Aadhar 2.0 - For Every Govt Property on the Road

26 Feb 2017 1 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani



Aadhar 2.0 - For Every Govt Property on the Road

Every Fixture on the road should have a simple unique code which is prominently displayed. Examples of Fixtures : Bus Stop, Every Street Light, traffic Signal, Road Sign

Two Benefits :

1. Each Code linked to a unique Geo Location Coordinates. In an emergency, just tell the code of the nearest Fixture to emergency Service vehicle and they can put it in their Hand Held device and simply Navigate. Precious time is not wasted in locating victim or Accident or hazard site 


2. It becomes like the Aadhar on the road, helps manage Govt assets better, effective utilisation of tax Payer's Money 


Road traffic safety :

1. Cycles should not come in black colour. Most Unsafe colour at Night ... Leads to Accidents ... Not Visible

2. Mandatory to have speed Breakers on either sides of road and Pedestrian Light with Zebra Crossing  outside each and every  school in the country 


We look forward to Honble PM' s response on these suggestions as in the grievance Registration no : PMOPG/E/2017/0110757
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dr neelu chhabra This can be a game changer