Tata Hexa becomes Highest Rated Car in its class at

10 Mar 2017 10 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


In such a short period since its launch, Tata Hexa has become the No 1 Rated Vehicle in its category at Motor Uncle

That means All India Experts and its actual users the initial ones give it the highest rating amongst the other vehicles  in its class.

Surprisingly it shows highest rating in two parameters which have actually been Achilles Heel for Tata Motors : Cost of Ownership and After Sales Experience!

Now thats really surprising! or is it Tata Motors Customers saying the Ford Punchline "Feels like Family for a Change"  :)

so what is really special about this vehicle apart from its ability to pull a Boeong 777   thanks to an overwhelming 400Nm torque? 

SO what the grapevine about the Hexa ?

Hexa Motor Uncle ratings are here :

All said and done Tata Motors is surely going through a metamorphosis ... Hexa and now Tamo Racemo!

Wish you all the best Tata Motors ..!!! way to Go!

alex nicolas j
Anuj Guglani all these plan hauling tactics dont work long time ... Tata needs to . fix dealers and fix its service experience .. Resale value, pride of ownership would follow too ..
Jay Guglani innova rocks any day beta
dr neelu chhabra So whats the verdict ? Is hexa better than Innova ?

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