HUD on my windshield

30 Dec 2016 10 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


In the era of several distractions and 75% of accidents happening due to driver error and Driverless cars still a bit away ... Why can't we have more Inclusion and acceptance of HUD 

Just the way the naughtiest Brat in the class is made the class monitor... Tine to actively engage the navigation, phone , music system on HUD ..

 So that atleast the driver has Head Up ... No matter what ! 

janice sharp This is really a great post thanks for sharing.
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Kartik Gupta @Guragam Singh: Thats a very good point you raised!!! See the HUD system was 1st introduced to the fighter aircrafts before the commercial liners. A fighter aircraft pilot uses a HUD system much more than a commercial liner, and that too during dogfights. During this time a lot of inputs are required by the pilots, who are under a lot of stress. That is how the HUD helps, by providing information in the line of sight of pilot rather than taking any inputs. HUD is all about giving information in a better manner rather than taking in inputs. That is why I said that it might help in reducing the stress of the drivers. Navigation systems are visual outputs to the drivers, but none see them as a distraction I suppose. Infact incorporating a navigation system to a HUD will only help the driver as they are generally located a little below the line of sight of the drivers in present day cars. Also I agree, that adopting a technology from one industry to other might not always be successful, but there have been many examples where they have been successfully incorporated. For example: The conveyer belt system adopted by Henry ford, which gave us the 1st mass produced cars (Ford - Model T). But I guess this a very relative topic. Some driver might like it, some might not. But as a driver I would love to have this system in my car.
Guragam Singh While this does seem like a nice concept and is aesthetically alluring, the fact that it's been successfully used at 36,000 ft. is no guarantee of a repeat performance on the ground, where prevailing conditions are radically different. Up in the sky, under normal conditions, there are no obstacles that try to dislodge you from your chosen path, a stark contrast to road conditions where something or the other keeps competing with you for the same road space. Do we really want to add audio-visual pings in the car cabin to the growing list of distractions one faces while driving?
Jay Guglani it's a great feature but at what cost. .. Yes we should begin it's I lntroduction so that it travels from novelty to hygiene and prices drop ...and yes like most disruptive tech ... this too comes from the defence forces...
Monica Ray would love to have it on my car screen ... Hey! Didnt Google try it on goggles too .. but they last I heard ... they shelved that project!
Anuj Guglani Wow! Well said Kartik
Kartik Gupta Heads Up Display (HUD) has been in use in the Aerospace/Aeronautics Industry for a long time now, and it has revolutionized the way pilots fly now. It has showed less stress on pilots as compared to earlier. So I bet its definitely gonna be a hit in the automobile industry as well. Also its being introduced to Formula 1 in the upcoming season!!! Now if Formula 1 engineers find that its a help to Formula 1 drivers at such high speeds, I believe its gonna help the daily drivers as well in their driving.
Anuj Guglani @kartik @gaurav what say ?