Who would buy Cullinan, the Rolls Royce SUV ?

10 May 2018 6 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Rolls Royce today unveiled their upcoming SUV  - The Cullinan

It might be the best SUV performance wise, but frankly its a bit tough to  digest a SUV which looks like a Rolls Royce. Its like a Grand old Lady in a Mini Skirt ! Or a KungFu Attire 

Come on take a look! Doesnt it seem , the bottom has been suddenly sliced ! It shall take a while to digest the rear styling. 

We feel the Rolls belongs to the Sedan and Rolls is the Car of the tycoons and the Kings and the Maharajas!

An SUV styling somewhere dilutes it all .... WHAT SAY ?



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Viral Bantai Thanks For Sharing This Great Content Pubg Mobile Mod
Jensen Pitt It looks weird! You can find a lot of interesting information here.
dr neelu chhabra Great interiors ..
Anuj Guglani Market is unforgiving and fair at the same time ... Let the customer decide ... they arent many of them around anyways ... Yes ! It 's a bit to accept ... quite frankly ...
Monica Ray It looks weird! confusing .... they have made us so used to the grand Sedan ... Accepting this looks a challenge! Well I m neither an authority on this nor a customer .... ;)