Speed Date with Jaguar F Type

22 Jun 2017 0 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani



Seems surely closest to Moksh! 5 liter V8 600nm , 400 bhp+ ; a 1.5 G is what you feel in the plexes with your head buzzing for a while ...The crackling exhaust , One really loud Roaring Jag!

The Art of Performance Tour 2017-18 | Noida was yet another Successful Event organised by Jaguar India. Up Close & Personal with the Jaguar Dream Machines! Great Detailing like Expert Rally Drivers to guide and Help, Resident Doctor, Customised Videos for Guests, Trained & Helpful staff; Clean, Air Conditioned and 5 Star std Mobile Washrooms, Special focus on safety! Kudos to the #JaguarExperience


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