Creta Vs Seltos Vs Harrier V Hector

15 Jul 2021 7 Comments


The Great SUV Confusion! Which one would you go for ?


Sufia Arsala The first thing I have to tell you author that I can't afford a car by the way but If my luck says anything on my behalf, I will purchase non of them because these cars did not contain an attractive shape, body, and color, but SEO Experts has a huge fan base and attraction among the people which proves that digital marketing is alive.
ben alastor I will go with the Harrier option
DrCars Cars I think go with Creta.
mark rogers The top end diesel seltos is close to 20 lakhs on-road. Instead of opting for the above option you can look at SUVs which can seat 7 people comfortably in the same price range. I would suggest you check out this
Nitar Nitar Great Look new style
Motor Uncle The new mid-spec SX Executive trim slots in between the third-from-base S and second-to-top SX in the Creta’s lineup. The SX Executive petrol is priced at Rs 13.18 lakh, while its diesel counterpart costs a lakh more. It is more cheaper than the SX trim by Rs 78,000. While it misses out on a touchscreen system, it gets a panoramic sunroof and cruise control.
radhika gulati Any reviews on the Creta Executive model?