Ford Endeavour that Weeps!

20 Dec 2019 6 Comments Author: Monica Ray


The Ford Endeavour that weeps! 

Its rain water entering the passenger cabin. This seems serious flaw here! Even a Tata Nano would not have this problem. 

This vehicle belongs to Mr Dharminder Pathania , Senior Corporate Officer at Delhi.  When he approached the Ford Workshop,  he just got their sympathies. They said even they are Puzzled ! 

Is this how Ford Dealership should treat their customer of most expensive product in the country.  Shouldnt they swing into action to solve the issue ??

Has Ford at India stopped taking care of its customers after their Mahindra JV ?

Hope the Customer gets some help. 





Smith Clarkson I have been inside all of these vehicles except Passat but driven only the Elantra but not enough. FORD : Fix or Repair Daily ?
jayaram bro Thankyou.
dr neelu chhabra FORD : Fix or Repair Daily ?
Motor Uncle A Moment of Truth for Ford India ... The Nation is Watching...
Anuj Guglani Batao Yaaron... Aise Kaise Chalega ... Billy Bhai Kucch Karo ! :)

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