Anti Scalp Wheels | Wheel bands | Rimpro-Tec

16 Dec 2021 3 Comments Author: RimPro Tec


The problem with many wheel designs is that the wheel spokes can easily catch on objects on the ground, such as rocks, curbs, and other debris, which can cause the wheel to become dislodged or even completely ripped off of the car. This is known as "scalping," and it's a major problem for drivers. Not only does it create a safety hazard, but it can also result in costly repairs.

Now there's a new solution to this age-old problem: Anti Scalp Wheels. These ingenious little devices are designed to fit over the wheel spokes and protect them from catching on any obstacles. They're made of durable rubber or plastic and come in a variety of colors to match your car's paint job.

Wheel bands are a great way to protect your investment and keep your car looking good. They're also very easy to install, and they can be used on any type of wheel, including standard steel wheels, alloy wheels, and even custom wheels. So if you're tired of worrying about your wheel spokes getting damaged, then Anti Scalp Wheels are the perfect solution for you. Order yours today!

Wheel guards are commonly found at local auto parts stores where they stock Anti Scalp wheels in many different sizes and colors to choose from. Anti-Scalps can also be purchased online through Amazon or other online retailers where you have the option of purchasing Anti Scalp wheel sets.
get more details about wheel bands at Rimpro-Tec

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1K km Trip Driving the Kia Carnival in the Himalayas

12 Dec 2021 3 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


by Anuj Guglani


It was last week October this year. Our ride to the hills was the Kia Carnival Limousine Model. I drove down myself. Took the family along. It’s a Road trip family still recollects with great joy and the Carnival played a big role in it.

However first impressions weren't that great. It seemed really Huge. I thought about how I would drive this monster. When I got in,  The Instrument Panel  & steering looked overloaded with controls and gadgets. They seemed distractive. I felt "Panga Le Liya Bhai".

This car may look huge and intimidating at first sight but it takes under 10 minutes to befriend you. It took that much more time to get a grip over the basic controls. Next 1 hour I was exploring the finer controls and operations. By the next day I was a Pro! at driving, controliing and riding in the Carnival! And that holds true for the entire family. You should have seen my 5 years old Kid remotely operate the sliding doors and the tailgate!



Driving this Huge Car 

Most people advised, take a driver and not self drive. Covid precautions and need for privacy helped make our mind faster for self drive.

After driving for 25 km or so, you get really comfortable with the car’s dimensions. Yes its huge, there's like an extra length back there but guess what ? Its Manageable due to the cameras, sensors and most importantly the design and great visibility. 

It was just 'ONCE' throughout the 1k km drive that I had to open the drivers door for a peak outside while reversing. 




The Carnival is exceptionally stable especially at high speeds. Though I hardly crossed 80 kmph speed as each time I crossed it, the Overspeed alert chime would come. It wasn't a buzzer but a gentle chime. Family would ask what that sound was. When I told them about it, I couldn't cross 80 kmph speed "EVEN ONCE" as a louder high speed alert would come from the family! 


Driving Experience 

The carnival has a great power on demand. It lunges forward like a tiger if you floor the pedal. Probably it took the tiger nose grill too seriously!  The kids used to love the sudden acceleration on the highways.

It was handy while overtaking long trucks and trailers. In fact this great power on demand made a few petrolheads take offence when they got overtaken suddenly and they mistook it as a challenge to race. But I was on a 80 kmph leash aka speed limiter due to family alert chime! 



Ride & Handling 

The ride is fantastic on a plain road. Despite the long dimensions, there isn't any roll or pitch. Infact till you look behind or in the RVM you don't really realise it's a long car.  

However when the road gets bad, the ride gets a bit bumpy. Also the ground clearance is a bit low so you really have to be soft on the bumps. 

Driving Experience 



Hold Feature 


It's an intelligent car. In the hills the feature I used the most was the “Hold” Feature. Whether I was on an accent or a descent, If I had the hold button pressed, I could lift my foot off the brake pedal and the car wouldn't move an inch. Extremely useful feature while maneuvering on sharp turns in the hills when you have to suddenly need to stop and go. It was a huge support especially when you needed to reverse on a sharp turn on a descent. 

The only thing is that you have to remember to engage the hold before you drive off as it resets to default “Off” each time you switch off the engine. 



Cruise Control  

Despite the steering full of controls, it doesn't take too long to learn to engage cruise control while driving without looking at the wheel. It worked seamlessly and helped reduce driving fatigue in the plains before we reached Himachal. 


Automatic in the Hills. Are you Serious ?  

AT was fine in the plains but the moment we began the ascent to the himalayas, it was getting confused. So I quickly switched it to manual and guess what, it worked better than a manual. It seemed manual had evolved! It was smooth to shift up and down. Mostly one had to shift between second and third gears in the manual mode and it was a breeze. 



This car treats you like a King when it comes to space. The second row  first class style captain seats have all the bells and whistles for lower back , neck , shin supports. The leg rest swings upon to make it a lazy boy still lounge seat. 

Even the third row has a lot of space. My younger kid had actually proclaimed and claimed the third row as his personal lil studio apartment! 


The Biggest USP is the huge boot space you get without folding the 3rd Row. The Incredible depth in the Boot allows atleast 5 suitcases to stand upright effortlessly. Yes the price one pays for it is "Low ground Clearance" But not once the underbody touched the road or probably I was extra careful!




As I mentioned this car is loaded with features to pamper you. The Inside air purifier with the PM 2.5 real time reading was really liked by everyone. The panoramic sun roof was a  treat while driving in the hills. It takes a while to get used to it! Initially one is taken aback where is all this light coming from!



The Exteriors

The Same exteriors which seemed big and unmanageable now felt stylish. The car has a great road presence. It's actually designed like a car. Most other of its rivals seem like vans. You can self drive the Carnival effortlessly. It's welcoming. 


It’s a Headturner. Even the Colony Guards fall for her! 

Heads were rolling within the first km of driving it. The Autorickshaw wala bhaiyas would try to overtake and catch a glimpse. Then when I took it for refueling and had just parked it for the Air , a couple of guys came and started marveling at it. They asked if they can pose with it and I said be my guest. They thanked and said thank you bhaiya, insta pe daalenge bahut likes ayenge! 

Even on the highway it was the centre of attraction. In Fact My wife and I had done a social experiment of sorts. We tried to enter Shantiniketan, a posh south delhi colony, from the gate where they only allow cars with RWA stickers. When the Carnival approached the boom barrier, the guard stood up, trying to frantically look for the rwa sticker and not finding it , just lifted the boom barrier, no questions asked and allowed us access that too with a salute! That’s the aura of the Carnival. 


Summing it up ! 

The Carnival is a treat to travel in. It's effortless to drive. You actually feel rejuvenated by driving it despite its huge size. It pampers you with space, comfort, luxury and good ambient lighting. 

Barring the bumpy ride on the Singhu border and low ground clearance, it's a Palace on 4 wheels!

Carnival is not a Vehicle, It's an experience, Period


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Can you hire best photographer in Dubai?

11 Dec 2021 1 Comments Author: John Muller


Yes, you can hire the best photographer in Dubai, all you need to do is hire Mystic Studio because the conveniences and the quality of work they provide make them be the best in the industry. Hence, if you are looking for the best photographer in Dubai, then look no further than Mystic Studio. They are the best at what they do with over a decade of experience and an unrivaled commitment to their clients by serving them with the latest equipment and facilities. But this is our opinion, what do you think about them? Let us know in the comments section.

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Why SEO is important for automobile websites

08 Dec 2021 0 Comments Author: Seattle New Media


Search engine optimization is the technique that helps many businesses to reach their potential users.  Planning and doing SEO for a website is not an easy task. But by planning a good SEO strategy helps businesses to drive more potential customers to their website. For a better SEO strategy, a business should optimize its website. So, a website that is optimized for SEO will have a fast, user-friendly, and robust website.  SEO not only helps to drive potential customers but also helps to increase brand awareness. Having a website that ranks in the top search engine ranking page will have better visibility and trust.  Having a professional website that is optimized for SEO is an asset for all businesses. But for small businesses, doing SEO for their website is a must thing. If you are a business owner you should use SEO to build strong trust, and brand awareness. It helps you to get more potential customers and it also helps you to win against your competitor.

Following are the advantages of having an SEO-friendly website.


Having a better SEO strategy and plan helps you to get high rankings on search engines. While ranking higher on search engines helps you to get more visibility and reliability. Being ranked higher is also a symbol of trust by search engines. So, it also helps to increase the trust of customers who are searching in search engines for a service or product. 


Drive MORE potential Customers

One of the main reasons for having a well-optimized website is to stand out from your competitors. Since winning over the competition helps you to grow your customer base. Businesses that have an SEO-optimized website drive more potential customers and help to grow the business twice as fast as businesses that do not have an SEO-friendly website.

SEO is undoubtedly the most efficient and reasonable marketing strategy that exists today. Because it will only bring in customers who are enthusiastically looking for your product or service!

Build Brand Awareness

One of the benefits of getting higher rankings on the search engine ranking pages is building brand awareness. When your websites appear on the first page of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your potential clients are more likely to trust your brand when they search for a specific term other than other brands or businesses that don’t have a strong website and web presence.

That is why small businesses that want to shape better brand awareness essentially invest in SEO and start gaining top rankings for the important keywords associated with their business.

Visibility and Search positions

When searching for a service or product online, users are more likely to select one of the top ten recommendations that the search engine displays to them. SEO bids you rank higher in search results and gather more prominence online, making potential clients click over to your website. 

Increase Web traffic

If potential clients can’t find your website, sales opportunities are being unexploited. SEO increases your organic search engine traffic, in turn increasing the number of visitors your page gets each day. This directly relates to an increase in sales – because the more appropriate people that see your site, the more likely you are to sell to them. 

Expand Conversion Rates

SEO makes it possible to monitor the website traffic and helps in cultivating your business. The top-secret behind a high conversion rate is producing a user-friendly, fast loadable, and simple and professional website.

Win against the competitor

Winning the competition, in the extended run, is the method to participate with the big businesses. If you seek the same, SEO Services in Seattle can pave the trail for you by generating an outstanding SEO plan for your business.

Used Car Warranty a must buy for second hand car buyers

15 Nov 2021 3 Comments Author: Shiva KUMAR


If you are planning to buy a used car in India then you might as well look into DrWheelz Used Car Warranty Package. Yes! now even used cars in India comes with warranty and hassle free periodic maintenance. You can buy a car in any as big as Delhi & comfortably claim the service or warranty even in a smaller city as remote as Dandeli. 

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, DrWheelz has its wings outspread in every plain, valley, and treacherous terrains, even the Himalayas with states like Sikkim in their pocket. The Company is now proud of its presence throughout India and while we don’t pray this for you, if you happen to be stuck anywhere with car troubles, give them a call at 7676-717-717. Their rescue promise is within 45 minutes, wherever you are stranded.

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How Practical is it to own and use an Electric Car ?

12 Nov 2021 0 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Arent they overpriced a bit ?

Isnt it impractical to charge them .. its so confusing lingo .. .fast charger ... slow charger ... DC charger .. portable charger

Is it true they arent much chargign stations outside metros and it takes 9 to 10 hours to charge using portable one ?

Special installations are needed in parking lots ... for chargers ...


then they are expensive too .. just imagine paying 13L for a Nexon EV 


What say guys ? Is it a bit early for E cars ?

It's Dhanteras Time!

02 Nov 2021 0 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


What are the cars India is buying today ?!!!

How to listen to online radio stations

18 Oct 2021 3 Comments Author: Charles Charles


The rise of online radio has become more popular. Online radio or web radio allows people all over the world to listen to the same music that they would hear on the air. They are similar to traditional radios, but they are accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection. This has allowed many people to get better service, with better customer service, and at a lower cost than they would have paid for a conventional radio. In this article, we'll take a look at what you need to know if you want to start listening online.

There are many types of online radio stations to choose from. Two of the most popular are terrestrial radio stations and web radio stations. If you are looking for a specific type of radio online, the first thing you will need to do is decide which category you want to fall into. There are several broad categories within each of Talk Radio, Local Radio, Christian Radio, Sports Sports Radio, Music Radio, and Travel. You'll want to know more about each one before you decide, so that you can narrow down your search for online radio stations that you like.

There are also different ways that you can listen to online radio stations. Some people listen to online radio on their computers while others simply download their online radio to their computer and listen to it wherever they go. There are also a number of listeners who subscribe to online radio stations through online syndication feeds or through listening programs. All of these options are very common and all of them provide a great way to listen to online radio.

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Which factors decide your car loan cost?

20 Sep 2021 0 Comments


The two factors on which the amount you will need to pay your car loan depends :

Interest: An interest rate or APR is applied to your loan amount based on your credit score. When you buy a car on finance, you will be required to pay the loan amount along with interest. If you have debt issues, a higher interest rate will be applied. This could make the car even more expensive.

Loan’s term: Another major factor on which the car loan cost depends is the loan’s term or length—the longer your loan term, the shorter your monthly instalments. And you will also end up paying more interest for a longer period.

Use our car finance calculator to find how much your car loan costs.

Buy Used Certified Cars in Bangalore

17 Sep 2021 0 Comments


Online Car Buying Selling can be a daunting task anywhere in India, but in Bangalore, things are getting more complicated. If you are in the market to buy Used Cars in Bangalore, you should take the time to Associate with Nursing do} analyze and see the market before making an investment.

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Used Car Lease Vs Buy ?

14 Sep 2021 0 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


One very popular question these days .... Should one Buy a used car or lease it ?

Is lease cheaper ? Does one get GST Benefit ? Can one save income tax too ?

Used cars loans are expensive and what is some maintenance issue comes up ?


So what would one choose ? Buy or Lease ?

Is it the Best time to buy cars ?

11 Aug 2021 4 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Shubham Thakur Yes it is the right time to buy a car just go through this blog. It will help you to find the best car for you. SUV Under 15 Lakh in India.
ben alastor I will go with the Harrier option
hashim khan thanks for giving such an useful information.

Why check car service history for buying a vehicle?

10 Aug 2021 2 Comments


The experts advised to check the car service history to evaluate the condition and value of the vehicle. Most importantly, it extends the lifespan of the car. 

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Creta Vs Seltos Vs Harrier V Hector

15 Jul 2021 8 Comments


The Great SUV Confusion! Which one would you go for ?


Maqsood Alam Nice. Software
rohat patel I thing Hyundai is better than other like a specification comparison between all of those.
ben alastor I will go with the Harrier option
DrCars Cars I think go with Creta.
mark rogers The top end diesel seltos is close to 20 lakhs on-road. Instead of opting for the above option you can look at SUVs which can seat 7 people comfortably in the same price range. I would suggest you check out this
Nitar Nitar Great Look new style
Motor Uncle The new mid-spec SX Executive trim slots in between the third-from-base S and second-to-top SX in the Creta’s lineup. The SX Executive petrol is priced at Rs 13.18 lakh, while its diesel counterpart costs a lakh more. It is more cheaper than the SX trim by Rs 78,000. While it misses out on a touchscreen system, it gets a panoramic sunroof and cruise control.
radhika gulati Any reviews on the Creta Executive model?

Used Car Maruti Suzuki SX4

22 Jun 2021 3 Comments Author: ANJAN GHOSH


I want to buy a car from my friend. Maruti Suzuki SX4 vxi (Petrol) 1 Lakh 3 Thousand KM Running. Life Time Tax Paid (2027). The car is in excellent condition. All service is done through the authorized service centre. The price is 2 Lakh, Is it a good deal? (From West Bengal)

Tamil V You can also try snaptik app on your car. This is the best method to download videos.
Maqsood Alam Gameloop
Motor Uncle Which year model is it ? Most important , also SX4 has discontinued so think about that too