So why did the Renault Captur Bomb despite being a great product ?

17 Apr 2018 4 Comments Author: Monica Ray



Was it overconfidence of Renault ?  They had just delivered a uber successful Product like the Kwid.  No Normal Success it was... Something what Harvard Biz School Case Studies are made of ...

It seems the reasons of Success of Kwid got turned around to work against the Captur. 

What worked for Kwid :

1. Great SUV LIke Styling in a Entry LEvel hatchback

2. Unbelievable starting price lower than Maruti Suzuki vehicles 

3. Good Localisation 

4. Superlative Marketing Blitzkrieg

What didnt work for Captur : 

1. Great Styling but looks like a swollen up Kwid. So lost out on the differntiator bit 

2. Now despite striking resemblance with Kwid, it has a price tag, even higher than Duster

3. Indian Customer no fool, they research online and get to know Captur is on same platform as Duster. 

SO why would the Customer pay more than the Duster, for a car made on the same platform and which actually looks like the Entry Level Hatch ie the Kwid ... ! 

I know Captur has some class leading features and gadgets. I know Captur is the NExt Gen Vehicle ... but mere doston jo dikhta hai .... wo Bikhta hai ! 

See for yourself, Kwid and Captur look like Sisters.  The same reason why Audi A8 does miniscule numbers. The Siblings curse I guess... One Has to be Salman and the other Sohail. 

 A Premium customer paying a higher price wants a clear differentiator

Source : MU Ratings

 Captur :

Kwid  :


dr neelu chhabra Looks like overgrown Kwid ... They should have launched Kwid after capture ... Wud have worked win win
Gaurav Bhateja Quality of interior is far better in Creta ... even compact SUVs like wrv , nexon are far ahead as far as interior goes ... Renault has not done due diligence in getting that luxury feeling/ wow factor which is expected from Car of this class
Motor Uncle Well Nothing succeeds like Success and if something bombs the same hands which once applauded, now point fingers either succeed or learn .... Most imp thing here is that a car company keeps taking the learnings in real time and keeps moving forward! Even Abhishek Bachchan and Bobby Deol are planning come backs, so its ok! : ) Cheers from Motor Uncle
Anuj Guglani Not Bad ...On your Face kind of posts ... takes guts to write things like these..