Maruti - Master of lightweight technology

07 Jan 2017 4 Comments Author: Gaurav Bhateja


It seems maruti has mastered the art of lightweight technology. With paper like metal sheets they seems to show no concerns on passengers safety.

Majority of indian buyers are obsessed with Maruti name and generally ignore safety aspects.

Volkswagen and Skoda though costly to buy and maintain but its good to see that they do not compromise on safety front.

Kartik Gupta Oh wow! thanks for such a wonderful insight! @dr neelu
dr neelu chhabra It's not that the car body has to be super rigid or strong all across. . there has to be a combination of soft and hard steels. . Crumple zones and rigid passenger cabin. . So if we take the case of tata indica ... the body is rigid ..and the Fender is soft metal to absorb the impact which is equally important if not more ... the absence of this combination of soft and hard metals actually made cars like ambassador which looked superb safe and sturdy., actually unsafe..
Kartik Gupta I have the same problem with my Hyundai Verna... though they provide airbags for safety, but still the metal body of the car is comparatively weaker. A simple nudge from another vehicle creates such a deep and big dent. Where as my friend's Polo is so rugged in design. I guess all Japanese and Korean companies prefer using lightweight tech. and provide more airbags. Where as the European and Americans prefer the other way round. But no matter what way they choose the safety of the driver and the passengers should be the foremost priority for every company!
Monica Ray Majority people in our country are generally and consciously ignorant to Safety and Environment...Only Govt rules and compliances can reign these things... which sadly get excessively influenced by Car Makers and their powerful lobbies... after around 8% of GDP comes from Auto and around 20 million jobs...

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