All New Honda Civic Launched! Is it worth the Wait ?

09 Mar 2019 1 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Honda Cards India has launched the #AllNewCivic today! 

Several Buyers, Honda Fans , enthusiasts, Experts had been waiting for it for a while now. 



First Generation Civic was launched in 1972 as a Sub Compact or Hatchback or 5 Door

Though Civic was not the First Production Car by Honda but surely the first model to win most hearts!


Brief History of the Legenday Honda Civic 



Presenting the 10th Gen Honda Civic 


 So now after the History and the Introductions lets get to sharing our first few experiences of the New Civic

So this is the 10th gen Civic. Honda skipped the 9th gen for India and 10th Intro gen. This one is the Refreshed 10th gen , so makes it the very latest across the globe!

India got 8th gen Civic which was first shown at the 2016 Auto Expo , launched thereafter and was there till 2012. It was surely futuristic for its time. The IP , criss cross wipers, the Digital speedo , the space craft styled dash were in a different league altogether!


Quick Notes by Motor Uncle :

Globally Latest Civic Model, Premium & Spacious Interiors, Coupe Like Styling, Catchy C Shaped Taillamps, No A/T in Diesel, No M/T  in Petrol, Great Mileage, Not as Peppy, Feature Loaded, Great Ride & Handling, Starting Price a Bit High, Overall Great Package


Lil more Details , just lil more :  

Ride :  So full marks for Ride and Handling but its not a Drivers car.  The CVT makes it a tad sluggish esp in the Hills but also gives great stress free driving and great mileage
Mileage  : its Class leading !  16.5 KMPL Petrol 
Aesthatics : Full Marks again for Looks & Styling ( can be polarised though ) , Great Interiors, Sporty feel , the Coupe style rear design, C shaped tail lamps - C for Civic! can also call it "Boomerang Taillamps"   Though we miss the double barrel exhaust from the 8th Gen. This one has the concealed exhaust, more a clean rear finish!
Engine :  1.8 litre iVTEC , Previous Civic Engine finetuned for greater Power . iVTEC ! And Yes 1.6 Litre DTEC is the new one for Civic @ India , but same as which powers the current CR-V.  Might seem peppier than CR-V , as Kerb Weight lesser by 300 Kg! 
Ground Clearance  : They have lifted up the 10th Gen Civic by 20 mm compared to global Spec Model as 8th Gen Civic use to love scrapping tarmacs on Breakers and pot holes! Special India Spec of 170 mm. After All, we matter!  :)
Space : Class Leading , Great comfort but tall guys at back might feel leave their hair gels on the Car roof esp with three guys on rear seat !
Boot Space : Least compared to all Rivals. it is 430 Litres only! It encourages you to carry Baggage probably ! 
Interesting Features :  Features like Lane Changing Camera Assist , Electronic Power Brake,  Hill Start Assist
For  Specs and Motor Uncle Rating , please click here :


So overall its a great machine to look at , to be in , Great Ride n Handling, Great Mileage, Great Pedigree. 
The only down side : Just a few features missing here and there and cud have been Peppier.

Rest its all Sorted my Boy ! Makes Civic Sense!

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Ketika ranjan This is really beautiful and I just loved the test ride of this car, it was very comfortable & handing was smooth. It is one of the most luxurious sedan in the market, I must say.

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