Can i use Xtra premium petrol for my car

23 Sep 2020 2 Comments Author: PRO ADITYA


Hi Motor Uncle  team,

I have  Fiat Linea 1.4 fire (i.e. it's not turbo charged) car 2017 model. 

As per car manual only unleaded petrol with minimum octane (RON) value 91 should be used. Given this can i use Xtra premium petrol from Indian Oil, is this petrol considered unleaded ?  I am confused because i have read somewhere that in Xtra premium petrol they add some additives so i am not sure if it is still considered "unleaded".

I am also not sure about octane value of Indian Oil's normal petrol vs Xtrpremium petrol (BS 4 petrol).

I will appreciate if you can guide me on above.  Thank you.

Monica Ray Go by owners Manual always ... ! it would be there ... every engine is different
MU MotorUncle Have you checked the Owner's Manual ? What does it say ? It would surely have a section on Ron and fuel with additives whether they are prescribed or not ... you should n;t go by any other person's advise except the owners manual ... as it becomes a legal issue .. if you go otherwise ...

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