Is Honda going the Audi Way ?

25 Mar 2019 1 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Hey People at MU Forum!

Is it just me or even you have noticed ?

Most Hondas now look so so much alike. Yes! A family does look a like. Its the same lineage, genes

But a person buying a car worth Rs 36L  might not want striking similarity with cars of the same brand which come for half or 1/4 the price

A similar reason why Audi A8 didnt sell much. A reason why New E Class has started selling a lot more , due to striking resemblance in size, shape, design to the eder sibing S Class

Past gen Honda cars City, Civic, Accord used to have a common Design theme and at the same time distinct design cues to justify the price premium ... but now its gradually fading away 

Similarly when the cars  go for service, they end up at the same service station too! One Argument can be that Nowdays its mostly Pick & Drop. Owners seldom go to the service station. At the same , time most car lovers end up actually visitng the service station. The Car Makers are well aware of this and try to engage them  when they are on Premises!

So Would honda try to  go the NEXA Way or the viability act as a hindrance! If not now, probably in future

However the Striking resemblance in Design can act as a spoiler and affect the Brand's Aerodynamics ! ;) 

Whare are your thoughts on this ?

Would love to knw 

Anuj Guglani hmmm ... Interesting Perspective! Must Say !

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