This Delhi Boy simply loves His Nissan Kicks SUV!

26 Jan 2020 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Meet Piyush Maggu from Vasant Vihar, New Delhi who simply loves his Nissan Kicks

He evaluated several cars from Creta, Harrier, Seltos to Hector.  His Heart came on the Nissan Kicks. 

He finds it value for money and in his own words gives him the "Kick"

He also finds it very spacious and even the Nissan Service he rates as "Excellent"

Nissan Kicks Report card at Motor Uncle 

See the Video to know more..

VTK Jeep Thankyou Piyush for the extensive research you made to bring such wonderful information for the viewers.You have made it simple enough even for newbies like me. My knowledge of the automobile sector and to be specific about Nissan has improved tenfold after I viewed your video. I recommend this video to those who plan to buy the new Nissan Kicks SUV.check this out
Anuj Guglani this was super fun!

Ford Endeavour that Weeps!

20 Dec 2019 6 Comments Author: Monica Ray


The Ford Endeavour that weeps! 

Its rain water entering the passenger cabin. This seems serious flaw here! Even a Tata Nano would not have this problem. 

This vehicle belongs to Mr Dharminder Pathania , Senior Corporate Officer at Delhi.  When he approached the Ford Workshop,  he just got their sympathies. They said even they are Puzzled ! 

Is this how Ford Dealership should treat their customer of most expensive product in the country.  Shouldnt they swing into action to solve the issue ??

Has Ford at India stopped taking care of its customers after their Mahindra JV ?

Hope the Customer gets some help. 





Smith Clarkson I have been inside all of these vehicles except Passat but driven only the Elantra but not enough. FORD : Fix or Repair Daily ?
jayaram bro Thankyou.
dr neelu chhabra FORD : Fix or Repair Daily ?
Motor Uncle A Moment of Truth for Ford India ... The Nation is Watching...
Anuj Guglani Batao Yaaron... Aise Kaise Chalega ... Billy Bhai Kucch Karo ! :)

Motor Uncle Video of Uber Driver gets played as testimonial at Hyundai Dealerships Pan India

11 Dec 2019 1 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


The Uber Driver Testimonial video has gone Viral! 

It is being played at Hyundai Dealerships & Workshops  across India 

The Power of Customer Reviews ! Please go ahead and share your videos and pics and reviews at Forums ... you never know even you might become super famous! 



Now the video which went Viral !


Its time to MU! Its time for


Anuj Guglani Kudos to Team MU and Team Hyundai for harnessing the same ! Best Wishes ...

Uber Driver finds Hyundai Xcent much Better than Maruti Suzuki Dzire

06 Dec 2019 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Shubham Kumar has been driving the Hyundai Xcent for last 2.5 to 3 years. His friends have Maruti Suzkui Dzire. He has driven both the cars. 

After 3 years of driving , he finds the Xcent much better than the Dzire in terms of space, comfort, customer satisfaction and also service cost 

see the video now! 


Ankit Kumar Try the wheel force centre.
Monica Ray Wow! Straight from the heart ... Certainly shatters several Myths !

A logic to identify your first car buy

01 Dec 2019 1 Comments


Which car to buy?

This is a question with a lot of answers, a lot of advice and yet not easy to choose from.

As an old proverb too many spoils the soup, when you are loaded with a lot of information the decision making will be hard.

In most cases, we can’t just avoid people’s advice and can’t simply follow.

Just read these points 

Family Car Planning List

  1. Space
  2. Trendy Design
  3. Good Performance
  4. Attractive color
  5. Price of the car and Finance
  6. Mileage
  7. Service Cost


So don’t feel ohh!! With the heading, just filling the seats you want to drive :)


These are some points we may have in our head when we are going to buy a car and these questions take repeating mode if you are going to buy a car for the first time.

The 5th point is very crucial for more than 85% of car buyers. This concern is good for many reasons. For this 85% of people particularly in India, buying a car is not just luxury, he/she has to use the product to the fullest potential. So the price of the car, how one’s finance is planned, maintenance cost and resale value become points of concern.

If you have set your budget ( i will say keep it a little flexible, for you may land into a better car with a little more investment) the other factors come into play.

The 6th and 7th points are more of speculation for we can’t have the precise answer but at the same time, we can have an approximate figure. To have a better idea you can use many portals like Zigwheels to compare and to know more about different brands and models.

As of now, you should have an idea about a brand or model and budget. Now you can go with the first four points with ease and can have an opinion of your close friends or family.

After you marked your checklist does a dealer visit for real experience and match the data you have acquired with the real one. 

The second last part is demanding for offers and possible discounts or gifts/addons available with your purchase. No need to feel bad, as the dealer can provide you a lot of benefits.

Now take the assistance of dealership or direct bank for the finance if you are looking for one.

Hope this lengthy story helped a bit.

Thanks and regards to my friend Mr. Sunil, working with Indus Motors- Maruti Suzuki dealer in Kerala

Motor Uncle Good ! Impressive ! Keep it up !

Mercedes-Benz celebrates 25 Years in India and 10 Years of Chakan Plant near Pune

29 Nov 2019 0 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Established in 1994, Mercedes-Benz India which celebrates its 25th anniversary in India, pioneered the luxury car market in the country and boasts of more than 130 years of cutting edge innovation in the luxury automobile industry globally.

  • As a part of Mercedes-Benz’s 25 years celebration in India, Mercedes-Benz is offering 25% rebate on select parts for periodic maintenance, applicable for  customers owning Mercedes-Benz cars for over 5 years
  • All customers can avail a ’Quick and Clean’ combo pack and Mercedes-Benz AC Spa treatment at an attractive price

Set up in 2009, Mercedes-Benz India’s world class production facility is spread over 100 acres in Chakan near Pune. Since June 2015, Mercedes-Benz India also commenced production from its new expanded production facility located in the same premises. Mercedes-Benz India is part of Mercedes-Benz’s Global Production Network.

It plays an important role in the CKD/MVP production network in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. At these locations, Mercedes-Benz produces vehicles in various extension levels for domestic markets. The production facility now carries an investment of INR 2,200 crores and has the largest installed production capacity for any luxury carmaker in India.

 Mercedes-Benz India also has the largest network spread amongst any luxury carmaker, with presence in 47 Indian cities through 97 outlets. Through the exclusive AMG Performance Centers located in 6 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, and Pune; the AMG performance sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz also boasts of a strong retail network presence in the country. 

Mercedes-Benz India’s flagship programme, ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ launched in 2016, aims to completely redefine the after-sales experience by digitalizing service process and create unparalleled benchmark in the luxury car service domain. In December 2017, Mercedes-Benz India launched its innovative ‘Pit Stop Service’ across all AMG Performance Centre to create service differentiation. This speedy, personalized and priority service is a commitment to the AMG and Specialty Cars customers, in driving delightful vehicle ownership. ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ aims at enhancing the customer’s vehicle ownership experience manifold, making after-sales experience as the new differentiator in the luxury car segment.

With the use of big data and in-depth knowledge of the driving pattern of Indian customers, Mercedes-Benz has been able to drive successfully low cost of ownership for its customers. A testimony of all these initiatives is reflected in 2018 JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which ranks Mercedes-Benz India at the top, with a score of 903.

 Mercedes-Benz India product portfolio comprises the locally produced Mercedes Maybach S 560, S-Class, E-Class Long Wheelbase, C-Class, CLA luxury sedans and the GLA, GLE and the GLS luxury SUVs. The CKD GLC was the ninth product added to Mercedes-Benz’s local production portfolio. Completely Built imported cars portfolio includes the A-Class, B-Class, V-Class, CLS, E-Class Cabriolet, E-Class All-Terrain, S-Class Coupé, C-Class Cabriolet, S-Class Cabriolet and the S 600 Guard, plus a range of other Guard vehicles.

 The product portfolio also comprises the iconic off-roader Mercedes-AMG G 63 as well as a wide range of other Mercedes-AMG performance cars like the AMG CLA 45, AMG C 63 S, AMG E 63 S, AMG S 63 Coupé, AMG S 63 Sedan, AMG GLA 45, AMG GLC 43 Coupé, AMG GLE 43 Coupé, AMG GT S, AMG GT R and AMG GT Roadster sports car, AMG SLC 43 and AMG C 43 Coupe. Mercedes-Benz India recorded retail sales of 3885 units in the period January-Mar 2019. In 2019, ‘The Best Never Rest’ is Mercedes-Benz’s brand motto.

Honda City 2020! Who would buy the Civic now?

28 Nov 2019 1 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


The New Honda City 2020 was recently launched at Thailand

Just look at the car! 

Does it make Civic Sense anymore ?  :)

The Fifth gen Honda City got launched at Thailand. 

Just look at the car! front styling. Wide stance! Brilliant and extended LED Headlamps. The easy to recognise Honda DNA Fron grille

It shall come with a 1 L Petrol turbocharged engine and a 1.5 L Diesel Powertain too.  The Petrol powertrain mileage is 23.8 Kmpl as per Thailand Testing Cycle. 

It shall have new great interiors, brilliant LED Taillamps. It is 100mm longer than the previous gen City. 

With such a great package of styling, performance and price, Now who would go for the Honda Flagsip Model Civic which got launched earlier this year! 




rohan Sharma honda city is an emotion Yamaha MT 07 specs & Price

Hector or Seltos ?

19 Nov 2019 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Now that both the Brands with their respective Cars have made their stellar Debut in the Indian Car Market 

Which one do you recommend ?

Kia Seltos or the MG Hector ?


Monica Ray see right here :
Monica Ray Any day Seltos! More rounded Package , Better Handling , original product and Original DNA , features like HUD , air purifier .. didnt it also win WAF Award for Best Product Innovation ?

Best Automotive service in Hyderabd

14 Nov 2019 3 Comments Author: Xenex Automotive


XENEX Automotive is the leading innovator of customized vehicles in Hyderabad. we have been redefining the iconic Mahindra THAR, creating the most innovative, beautiful and spectacular vehicles. The results are a ground-breaking blend of capability, individuality, and luxury. To this day, we remain exclusively dedicated to the THAR and to creating your unique interpretation of the world’s best luxury 4×4. Please contact on the following number for more information 8686000001 (XENEX Amar)

Monica Ray Are the LED Lights atop the windshield Legal ?
Patrick Stevenson WOW! That looks amazing! Really innovative vehicle. In JD Byrider reviews there are lots of diferent automotive services but this one seems to be one of the best as for me.
forum 123 if you wont a good content for your page then click here

Literally - The Money Car

08 Nov 2019 1 Comments Author: Paola Reniery


The place I work at just bought this car from the street. It's covered in 1 cent pennies, this junkyard buys cars from everyone, but this time the junk car's weight is not in the engine but the body of it. which is not very common.




Its funny when someone says "they put a lot of money in their car" well this is true for this car, they have put lots of money on it for sure.

Monica Ray Wow!

How can get rid junk cars in New York and Can anyone suggest of the best junk car buyer?

22 Oct 2019 0 Comments Author: David Wilson


I want to get rid of junk cars and can any one help me  for junk car selling?And I also got a hansome money from my junk cars.

How To Get Used Car History UK To Have A Safe Used Car Buying Experience?

11 Sep 2019 5 Comments Author: brenda charles


Car history UK reports can make you cleared about doubts regarding a used vehicle history. Get Comprehensive reports from Car Analytics today.

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jimmu jim Most people have a gut feeling about their credit – it's either great, good or bad. But what is a bad credit score really? What Is Bad Credit and How to Fix It
Arlene Stewart Want to sell your old but don't getting idea where to sell we have found best solution for you just go to IVAutoINC and sell your junk car and get paid in 24 hours.
David Wilson Today nobody really has the time to deal with the selling of a car. If you can’t afford to get it fixed or you didn’t get your car insured against accidents, we are here for your rescue. Get rid of your junk car for a handsome amount of money without taking ages.
Shevin shah Every now and then, the offices modernize their car fleet. They buy new vehicles, get rid of old ones. The worn-out, though still functional, can find a new owner, e.g. by auctioning. In newyork, however, officials are increasingly choosing another way to get rid of unnecessary cars: they donate them in the form of a donation to NGOs. Here is more information about free cars for needy people

Waterless Car Wash

30 Aug 2019 7 Comments Author: yassar yasmark


After the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the availability of steam engines became common, One could witness the rise of automobiles that proved to be much effective than horse-driven carts. Then, as technology progressed, the automobiles evolved to be more powerful, sleeker and even more awe-inspiring, catching the eyes of all humans.

But, one thing that remained common was that we always had to clean our rides as they tend to get dirty as we ride through mud and soil or whatever terrain that happens to be in our way. It just hurts to see our vehicles soiled in the mud. The traditional ways of washing included the use of foaming soaps and other similar emulsions that would act as the detergent to wash off the dirt. It made use of rubbing and buffing with clothes to take away the dirt.

Since water resources began to diminish we needed an alternative. Our unique “waterless car wash”  like the term suggests, requires no water to wash. It makes use of a spray that frees the dirt from the body of the car. All it needs is a gentle swipe using any cloth, to give back your car that pristine look. Rest assured, we are sure that you would be amazed by the quality of our Carwash that not only saves water but drastically reduces the time needed to do so.

 You will get back the clean and spotless car you’ve always been waiting for. Who doesn’t want their car to shine like a new one? Undoubtedly we are the best car washers in town. How? Our clients say so.

And did we mention,  it's convenient too? It sure is! Unlike normal water washes, it takes no less than 25 minutes to clean your car inside out. And our added advantage that we can clean interiors reduces the interior odor as well.

visit us at

Save the Environment. Go waterless when it comes to Carwashes too.

Yasmark is the best



jesus javier
ds f At the front, it gets a shine dark grille supplemented by dark ORVM covers. From the side, the 16-iSkoda Rapid Monte Carlo nch double tone composite wheels get polished dark jolt covers while the B-columns get a dark embellishment with a 'MONTE CARLO' banner identification. At the back, the vehicle includes a dark rear end spoiler and the dark grained diffuser also. A dark rooftop foil finishes the look.
naman garg Hey, I have a couple complete and total newbie questions. I've read that automatic car washes can harm my car's finish, but I don't have a driveway where I can wash it myself. So I'm looking for a solution to regularly keep the car clean. I just learned about waterless wash, but couldn't really find a lot of reliable info about it online. I was hoping you guys might be able to provide some answers to really basic questions. Are waterless car wash products a good solution? Can they be used as the primary (or perhaps even only) way to regularly wash a car? Or would I be better off going to one of those "wash your own car" places where they basically provide a sprayer and you bring all your own supplies? Are they safe or will they harm the clear coat or paint? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around how spraying a product on the car and wiping off dirt wouldn't scratch the car while a bit of dirt on the rags at commercial car wash will cause scratches and swirls. Do they really work? I don't really get mud caked on my car, but bug guts are pretty constant on the front. Any recommended brands? Aero seems to be highly rated and seems to just be a "spray and wipe" type product. Just browsing a few threads on here, I've also seen people mention ONR--but that seems to involve a regular wash without a rinse. Can someone please explain whether one of these methods is better than the other? Both Aero and ONR claim to wax the car. Does this replace actually waxing the car with a dedicated wax every 6-12 months? Or do you still wax the car even if you're regularly using the waterless wash/wax? Thanks!
Dantey Patrik Get registered TOEFL/PTE/PMP/CELPIP online without exams in India, Kuwait, Qatar( drivers License

Do you recommend oil additives for vehicle?

20 Aug 2019 3 Comments Author: Brian Rogers


Oil additive is compulsory recommended for vehicles? Any expert here, share your thoughts and experience with oil additives here. 

Monica Ray Not mandatory ... only if the Auto Maker says so ... else it can be counter productive !
Joseph Waugh As an automobile student, I have researched a lot regarding these types of the topic for my college papers and as above you discussed "Oil additive is compulsory for the vehicle" so I recommend you that it is not compulsory or necessary but it is good that you can increase and extend the lasting quality of your engine.
Anuj Guglani only if recommended by the vehicle maker ... else they do more harm than good!

After TVS Racer, It is Time fo TVS Zeppelin to Hit the Streets by 2020

14 Aug 2019 2 Comments Author: My Auto Reviewer


TVS Apache RR 310 gained a lot of attraction and appraisal last year. Now, TVS plans to launch another unique concept motorcycle in the Indian market. TVS Zeppelin is a stylish cruiser bike with some amazing features and futuristic looks. With its relaxed cruiser stance and shades of brown and matte black, this bike is pretty contemporary and feels well-finished.

TVS motor company is going to launch his cruiser motorcycle by 2020 in India. TVS Zeppelin comes with ultra-modern & futuristic design with a raw metallic look and aggressive body type. This bike comes with an engine of 220 cc single-cylinder engine. It is also offering the best milage in this range of bikes.  To know in details about this bikes visit our website today and know in-depth. 

Monica Ray TVS racing DNA is surely unmatched in the Country!
PetterCarr PetterCarr Who has been able to pick out the best gadget among those listed on this site?

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