Why cant Girls drive Big Cars?

28 Dec 2016 9 Comments Author: Monica Ray


I m a bit mad on media, content writers and the society at large

A simple google search of best cars for women shows up results of only small dinky hatchbacks.

What does the male dominated society think? Girls cant drive or handle big machines!

I give out a clarion call to girls and femnists to admonish this belief of girls being second fiddle, weak Gender

Girls are no less and can have a lot of Fun with their machines


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Anuj Guglani Girls are flying planes , maneuvering ships ... whats in a car ... come on ...even a computer can drive it ... LOL !!
Kartik Gupta Some examples of women who have brought major contributions and achieved great laurels in this industry are: Florence Lawrence, Charlotte Bridgwood, Denise McCluggage, Danica Patrick and Monisha Kaltenborn (Being an Indian and a big Formula 1 fan I had to mention her surely!)
Kartik Gupta I completely agree with you! Media and society have long neglected the role women have played in various industries, including the automotive industry. Women are now flying fighter jets, commercial liners and space shuttles let alone cars!!! There have been and still are women who have and are still bringing remarkable and landmark contribution to the automotive world!

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