Should you buy a used Hyundai Verna 2011

12 Oct 2020 5 Comments Author: indian auto


Is a second-hand Hyundai Verna 2011 worth buying? I'm considering one. Please reply with your explanation. Thanks.

Edward Wilson It is one of the best selling car of that time. So, its depend on the car condition.
Monica Ray other cos like Hyundai , Renault ... have a lot invested in India , they employ a lot of people , they pay taxes .. and if you are so Hellbent on Maruti ... why don't you delete all other cars from your site ... ? I guess your reaction would again be "Nah" lol ....
Monica Ray Indian Auto ... you ask a question and then answer it yourself ... then why ask at the first place ... If you support Maruti the domestic brand ... Good thought ... but in Maruti, the majority stake is of Suzuki Japan ( 56.37% )
indian auto Nah, I recommend buying a used Maruti Suzuki instead. If you live near Mumbai, you can buy a used Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire at the same price range. Maruti is a strong brand name that produces and sells great and reliable cars. Support the domestic brand will you?
Anuj Guglani Yes .. but only if its Petrol ... just check the condition , service history , tyres ...

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