Captur is on Duster Platform and priced Higher!

01 Oct 2017 2 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


The captur is undoubtedly very stylish, a head turner, loaded with features BUT...

The Captur , India gets is not the same model available in Europe!

The Captur India shall get is based on the same MO Platform which powers the Duster. Renault wishes to charge a premium for Captur.  

SO does this really matter....!!  ??

Would Captur be able to displace the Segement Leader Hyundai Creta ?

We shall get to know soon!!  Happy Diwali!

Motor Uncle Captur bombed .... Indian Customer is not a Fool , Ma'am... Yeh Public sab jaantee Hai ..
Monica Ray they would pull it off .... Who goes beyond the Skin ... Very few !!

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