General Motors India , What's Up Dude?

30 Jan 2017 4 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


General Motors India or GMI, as how the company started its operations after the JV with HM was brought to end ... Its been more than 2 decades...... Some great Products,  Some great People, Some great Product Failures, Controversies.... The Company has fought and survived it all ... 

 However .... last few years ... It has chosen to just do the downward Spiral ... whether its Customer satisfaction, Sales, New and Exciting Products, Dealer Experience... and of course most important consequence Profitibility ..... As per Jan 17, 2017 report, the losses are 4 times it's Net Worth.

So what's the road Ahead for GM India? Can GM Corp afford to close the operations in an emerging economy like India? It's ramifications shall be felt even at Detroit as shareholders shall question the competency of not just Indian but Global Corner office as well of GM. 

It can be the greatest Challenge and also the finest Opporunity ... Something what gets taught at Harvard or Stanford Biz Schools!

May the Best come out!

Anuj Guglani Great Mistake - GM ... Leaving India ... Janta maaf nahin karegee... Such knee Jerk decisions coming from Detroit Boardrooms ... Sad ...
Kartik Gupta I find GM almost invisible now! They are having a real hard time in the Indian auto market currently. I loved Beat and Cruze. But with better products offered by other OEMs, gone are the days of these cars as well. Hope they can make a turn around!
Monica Ray One of the longest running Auto maker of all times...the Big Daddy of Detroit .. The creator of Epic Brands like the Chevy , Cadillac , Buick and Products like Corvette, Camaro ... Has to struggle ...Especially when they were the early movers and had great run up compared to other car makers... Wishing you all the best Dude...for a great Turnaround!