All New Hyundai Creta 2020 Teaser

02 Feb 2020 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle



The Hyundai Creta has been the undisputed champion of the compact SUV segment last several years. A car, an SUV which enjoyed  a waitlist , a zero discount dream run till as recent as last year.  A product the country aspires to buy, own and drive. 

A proud parent could be heard sharing with his friends and relatives, 'My daughter has bought a Creta'. A symbol of success and having arrived in life. 

Hyundai India also pitched it as the "Perfect SUV"  which it surely was till the competition caught up, spoiling the consumers with choices like Tata Harrier, Kia Seltos , MG Hector, Jeep Compass, Nissan KIcks etc

Now the leader gets a new avtar. The All New Creta is all set to be unveiled at the Auto Expo 2020. Bigger, better, More Modern, Upbeat , shedding its lines, cues & interiors which once modern, look a bit dated now.

The most important question : "Would the all new Creta regain its Pole Position in the compact SUV Market of India ? That too despite so many choices now? 

Well, time shall surely tell. The Auto Expo 2020 shall surely be the Litmus Test.  The 'SRK Charm' shall surely exacerbate the magic! 

Do check out the teaser released by the company yesterday ...

A few vital Details of the All New Creta : 


Based on the iX25 Platform. It was unveiled at China last year. It is based on the latest Hyundai Design Philosophy Sensuous Sportiness. The DRL's , LEDs all latest features with bells and whistles expected. Looks like the elder sibling of Hyundai Venue. 

Interiors too upgraded and comes with Tesla lke 10.4 " touchscreen 

The Powertrain is expected to be shared with the Kia Seltos epsecially the 1.4 L Petrol ones. 

All shall be clear and right there at the #autoexpo2020 ! 

Birdie Mae John Nice car,,, We also think about Creta as an Hybrid car . Is it possible?
Anuj Guglani Awesome! Looking Forward !! Yay!

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