Fiat - Are you really Shutting Shop at India ? You have been around for a while now!

01 Feb 2019 6 Comments Author: MU MotorUncle


While most Media vehicles publish this news story with a Sanju Style Question Mark, we go on a Nostalgic trip with the Fiat ..

Fiat cars have been around for a while now. They were amongst the first few to set up shop at India. In the Pre Maruti era, one had just two choices - Ambassador or Fiat  and then  Premier Padmini 

Fiat struggled for several years now in India. They seemed contented miliking their cash cow the most popular 1.3 L Multijet Diesel engine, which the company supplied to Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors. 

Unconfirmed reports say they plan to wind up as  their Cash cow wont meet BS6 Emission norms without significant investments. its major customers viz Maruti and Tata have already gone long distance in preparing their BS6 Powertrans inhouse to save money. The current line up of Fiat wont be compliant to the upcoming safety rules which kick in starting April 2019 and Oct 2019 ie the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program ( BNVSAP).  Fiat India finds it unviable to invest so much money to be 2019 ready. They feel they should focus on the Jeep Brand.

Fiat brand has been close to the hearts of most indians. A lot of us have grown with a Fiat or an Ambassador at Home.

Talking about The Premier Padmini. The Green arrow style indicators on either sides of the IP. The two red lights indicating Charging and Oil. The Deep Blue light Indicator at Top Centre of teh IP, for High Beam. the Steering mounted Gear Shift Lever. The Paddle style Accelerator. The bench front seats , later replaced by bucket ones. The Steel bumpers, the Smiling Moustache style PAL Logo .. all part of one's growing up  and still the Ubiquitous Mumbai Kaali Peeli!

Around 2001, Fiat did try to resurrect with the Palio. They roped in Sachin Tendulkar as "Ambassador for Fiat" ; Spent lot of money. Got Sachin a Ferrari too , the Contentious one.  Launched the Yellow Palio variant on his name, the  S10 edition. However ineffective strategies , lack of Focus from Head Office, Wrong Selection of Dealer Partners, lack of support to Dealer Network led to a grim situation where we now hear about their winding up. We still hope its not true! salutes the FIAT Brand. It shall always remain special to us. We dedicate a few pics from yesteryears and wish the team all the very best! And also please try if you can hold on for longer and take it as an opportunity to turn this around for good!


rohan Sharma it will be missed in India. infographics of motorcycles
Smith Clarkson FCA will be discontinuing the Fiat brand in India is that true ? 9AppsVidMate appVLC
Barry allen FCA will be discontinuing the Fiat brand in India shareit
Barry allen Fiat as a car manufacturer has failed. It's main reason is it's service and maintenance. It's expensive and it's service centers though are increasing now but still are less compared to it competition like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Tata etc. I asked the people from service stations the reason for such an expensive service they told me that that Fiat makes less money in sales of its car but tries to make and recover profits from spares and services. If they can control the prices and make it more affordable and easy to get they just might be able sustain in market also might increase their sales.
sam123 kent best car model i seen today
Ketika ranjan Thanks for posting this informative piece of content. I was not even knowing that the taxis I see here and there is a products from Fiat. Thanks Fiat for most of your impressive model.

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