My Duster's Clutch makes

12 Jul 2015 8 Comments


I have been using the renault Duster last 1.5 years... Its great car but this choon choon sounds really bugs me .... plus the jets of the windshield wash remain perpetually clogged creating huge inconvenience and a safety issue on most of the Monsoon days.... what to do ...!

Joseph Waugh abc [url=]abc[/url]
Monica Ray What's this Choon Choon Sound! LOL ...
Anuj Guglani Oh really ... must be temp ..
Anuj Guglani oh yeah! you bet!
Anuj Guglani Yes! The sound is unbearable!
Anuj Guglani oh! nice
Himanshu Sukhwani Hello there!!
Himanshu Sukhwani Wow so cool :)

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