India needs to grow its auto eco system responsibly with Safety as a Prime Enabler!

19 Apr 2018 2 Comments Author: CITIZENS FOR BETTER INDIA


We need more and more cars for the masses which are safe, sturdy and have low cost of Ownership ...all cars right from entry level should have basic safety features like Air bags , ABS, reversing Sensors, good Strong built ...

We are already the 4th Largest auto market in the world ... we need to grow more responsibly ... 

Policy Makers, Auto co's, dealers, suppliers, Citizens all need to work on it together

The Consumers need to demand Best Cars without any compromise 

We need to reduce the Road Fatalities. We need safety in vehicles, safety on roads. Safety needs to be a way of life! Losing 1.5 L people in road Accidents every year. That amounts to :

  1. One Death Every 4 minutes, 
  2. 20 children under the age of 14 die every day due to road crashes in in the country.
  3. 377 people die every day, equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every day.

This needs to Stop! Lets harness tech for this! 

Car Meets Cloud

Connected Vehicles tech should be harnessed. Majority reasons of Accidents like Over loading, Over speeding, Drunken Driving, dangerous Driving, Lack of Servicing of Vehicles, Spurious spares can trigger alerts, from the Car Computer and notifications, sms can be sent to the Driver/ owner, their kin, govt Call center, Insurance companies, Car Service center for corrective action. 

Insurance premium, traffic Challans can all be controlled. Even Excessive emissions can be controlled the same way. 

We invite responsible members of the Auto Industry to come together and run trials with govt Agencies, Tech Co's. Pass Laws around it. If Ola, Uber can do it, why cant the people of India, govt  ,Auto Industry and spirited Citizens ?

Lets turn around our biggest weakness into our biggest Strengh! Yes we can do it!

Jai Hind 

dr neelu chhabra Let's action this ... Need of the hour ..
Anuj Guglani Idea is good ... need more elaboration with the stake holders ... can be surely initiated Wishes

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