Audi CEO Rupert Stadler arrested in diesel emission case

18 Jun 2018 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


German authorities have taken Audi CEO Rupert Stadler into custody, making him the highest-profile arrest in the group’s diesel-cheating probes

Volkswagen AG diesel emissions cheating fiasco had the company in news for all the wrong reasons. It lead to dramatic exit for the VW chairman Winterkorn. 

Despite the company paying more than a USD 1 Billion in damages and compensations, here comes the  biggest move by the authorities. 

The Arrest of the Audi CEO Ruper Stadler. It surely sends out a powerful message, an exemplary reprimand of sorts , that wilful cheating and playing with environment and Health is unpardonable! 

Time to see how the Audi and VW companies, their dealers and consumers respond. Lets see how future unfolds and history gets made. It is surely an opporunity of a "La Harvard case Study" for VW and Audi to turn around the things for the better. Time to hit the mattresses and fight for  Win -Win ! 

dr neelu chhabra Rule of law should prevail...this is impacts entire society ...they should be dealt with strictly.. this step plays testimony..
Monica Ray These Fish are way too Big! They pay their way out through compensations and damages ! The control govts! They can get away despite that the air pollution is a Big KIller and they cheated on people through their device ... Painful ..

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