car cabin to the growing list of distractions one faces while driving?
Jay Guglani it's a great feature but at what cost. .. Yes we should begin it's I lntroduction so that it travels from novelty to hygiene and prices drop ...and yes like most disruptive tech ... this too comes from the defence forces...
Monica Ray would love to have it on my car screen ... Hey! Didnt Google try it on goggles too .. but they last I heard ... they shelved that project!
Anuj Guglani Wow! Well said Kartik
Kartik Gupta Heads Up Display (HUD) has been in use in the Aerospace/Aeronautics Industry for a long time now, and it has revolutionized the way pilots fly now. It has showed less stress on pilots as compared to earlier. So I bet its definitely gonna be a hit in the automobile industry as well. Also its being introduced to Formula 1 in the upcoming season!!! Now if Formula 1 engineers find that its a help to Formula 1 drivers at such high speeds, I believe its gonna help the daily drivers as well in their driving.
Anuj Guglani @kartik @gaurav what say ?

The giant – Tata Hexa has arrived

30 Dec 2016 2 Comments Author: Gaurav Bhateja


If anyone is interested to try this machine, register yourself here:

 Heard this machine is better than Innova Crysta, XUV500, and few others in terms of ride, handling, safety measures, and also supposedly comes with air suspension.

Monica Ray Can it dethrone the Innova... Really tough ... Tata Motors has a long road ahead in Image Makeover, Dealers SOP's and establishing itself in the premium space... till now .. Indica sold due to absence of credible competition of a diesel car at the price point ..This is the real game! All the best to Tata Motors!
Kartik Gupta Wow.. Better than Innova Crysta?!?! That's a big claim!!! But lets see what Tata has in store for us! There has been a massive change in the way they are designing and manufacturing cars though. The quality of their cars has certainly gotten better with time. But it will be a delight to see an Indian OEM do well if the claim turns out to be true!!!

Why cant Girls drive Big Cars?

28 Dec 2016 3 Comments Author: Monica Ray


I m a bit mad on media, content writers and the society at large

A simple google search of best cars for women shows up results of only small dinky hatchbacks.

What does the male dominated society think? Girls cant drive or handle big machines!

I give out a clarion call to girls and femnists to admonish this belief of girls being second fiddle, weak Gender

Girls are no less and can have a lot of Fun with their machines


Anuj Guglani Girls are flying planes , maneuvering ships ... whats in a car ... come on ...even a computer can drive it ... LOL !!
Kartik Gupta Some examples of women who have brought major contributions and achieved great laurels in this industry are: Florence Lawrence, Charlotte Bridgwood, Denise McCluggage, Danica Patrick and Monisha Kaltenborn (Being an Indian and a big Formula 1 fan I had to mention her surely!)
Kartik Gupta I completely agree with you! Media and society have long neglected the role women have played in various industries, including the automotive industry. Women are now flying fighter jets, commercial liners and space shuttles let alone cars!!! There have been and still are women who have and are still bringing remarkable and landmark contribution to the automotive world!

The all new, revamped Maruti Suzuki Swift revealed today!!!

27 Dec 2016 9 Comments Author: Kartik Gupta


 The much-awaited new-gen Suzuki Swift (New Maruti Swift 2017 in India) has made its world debut in Japan.

In Japan, the hatchback will go on sale on 4th January, while it will come to India around mid-2017.

Suzuki's engineering division says that, first and foremost, it has made the car fun to drive. It also carries on to say that Suzuki has stressed on giving the new Swift some real personality.

New Maruti Swift 2017 Features:

– Large hexagonal grille
– Automatic LED headlamps
– Floating roof
– All-new wraparound taillamps
– Rear Wiper & Washer
– Halogen foglamps
– Rear foglamp
– Keyless entry
– Rear door handle towards the C-Pillar
– New steering wheel
– New HVAC controls with circular vents positioned in the center
– Two-pod instrument dials with a large MID
– Automatic climate control
– Touchscreen SmartPlay entertainment system
– Voice command & navigation system
– Contrasting trim on dashboard, door panels and floor


Monica Ray When is this launch expected ... I just might end up buying it!
Kartik Gupta Hahahahaha! XD
Anuj Guglani thats great ...reminds me of what my half jap friend used to call himself "Chaptee Naak" :)
Kartik Gupta @Anuj Guglani: The launch in India is expected somewhere mid of 2017. Though its up for sale in Japan from 4th January 2017.
Kartik Gupta Yes. It looks amazing. Keeping in mind the upcoming Ignis and the ICOTY 2017 winner Vitara Brezza I love the way Maruti has changed its design philosophy and got it to the Indian auto market.
Gaurav Bhateja looks awesome
Monica Ray Super! I wish to experience it right now!!
Anuj Guglani wow! Looks Awesome Man! When is the Launch ?

Vitara Brezza wins the Icoty!

27 Dec 2016 9 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


WOw! This is Great news!! Brezza wins the Icoty! 

A great vehicle truly deserved!!

Maruti Suzuki on Wednesday said its SUV Vitara Brezza sold nearly 83,000 units since its launch in March this year and won the "Indian Car of the Year 2017" award.

"Vitara Brezza has sold nearly 83,000 units since its launch in March 2016, making it one of India's top 10 selling models and propelling Maruti Suzuki to the leadership position in the utility vehicle space as well," the company said in a statement.

A consortium of 15 auto journalists declared Vitara Brezza the "Indian Car of the Year (ICOTY) 2017" among all the cars launched in 2016. It battled it out against the Hyundai Tucson and Toyota Innova Crysta.

  "Designed and developed by a team of Maruti Suzuki engineers, using Suzuki core technology, engine and platform, Vitara Brezza is heralded as an example of 'Create in India'," Kenichi Ayukawa, WAF Star 2014 & 2016 and Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Maruti Suzuki, was quoted as saying in the statement.

Rahil Kumar Wow that is the great news! and also buy car accessories online at
Kevin Evans Best Callahan brakes for Vitara
Kartik Gupta @Monica Ray: Indeed it has great look! There is still atleast a month waiting on this machine sadly!
Monica Ray If Looks Could Kill ..... Has the waiting reduced on this machine?
Kartik Gupta Also I love the concept of 'I-create' introduced by Maruti. Having the option of customizing the exterior styling of the car, and with so many options, is certainly a big selling point for Brezza within the Indian automotive market.
Kartik Gupta Incredible win for Maruti suzuki! Going against worthy opponents like Innova Crysta and Hyundai Tuscon, I must say its a big win!! This brings back Maruti back in the automotive competition, and with a segment (SUV) they previously struggled with.
Anuj Guglani Hey! Calling Kartik!
Anuj Guglani Hey! Calling Kartik!
Anuj Guglani Hey! Calling Kartik!

Car Market Post Demonitisation

26 Nov 2016 3 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


Would the Car Market Down Spiral ? For how long would the dip be there? 

Would it recover by Q1 FY 2017 when the GST Also begins to kick in?



Monica Ray Then Get Idea! :)
Ravi Varma No Idea
Anuj Guglani Let's see

Airbags abs and reverse sensors shud be std in all vehicles

01 Oct 2016 2 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


I believe these three features should be made part of common minimum program for safety in all. Vehicles 

Monica Ray Couldnt agree more on this!
Anuj Guglani absolutely! There cant be more precious than a life...Esp when these tech are more than 3 decades old .... they aint no radars or sensors of an autonomous car!

Driverless and autonomous cars

26 Sep 2016 2 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


Are they really Practical and safe for India ? 

Anuj Guglani Come 2017 and these features shall be made Mandatory!
Anuj Guglani We can begin with Driverless Metro trains for starts ... and then lets see...!!

Skoda Servicing cost!

04 Sep 2015 6 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


Does it drill a hole in your pocket?

Monica Ray No way! Skoda Rocks!
Anuj Guglani heard a BMW Sales guy trying to sell his car to an existing Skoda Owner ... COO shall be Lower for you sir! Ha hA!
Anuj Guglani In the Past probably true ... But not a sea change !
Roopchand Suman Skoda! Great...
Anuj Guglani hi!
Anuj Guglani oh yeah!

I simply love my Honda City!

12 Jul 2015 4 Comments


Honda City simply rocks!!

Canada Auto Experts Yeah
Manoj Bhosale ohhh Great!
Anuj Guglani Thats Great!
roopchand suman Hello world!!!

My Duster's Clutch makes

12 Jul 2015 9 Comments


I have been using the renault Duster last 1.5 years... Its great car but this choon choon sounds really bugs me .... plus the jets of the windshield wash remain perpetually clogged creating huge inconvenience and a safety issue on most of the Monsoon days.... what to do ...!

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Joseph Waugh abc [url=]abc[/url]
Monica Ray What's this Choon Choon Sound! LOL ...
Anuj Guglani Oh really ... must be temp ..
Anuj Guglani oh yeah! you bet!
Anuj Guglani Yes! The sound is unbearable!
Anuj Guglani oh! nice
Himanshu Sukhwani Hello there!!
Himanshu Sukhwani Wow so cool :)

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