Hyundai India Customer Education Series

03 Mar 2020 5 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Hyundai | Fuel Saving Tips

Committed to serve you better, Hyundai presents easy to do Service Tips. Here the ‘Fuel saving’ tips are derived after test conditions with Normal and abnormal driving patterns. By following simple driving tips which will increase the Fuel efficiency and also provides a Better driving condition. This also helps to gain certain amount of money and also save the environment for the future.



Hyundai | Smart Key Usage

Hyundai cars that are equipped with Keyless Entry and Push Button Start feature has been engineered into offering our customers the utmost level of comfort and convenience. To know more about this feature for instance the Smart Key is posing to be a challenge (like smart key battery discharge), you can still unlock and start the vehicle. Follow this video to find out how. #RightHereRightCare


Hyundai | Service Tips | Windshield Defogging

Here are simple tips to ensure clear visibility while driving with the windshield defogging feature. This is important during monsoon and winter season. Safe driving is happy driving! #RightHereRightCare


Hyundai | How to Operate Cruise Control

Some Hyundai vehicles are equipped with Cruise Control feature for your convenience. Watch this video to see how it works. #RightHereRightCare


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