The Hype, Hoopla & Hysteria behind "All New Creta"

14 May 2018 3 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Yes Creta has been the segment leader. 

One of the fastest and hottest selling Compact SUV's in the Country.  It has offered pride of ownership to several customers across the country, so much so that it even canabilised elder sister Santa Fe.  

Even on, it has enjoyed one of the highest aggregated rating from Expert and Actual Users.

The Hype & Hoopla of Facelift Model 

Old Creta

New Facelift Front 

Old Creta Rear 


New Creta Rear 

The Great Hysteria and Hype Car Co's make do Minor facelifts, calling it & branding it "All New Car" 

It cant get funnier than that. These are brilliant strategies to add steroids to the fatigued product and sagging sale. Yes, it could be an exception for the Creta, as it has done consistent no's in the market despite great competition from Tata Nexon and Jeep Compass from either ends of the Price Ladder.

As far as the "All New Car" trick is concerned, All Car Companies do it! The only difference being the extent of changes. However, if you try to see in the case of Facelifted Creta, its almost like a "Spot the Difference" Quiz :) 

Additionally, according to Industry sources, which could be unreliable, even the Engine specs remain more or less the same. There could be new transmissions though

Do we still call it the "All The Creta" 

There are pics floating on the internet which show spy shots of "Facelifted Creta" taken at a Dealer Stock yard, as the company prepares for the launch. Yes the Team Bhp Pics, which have been used by all Leading Car Sites and Magazines, of course after giving due credit. 

 Let's see how the hype, hysteria of the Facelift Model, unfold for this great product which has truly proven its mettle in the market. 

We wish Hyundai Motor India all the very best for the launch, last week of this month

 Cheers! Team


Jensen Pitt I like the new design more. You can read interesting articles about electronics here.
dr neelu chhabra Frankly very difficult to distinguish from the earlier gen Creta .. almost like spot the difference game ... And I flunked it ..
Anuj Guglani This SUV is so Good! it killed the Santa Fe! :)

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