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After the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the availability of steam engines became common, One could witness the rise of automobiles that proved to be much effective than horse-driven carts. Then, as technology progressed, the automobiles evolved to be more powerful, sleeker and even more awe-inspiring, catching the eyes of all humans.

But, one thing that remained common was that we always had to clean our rides as they tend to get dirty as we ride through mud and soil or whatever terrain that happens to be in our way. It just hurts to see our vehicles soiled in the mud. The traditional ways of washing included the use of foaming soaps and other similar emulsions that would act as the detergent to wash off the dirt. It made use of rubbing and buffing with clothes to take away the dirt.

Since water resources began to diminish we needed an alternative. Our unique “waterless car wash”  like the term suggests, requires no water to wash. It makes use of a spray that frees the dirt from the body of the car. All it needs is a gentle swipe using any cloth, to give back your car that pristine look. Rest assured, we are sure that you would be amazed by the quality of our Carwash that not only saves water but drastically reduces the time needed to do so.

 You will get back the clean and spotless car you’ve always been waiting for. Who doesn’t want their car to shine like a new one? Undoubtedly we are the best car washers in town. How? Our clients say so.

And did we mention,  it's convenient too? It sure is! Unlike normal water washes, it takes no less than 25 minutes to clean your car inside out. And our added advantage that we can clean interiors reduces the interior odor as well.

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Save the Environment. Go waterless when it comes to Carwashes too.

Yasmark is the best



jesus javier
Bob Flexner Very interesting technology. I also recommend to see a review of the best paint sprayer
ds f At the front, it gets a shine dark grille supplemented by dark ORVM covers. From the side, the 16-iSkoda Rapid Monte Carlo nch double tone composite wheels get polished dark jolt covers while the B-columns get a dark embellishment with a 'MONTE CARLO' banner identification. At the back, the vehicle includes a dark rear end spoiler and the dark grained diffuser also. A dark rooftop foil finishes the look.
naman garg Hey, I have a couple complete and total newbie questions. I've read that automatic car washes can harm my car's finish, but I don't have a driveway where I can wash it myself. So I'm looking for a solution to regularly keep the car clean. I just learned about waterless wash, but couldn't really find a lot of reliable info about it online. I was hoping you guys might be able to provide some answers to really basic questions. Are waterless car wash products a good solution? Can they be used as the primary (or perhaps even only) way to regularly wash a car? Or would I be better off going to one of those "wash your own car" places where they basically provide a sprayer and you bring all your own supplies? Are they safe or will they harm the clear coat or paint? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around how spraying a product on the car and wiping off dirt wouldn't scratch the car while a bit of dirt on the rags at commercial car wash will cause scratches and swirls. Do they really work? I don't really get mud caked on my car, but bug guts are pretty constant on the front. Any recommended brands? Aero seems to be highly rated and seems to just be a "spray and wipe" type product. Just browsing a few threads on here, I've also seen people mention ONR--but that seems to involve a regular wash without a rinse. Can someone please explain whether one of these methods is better than the other? Both Aero and ONR claim to wax the car. Does this replace actually waxing the car with a dedicated wax every 6-12 months? Or do you still wax the car even if you're regularly using the waterless wash/wax? Thanks!
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