Creta Vs Seltos Vs Harrier V Hector

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The Great SUV Confusion! Which one would you go for ?


ben alastor I will go with the Harrier option
DrCars Cars I think go with Creta.
mark rogers The top end diesel seltos is close to 20 lakhs on-road. Instead of opting for the above option you can look at SUVs which can seat 7 people comfortably in the same price range. I would suggest you check out this
Nitar Nitar Great Look new style
Motor Uncle The new mid-spec SX Executive trim slots in between the third-from-base S and second-to-top SX in the Creta’s lineup. The SX Executive petrol is priced at Rs 13.18 lakh, while its diesel counterpart costs a lakh more. It is more cheaper than the SX trim by Rs 78,000. While it misses out on a touchscreen system, it gets a panoramic sunroof and cruise control.
radhika gulati Any reviews on the Creta Executive model?

Used Car Maruti Suzuki SX4

22 Jun 2021 3 Comments Author: ANJAN GHOSH


I want to buy a car from my friend. Maruti Suzuki SX4 vxi (Petrol) 1 Lakh 3 Thousand KM Running. Life Time Tax Paid (2027). The car is in excellent condition. All service is done through the authorized service centre. The price is 2 Lakh, Is it a good deal? (From West Bengal)

Carlton flores its an old model so you need consider details !
Carlton flores its a great car, go for it, just check the conditions.
Motor Uncle Which year model is it ? Most important , also SX4 has discontinued so think about that too

From Where Buy All Your Truck Spare Parts?

21 Jun 2021 3 Comments


I'm Into Automotive Truck Spare Parts Business From Last Two Years And Get In Touch With So Many Truck Spare Parts Company But I Fing The Right From Me Now I'm Dealing With Best Truck Spare Parts Company In India Named As TRENDY - Truck Spare Parts, Tell Your's

Moiz Sheikh Tyre Quality is also Important would recommend you Magic Tyres , is a tyre commercial enterprise that gives you with brilliant tyres you may remember on. We are targeting supplying Dubai with low-priced tyres even as additionally bringing the final really well worth of your cash to the fore. In addition, we additionally offer greater offerings designed to offer you with the most performance and fee you may get on your cash
Rudra singh Ascenso tyres are best for truck.
Motor Uncle good ... Tell us your story ... Have truckers begun to buy parts online ?

Will ONE MOTO be the new entrant that the biggest motorcycle market in the world is waiting for ?

15 Jun 2021 1 Comments




One moto is a brand which was designed by the sustainabilists who understand the vehicles, the way we ride and the condition that we ride in. The magic is they try to fus all this knowledge into intelligence that's specific for us. It is a brand that majoely focuses on the joy of riding. One Moto is a brand of electric vehicles, designed and developed for inner-city commuters and the delivery community – launched in the UAE and UK. Whether you are a casual commuter or courier, our vehicles are designed for style, comfort, affordability to suit your lifestyle.

There are a few key factors that can draw a lot of indian customers and businesses who require deliverly vans and cars as they offer a lot of things such as 4kw brushless motor, 85km/hr top speed, 150km range on a single charge, inter changable 'slot-out battery', 50000km battery life, fast charging no serviving needed. The company also came with a devolopment called Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) with an accurate range prediction algorithm. So that we won’t run out of juice.


ONE MOTO was designed by a team of bikers who understand the vehicles. Looking at how well the urban cities in our country have started accepting Ev' s (biggest example of this is the success that 'TATA' is having currently with thier 'Nexon' Ev) 'One Moto' can have some massive growth potential in the indian market. Now India should get excited as ONE MOTO is coming to India trying to capture the biggest golbal market. 

May 23rd 2021, sees the signing of the dealership and distribution contract between ONE MOTO Technologies and CS Group for the aggressive expansion plan throughout India. The new dealership announcement will see the ONE MOTO the UAE/British brand of electric vehicles – with a presence in UK, UAE, Kenya and KSA – sweep throughout India, bringing change to the way we move products and people.

Adam Ridgway, CEO of ONE MOTO started the interview with “Collaboration is the key to bring meaningful change.”   Considering the shocking statistics surrounding air pollution – the greatest killer of humanity – many have been actively preaching about the long term affects of air pollution in cities and the respiratory affects it has on us all (reducing a lifespan of 6-7 years). Recently reported in The Times “Scientists confirm air pollution is twice as deadly as previously reported”. India is the largest motorcycle market globally, with 37 million vehicles on the road, with a growing demand for EVs, the timing is ideal for the launch and supporting the world leader’s ambition to positively impact climate change.

It also showcases the cost-savings that can be made for commuters and the commercial sector. “There’s more to the name ONE MOTO, they believe, they will be able to sustainably impact the way we commute, by efficiently swapping out parts, upgrading and recycling – enables owners to only ever need ONE MOTO, creating generational loyalty to the brand and products”. States Adam Ridgway, CEO, ONE MOTO Technologies.The multi-award winning, UAE based EV manufacturer has been in active discussions with CS Group aligning values and challenging the future for Indian mobility, joining other EV champions of Tesla, Hero and Mahindra.


With a super environment friendly motive and an amazing sense of what the world is in need for, One Moto stands and sounds super promising, the hype is only going to increase as it is going to enter the largest motorcycle market in the world, stiff competition will be a big barrier and with the undeniable fact that it takes ages for infrastructure to set up in India One Moto will enter the market with a big concern as most of the masses will start complaining about the ranges it will take a big hit in the urban cities where their products will be sold the most initially and how there are chances to get stuck in city traffic(as it will take many years to built charging stations around the city). As we all remember years ago there were electric scooters named Yo Bikes which were launched and had a very disappointing run in the indian market, not to compare One Moto with them but the truth of the situation is the fact that India is a supremly tough market to crack and considering the number of bike enthusiasts we have in our country it will be really hard to expect them to limit them to a top speed of 85km/hr, though this limit will actually help reduce a lot of accidents but we know very well how our bikers are and what their choices will be.




Talking about delivery bikes chances of them changing is highly unlikely as 150km is a very low range as these bikes are constantly moving throughout the day without any rest and expecting anyone to wait for the bike to charge to deliver the next order is jsut expecting a little too much. Though one thing that every single person will appreciate is the fact that their products need no serviving which will be a big boon in a country like ours where we try to save every single penny, but the question that really arises is that 'is it possible to own a bike in indian condition without servicing' ? we are talking about roads filled with pot holes and climate which changes drastically, it is highly uncanny to expect bikes to not require any servicing. One Moto can definitely bet on one thing for sure and that is their product line and its quality, the high end quality of their product gives them an edge over most of the products offered at the same price another big factor that will attract most of the consumer will be the value for money their products are going to offer. Excited, thrilled and waiting to see what a well thought out brand like One Moto can do in our market and looking forward to seeing the changes that they bring in this highly contested industry.       


MotorUncle researcher

Alvin Kuruvilla Shaji

Motor Uncle Wow! Exhilarating Designs ! Cant wait to welcome you to India 1

Best Car Wash Service in Bangalore

21 May 2021 0 Comments Author: Fixmycars Bangalore


We at Fixmycars Car Cleaning Services has a team of well trained & Professional car mechanic. Our friendly Car service team offer the best electrical, technical, and mechanical knowledge to ensure your car is reliable and efficient. We can also do car repair and service all aspects of your car including Brakes Clutches, Welding Engine, etc.



Best Mahindra Car Spare Parts Online in Bangalore

20 Apr 2021 1 Comments


Shift Auto Mobiles is one of the best platforms to buy Mahindra Genuine Spare Parts. We have knowledge about how to buying Mahindra parts better than buying it on local competitor service centres.

Not only Spare parts It helps us in the future if we need any replacement for the car parts you can completely look through Mahindra Genuine Parts in Bangalore aftermarket or genuine. Our website is also easy to use.

• 100% Factory Pricing.
• User-friendly & highly informative Mahindra Car Spare Parts Online.
• Easy return policy on any Mahindra parts.
• Hassle-free shopping.
• Trusted & Authorized Mahindra Spare Parts Dealer.
• Reasonable price & guaranteed.
• Best service at competitive pricings.


Motor Uncle Sounds Promising Team Shift ! So what;s your USP ?

Tempo Traveller in Delhi

17 Apr 2021 2 Comments Author: Hemant Kumar


I am Hemant Kumar from offering a Tempo Traveller at a reasonable price is 9 Seater Tempo Traveller, 12 Seater Tempo Traveller and more.

Booing Available of Tempo Traveller in Delhi

fischer christensen But there are still many things I wonder if it would be great if we could play drift hunters together, a fascinating game for us to relax together and discuss. What do you think about this?
Motor Uncle We see very less Tempo Travellers with double rear tyres .. whys that ? Arent they safer ? Is price the only deterrence ?

Battle of the best mid-size SUV's

14 Apr 2021 4 Comments Author: Alvin Shaji


Kia Seltos vs MG Hector vs TATA harrier vs Hyundai Creta


This is going to be an intense battle between the heavy light weight of the SUV segment. These cars are very similar and drastically different in many aspects, for example when we talk about similarities, the Creta and the Seltos share the same engine as well as the platform and the Hector and the Harrier also share their engines. When we talk about the difference, all these 4 vehicle look dramatically different inside out and that is what makes this battle super interesting. Now let’s start this comparison MotorUncle style.



Let’s talk about the Creta first, The design of the car is too out of the box and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It has a very Pronounced design and cannot be mistaken for any other car. Overall it is not a shabby looking car and it wont win my award for the best styling.


 Now lets talk about the Seltos, the tag line itself says ‘bad ass by design’ and it stands true to its words, the car looks classy, expensive and stylish. The GT line is the best looker in the Seltos range as the red inserts make the car look and feel sporty. The car is well proportioned and looks great from every angle but when standing against its competition it sure does look and seem super undersized.


Now lets talk about the MG hector, it is a very likeable design with a few very eye catching elements like the split headlamps and the led drls which turn into turn indicator etc. The car has a lot of good elements but somehow the car feels a little over done with a lot of badges in the rear and it seems a little too busy, the update has finally seen the Hector with  18 inch wheels which makes the cars side profile a lot better.


 We are now going to talk about the best looking car in this segment the TATA Harrier. It is without a doubt the best looking car at this price point. Whether it’s the imposing front with the split headlamps or the rear which actually looks like it’s a car which belongs to a luxury brand. Everything about this car speaks luxury, class, style and the road presence of this car is unmatched. This car has the ability to make people believe that you are looking at a car which belongs to a much higher segment. With its stunning looks and eye catching design the Harrier will be my pick for the best looking car in this segment.




The most spacious car in this segment is the MG Hector, the management of space is the best and it is the tallest and the longest car in this segment followed by the TATA Harrier which scores high on space being right behind the MG. It is the second biggest car in this segment but somehow looks slightly bigger from the outside as the Harrier is slightly wider which gives it a more dominating presence on the road. The Seltos though being the third biggest car has the least amount of space on the inside, even the beige interiors do not help much of it’s case, whereas the Creta being the smallest car in this segment offers a lot more space compared to the seltos.


Interiors of the MG Hector


Interiors of the TATA Harrier


 Interiors of the Hyundai Creta


Interiors of the Kia Seltos



AC Performance

All these 4 cars have fantastic AC performance with the Seltos and the Creta having  a slight edge as their cabins are considerably smaller compared to the other two, It takes lesser time to cool a smaller cabin but the Harrier does comes with an express cool function which helps the car release out hot air and cool the cabin super fast but on the negative side though it becomes too noisy inside the cabin.



The Harrier misses out on a Petrol engine which is a big bummer so as of now let us talk about the cars in this group which have a petrol engine. Starting with the hector it has a 1.4L turbo petrol engine which gives an ARAI claimed mileage of 13.96kmpl which is the least in this group of cars. Followed by the Seltos which give an ARAI claimed mileage of 16.1kmpl still slightly lower than its cousin the Creta which top the chart at an ARAI claimed 17kmpl which is the best in this segment for petrol cars. Talking about the diesel engines now, the Harrier is the least fuel economical car in this lot with an ARAI claimed mileage of 16.35 for the manual and 14.63 for the automatic. The Hector comes second last with a claimed mileage of 17.41kmpl. The Seltos stands second on the list with a claimed mileage of 21kmpl and its cousin the Creta still tops the chart for diesel powertrain with a claimed mileage efficiency of 21.5kmpl.


Driving experience


Let us start talking about this list with the least impressive car to drive in this lot the MG Hector, if you are planning to buy the Hector, the only engine which will give you a little bit of driving thrills will be the 170ps diesel engine. The petrol engine just lacks the required grunt and should be avoided at best. The diesel does catapult itself from 0 to 100 under 11 seconds but what does let it down is the super soft suspension and the super light steering which just kills the driving feels and makes the ride on the highway super bouncy. On the plus side though, low city speeds is more of the Hectors forte and it does very well in city condition as it absorbs most of the bumps and potholes because of the softly sprung suspension.



Now let’s talk about the Creta, the engine to pick will be the 1.4L turbo petrol engine with 140ps. The car has brilliant acceleration and is capable of reaching 100 in a mere 9.9 seconds which is the second fastest here. The mid rand is amazing and the car never feels out of breath. The only place where the Creta falls short is the handling department with a vague steering and a just about decent dynamics. It is by no means as bad as the hector, but it is not as good as the Seltos or the Harrier. Creta is best suited for the city as the suspension setup is on the softer side.



Now let’s talk about one of the best driving cars in this segment, the TATA Harrier, the only reason why the TATA is second in this list is because it is the 3rd fastest to reach a ton. Other than that, it’s the overall experience that you get behind the wheels which makes the driving feel so super special. The car is super stable on highway speeds, the faster you go the better it gets. The car seems unbreakable and can tackle any kinds of roads with a lot of confidence. The steering has good feel and feedback and the car feel super confident in the corners. The suspension is a boon in the pothole filled Indian roads and this car is undoubtedly the best in terms of overall driving experience.



Now the best car driving car in this segment, the Kia Seltos. It is a remarkable driving machine especially with the 1.4L turbo petrol engine. The car combined with a manual gearbox can sprint to a ton in 8.8 seconds which is the fastest in this segment by a long mile. The engine has got so much grunt and never lags power throughout the rev band. The car feels super confident on the corners and feels super stable on highway speeds. If it’s a super focused drivers car you are looking for, look no further, just go ahead and book a Kia Seltos and if it’s a diesel engine you are looking for, just go ahead and book the Tata Harrier.




Pick up                           

Like mentioned above with a supremely fast acceleration, the Kia Seltos leaves the rest of the pack standing still. Followed by the Creta with the same engine but misses out on a manual gearbox, it does comes with an IMT but still the Creta can’t be launched hard. Then comes the Harrier and then the Hector in at the last place.



When it comes to comfort there is no beating the Hector. With the biggest dimensions and the longest wheelbase, the Hector is huge in terms of space and comfort. The soft ride just adds to the overall comfort and in this pack of cars it is the most comfortable car. Followed by the Harrier with great space and comfort. The ride in city and in the highway is super plush and the car feels super steady even on bad patches of roads. Next up is the Hyundai Creta. With good rear seat space and comfort, the Creta just offers everything that a customer would want, its just that it is not class leading. The kia Seltos feels a little cramped and does not offer the level of space that any of the cars here can give. The rear seats are cramped and it is not a very comfortable car in and around the city.


TATA Harrier                                                                                                                 Hyundai Creta 



Kia Seltos                                                                                                                      MG Hector 


Features and accessories

This is a place where all the cars except the TATA Harrier are super close and competitive. The Harrier misses out on a lot of features like Ventilated seats, 360 degree parking camera, front parking sensors and a host of other features. It really lacks the feel that the other 3 cars offer on the inside. It even comes with the smallest infotainment screen compared to it’s competitors. Tata really has to pull its socks to match its competition. Talking about the Creta, it offers paddle shifters, electronic hand break which no other car in this pack offers. So on paper, the Creta is the most feature rich car in this lot followed by the Hector and then the Seltos.


Maintenance cost     

MG is a shocker in this department with only 6000 rupees yearly maintenance which makes It the cheapest car to own followed by the Harrier with 8000 rupees per year as the maintenance cost. Creta is not far behind with an yearly service cost of around 8300 rupees per year and its cousin the Seltos being plum last at around 9000 rupees per year. Point to keep in mind is that both Hyundai and Tata are much better in terms of part availability and service station availability around the country.


After sales service experience

Tata and Hyundai are miles ahead in terms of after sales service experience with Hyundai on top followed by the TATA. Both MG and KIA are new entrants in the market so they cannot compete with the well established top dogs. But they are picking up super fast with rapid opening of stores and service stations.


Overall quality                  

There is barely anything in the market which is as well built as the Tata at this price point. The way the door shuts, the quality of materials used, it feels like an unbreakable machine. Everything in the car feels like its build to last. The Kia isn’t far behind with the best cabin quality in this bunch and super solid built. Both the Hector and the Creta feel super light and not that strong when compared to the bunch of cars in this segment.

Resale value

Hyundai offers the best resale value without a doubt followed by the Kia and then the TATA and MG.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a big, super comfortable, spacious, feature loaded family car, go ahead and book the MG Hector. It offers good practicality, cheap maintenance cost and great presence on the road. It does most of the things right and is a good all rounded package. With an ex-showroom price of 19.05 lakhs for the top end diesel (MG Hector Sharp 2.0 Diesel Turbo MT Dual Tone) variant which would be my pick of the lot, the Hector offers a lot for its price and is great value.  



The Hyundai Creta is a true Jack of all traits but master of none. It does almost everything right, it drives well, has good space and comfort, offers the most features, resale value and comes with a host of variants to choose from. If you are looking for a complete bank for your buck and maximum value for every single penny you spend, go ahead and buy the Hyundai Creta and it is no doubt the safest pick out of the lot. At an ex-showroom price of 17.54 lakhs  for the top end petrol (SX (O) 1.4 Turbo 7 DCT Dual Tone) which will be my pick from the range, the creta is undeniable desirability.



Every time I talk about the TATA Harrier, there is a certain sense of pride that I get. It is not just a car, it is raw emotion and you can feel that every time you drive it. The car speaks pride, power and prestige. The car feels indestructible and feels like something which will last forever. Its got on of the best performance, ride quality and space and it does almost everything that a true enthusiast will love. I won’t be surprised if you pick the car just because of the way it looks, cause it is the best looking car in this lot, period. At an ex-showroom price of 20.46 lakhs for my pick the top end diesel automatic (Tata Harrier XZA Plus Dual Tone) Harrier is the most expensive car in this range, but what it does is what no other car in this lot can do and not to forget, it is the only car which has got true off-road credentials and is based on the much more expensive Land Rover platform.



Finally to the winner of this hard fought battle, the Kia Seltos. It is by all means the perfect city suv. It looks good, is feature loaded, offers the best cabin quality, offers the best performance, rides the best and is just an absolute joy to own, it really feel like a car above its segment, it barely does anything wrong, and is just such a complete car. Everything inside and outside the car is there for reason and it really shows why it can take down even the toughest of competition. If I were to put my money it will be the Kia Seltos. At an ex-showroom price of just 16.70 lakhs for my pick the top end petrol manual (Kia Seltos GTX Plus 1.4 Dual Tone) is the car this comes out on top today.


Alvin Kuruvilla Shaji


Carlton flores XUV700 is also a good option.
Carlton flores I would like to go with MG Hector.
Motor Uncle Wow! Great Piece !
Mohit Singh MG Hector is my favorite but Hyundai Creta is Good

Design Your Dream Car Contest!

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Top 3 Winning designs shall be sent to TOP CAR DESIGN STUDIOS and shared with GLOBAL AUTO INDUSTRY via WORLD AUTO FORUM!



Terms and Conditions apply.


Cars that Women like.

06 Apr 2021 0 Comments


Cars that Women like

Although not high, there is a good number of women who are into cars. A lot of women opt driving for an escape to all their tensions.More than two-thirds of the new cars sold each year are bought by women; 8 out of 10 purchasing decisions are heavily and directly influenced by women. What do women really want? Above all, a car they can trust. It's having a vehicle that they can depend on--that has the kind of style statement they want to make and very importantly is affordable to buy, is affordable to operate. Only the men can drive has become an outdated perspective of life now.


Here are a few cars that women in India like to drive:



  • Small Hatchbacks


    • Celerio AMT 
    • The first Maruti to come with an Automated Manual Transmission, was opted by many due to its driving ease. We all have a nostalgic connection with the brand ‘maruti’ as it is.
    • Renault Kwid
    • With an 800cc and a 1.0-litre engine option, the Renault Kwid has got an SUV-like styling which women find attractive. Also, it gets an AMT option. It comes in a variety of color options and looks amazing in all!



  • Hatchbacks


    • Maruti Suzuki Swift
    • Probably the most-loved hatchback in India, the Maruti Swift has forever remained a favourite among young women drivers. The new Swift comes with both petrol and diesel engine options. Stylish, sleek as well as comfortable to drive!


    • Volkswagen Polo
    • Those who like to feel a bit more premium would usually choose the Volkswagen Polo. Some ladies even go for the sporty Polo GT. Perfect for the Indian traffic!



  • Sedans


    • Honda City
    • The Honda City has always been a popular sedan among women. Since the very first Honda City came in India, the sedan became more of a status symbol to many.
    • Hyundai Verna
    • Women go after the Verna solely based on the looks. We can't complain as all the Verna generations have been good lookers. Perfect choice!



  • Compact SUV


    • Hyundai Creta
    • The Creta, like the Verna, is preferred by many women due to its looks. 
    • Renault Duster
    • When the Duster was first launched, everyone preferred the Nissan Terrano over it. However, the Renault Duster has gone through some cosmetic updates and is now a good-looking SUV.


  • SUV


    • Toyota Fortuner
    • The Fortuner, like the Innova, is really famous among lady drivers. Driving a Fortuner in the traffic is a sense of occasion for men, let alone the women community. 
    • Jeep Compass
    • The Jeep Compass is the most awarded SUV (technically still a compact SUV) as of now. Sales are pretty high and a good majority are preferred by women, thanks to the ‘JEEP' branding.


Images from Google.

Researcher @MotorUncle

The best car under 8 lakhs

04 Apr 2021 0 Comments


       Best cars under 8 lakhs 



The Indian market has changed massively over the past decade and this change has majorly brought a variety of cars to the customers to choose from. The customers have access to choose from a variety of different body types as there are a lot of cars which fall under a similar price bracket. Today we are going to find out the best cars under the budget of 8 lakhs. This list is going to include 

Let us start our list with hatchbacks.    

Hatchbacks are the best city commuters as they are small and you can easily go through the tightest of roads with ease. This segment has a whole bunch of cars that are well established family cars and at the same time are super efficient and easy on the pocket. 

The best car in my opinion in this segment is going to be the TATA Tiago, because it is simply the best all round package. It's got the looks, space inside the cabin, mileage, good drive, comfort, healthy dose of features and the best safety rating amongst the cars in this segment. The car has got a lot of pop colours to choose from which will definitely attract the youth, the car also offers a hassel free AMT grearbox which is a boon in city traffic and because it is a TATA, after sales service and spare part availability will be a big plus for you. But no car is perfect and the TATA Tiago has it's own flaws like the interior quality could have been slightly better. The boot size is small compared to it's rivals and rear visibility isn't the best. If all these things aren't a deal breaker for you, then the TATA Tiago is the car for you and with the prices starting from just 5.38 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi, you can better believe it gives you a lot of car for your money





The next car in this segment is going to be the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. The major reason why this car still finds itself at the  top door of this segemnt even after 15 odd years, is becauee of the realibility and ease of ownership that maruti suzuki offers. But that does not mean that the Wagon R does not make a case for itself as one of the best cars in it's segment. It has the most spacious cabin and the best headroom in it's segment, it gets a lot of features for the price that you pay, you get the option of buying it with the  83 horepower swift's engine, it has the option of an AMT gearbox, and if you buy the CNG varient, the company claims a mielage of over 30 km per kg. On the negative side though, the looks aren't everyone's cup of tea, it has gotten pricier over the older generation, could do better with better driving dynamics, has excessive bodyroll because of the tallboy design. It still makes it's case as a safe reliable purchase.    






Now let us talk about the premium hatchback segment

Keeping in mind our price bracket, most of the premium hatchbacks have gotten super expensive over the years, like the top model of the all new hyundai i20 will cost you over 12 lakhs and in my personal opinion you should never compromise by buying the base varient of a car. 

The first car that I would pick with the given price range will be the Maruti Suzuki  Baleno. Now a lot of you might think that it is an older car compared to the new Swift which is a fresher launch but what we should keep in mind is that the baleno is bigger, wider and a lot more premium compared to the Swift. Talking about the car itself, it offers the most space out of any car in this segment, it comes with a healthy dose of features, it has got one of the best driving dynamics in this segment combined with a peppy motor and it definitely looks the part. On the down side though it has got a stiff low speed ride, fit and finish is not the best in the segment and the company should bring back the turbo engine like it's rivals offer today.





The second pick in this segment is definitely going to be the TATA Altros. It is the best looking car in the segment without a doubt and it is the safest car with a 5  star G-ncap safety rating. The car is absolutely gorgeous to look at and offers great practicality, mileage, cabin space and a lot of features for the price, the car goes one up on the Baleno with connected car tech. Now let us talk about the flaws with the TATA Altros, petrol engine could do with a bit more punch, needs less suspension noise, pricing could have been a bit more competitive.   





Now let us talk about the compact sedans or hatchback's with a boot that offers a bit more space on the inside.  

The best pick for me in this segemt will be the Honda Amaze, it is by far the most  spaceious car in this segment and at the price point. Not taking away the fact that it is a Honda car and the promise that badge comes with, it also gives ease of driving with the CVT gearbox, it has got fuel efficient engines which offers decent performance, the engine is barely audible inside the cabin. Now talking about the negatives related to the car. The petrol engine could do with a bit more punch, the CVT gearbox is not offered with the top end varient and the interior fit and finish could be slightly better.





The second pick in this segment is going to be the very desirable Maruti Suzuki Dzire. The car stands true to it's name and is massively desirable for all the right  reasons. It looks amazing, it is great on comfort, gets a peppy engine, offers a good dose of features and is a very reliable car and offers great aftersales service. Now let us talk about a few negatives about the car. It has stopped offering the very efficient diesel engine, the AMT gearbox is a bit jerky, base varient misses out of a lot of features for its price.





Now let us talk about the current favourite segment in the market the compact suv's

This segemt has over 10 cars but because we are on a budget here the options are limited to only 1 car, but on the plus side this car is one of the best cars in this highly conpetitive segment.


My pick would be the all new sensational Nissan Magnite, This car needs no  introducation as it created a massive hype for itself for all the right reasons when it was launched, the car already has a booking period of over 3 months which can be a bummer but its the complete car that you get for the price. It looks absolutely stunning, it gets features like a 360 degree parking camera which just goes to show how much efforts Nissan has put into its make or break product. The car is supremly spaceious offers great boot space, long list of features and a very likeable turbo petrol engine.This car has the segment leading 205mm ground clearence which is a boon for our pothole filled roads. The car is also offered with a CVT gearbox and what is astonishing is the price at which this car starts. At a starting price of only 6.47 lakhs the Nissan Magnite is the most value for money car that you can buy in the country today. No car is perfect and the Nissan Magnite also comes with it's own fair share of flaws starting with the poor aftersales service and lack of service stations in the country, though Nissan has promised the opening of a lot of service station in the coming years, as of now it still remains as a flaw, high speed stability could have been better, cabin quality not on power with cars like the Kia Sonet and Hyundai Venue (They are a whole 2 lakh rupees more expensive to be fair to the Magnite). With these minor flaws which can easily be forgotten, the Nissan Magnite offers and makes for a great value promosition and will be my ultimate pick in the sub 8 lakh rupee cars.        




By - Researcher @MotorUncle 

Alvin Kuruvilla Shaji 







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Anuj Guglani Absolutely ! The Kids who grew up in the late 90's hold a special aspirational value for the "Safari" Brand and they are they ones who shall buy it now with their own money ... Its a Masterstroke by Tata Motors ... could nt have timed better !

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Anuj Guglani Really Proud of the Team at ... earning respect of seniors and stalwarts like Prof MP Gupta ... Kudos Team MU ... You simply Rock!