I simply love my Honda City!

12 Jul 2015 7 Comments


Honda City simply rocks!!

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Manoj Bhosale ohhh Great!
Anuj Guglani Thats Great!
roopchand suman Hello world!!!

Honda Jazz Relaunch

05 Jan 2017 5 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


Must say the Honda Jazz is one of the best cars in its segment. The earlier Jazz was a tad overpriced and subsequently was sold was on an attractive discount which led to quick stock clearing from the Honda Factory Finshed Goods yard and Dealer Inventory .

Honda took the learning from the Old Jazz Price pain and launched the "The New Jazz" at a competitive price

The New JAzz initially showed initial bouyant sales figures, however later plateaued and then subsequently tanked

Does the Indian consumer still find it overpriced? For the performance, style. equipement levels, I feel it is rightly priced.

Was it not promoted and or marketed  rightly ? Did it get caught between the Utility segment and the aspirational one ?

Were the people confused by its unique styling which cut across traditional lines hatchback and sedan Or is the 3 Box Sedan Customer still adamant for the Boot outside for Social reasons

Anywhich ways, I personally love this car and one can check out its rating by All India Experts and its actual users here at Motor Uncle


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Kartik Gupta Oh it's a really good car, But i believe that the marketing could have been better by Honda. Also as far I believe people never could see it as a hatchback due to its elongated shape.
Gaurav Bhateja For me few special things in this car are CVT with paddle shift (only VAT-model) & Magic seats (only VX model) but both comes at heavy price. If somehow these features can come in lower models, maybe SV model then i would run to buy this car.
Monica Ray I simply love the Jazz .... I feel marketing and reach out of this car could have been better! Its a great product

New Honda City ... Hey But what's New in it?

17 Jan 2017 3 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Yesterday the Auto Media went Gaga ... On the launch of the New City in Thailand ...

while the entire world is going Woo Hoo!! over it ... I frankly struggle to locate, find "what New in the New City" 

Probably I'm not a Petro head who knows the car part by part , part no wise... well so are the normal 90% customers if not more... who had been waiting for the new city for a long long time..

Auto journos says ... Most changes are on the exterior ... and thats where I struggle the most to spot them ... They says its the new grille ... bla bla bla ... But no idea...

They say there would be leather seats, stereo with car Play, ABS ... Well Good Morning even the Ignis and Baleno come with these features now...

They say powertrain is very smooth and refined.... Hello! Honda has mastered making the finest petrol powertrains for donkey years now...

Did I head DRL's ? Daytime running Lamps ? YOu call that new in today's age... If they come ... they shall be restroing basic hygiene... 

So my questions remains ...  #WhatsNew?


john smith Great Article! Yesterday I bought a new seat covers here
roseline nancy Honda City........ My dream car
Anuj Guglani Indian customer is more demanding than ever .... Lets see how they react and respond to it!

Would the WR-V trigger a much needed Sales Avalanche for Honda

27 Mar 2017 3 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Honda, A Brand which has been aspirational for the Indian consumers...Back in 1998 when the Honda Siel Cars debuted with the first Honda City at India's First Honda Dealership at Chandigarh, People went from Delhi to buy the City. That was the aspiration for owning a car with the power of 100 Horses... Something new and alien for the Indian Consumers back then... Many returning to Delhi with dented bumpers and fender... Unable to handle the power of the High rev Honda engines back then!

Honda, somehow lost the plot since 2010, it seems ... The Products like CR-V, Mobilio, BR-V have just seen average or below Average Performance.  Amaze though has a great start but was unable to displace DZire from it's throne. 

Now comes the WR-V . Pricing seems to be right. Shape is surely futuristic. Performance of Honda Petrol Powertrains is surely incomparable ... Petrol is the In thing these days 

The WR-V Ratings on Motor Uncle seems just Average ... They are the Experts  rating  only as of now... as the Actual Customers are yet to build to a significant no 

WR-V Sales performance would surely be a cornerstone for Honda Cars and We wish them all the very best!

Anuj Guglani and WR-V becomes a show Stealer ... the Cash Cow for Honda ! 5 K units a month ... WR-V ya Wagon R ;)
Anuj Guglani People say it looks more like a hatch ... and less like a Compact SUV ... In India a lot depends on Car looks .. and Yes, cars like Honda City LQ have been class leading High Selling exceptions!

Maruti Weaves Magic with Ciaz  ; Overtakes Honda City!

05 May 2017 5 Comments Author: Varun Gandhi


Whats up Maruti Suzuki ? Broken the decade long jinx, if not longer??

Lets discuss the list of Products bombed in Premium segment last decade : Baleno , Kizashi, Grand Vitara ... Yup! A long list it is! 

Now comes in NExa, New Marketing, New Branding, Fading Consumer Memory ( always helps) , forgiving customer for past debacles

and you have a brilliant new Product and Buying Experience! 

Despite Honda launching a refreshed City, the Ciaz has overtaken the former in monthly sales. Tables have surely turned

Honda as a brand has stood for prestige, premiumness, luxury and comfort and has enjoyed a superlative Aspirational value since its launch in India in 1997-98. though it was very distinct from its global image which has been of entry level workhorse. Several Mass Auto Brands come to India and become Luxurious and Premium , other examples being VW,  Skoda, 

So what worked for Ciaz ? Shift to Nexa , Consistent Product Performance, Change in Mindset and Brand Perception of Maruti Brand or a combination of all these factors ... All said and done ...a big Hats off to Maruti Suzuki India for Pulling this off ... Lets see how long the lead can be sustained... as its just the beginning!


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Anuj Guglani Now new and Different Stories coming in Media how Honda is going well with WR-V and New City .. PR Machinery at Overdrive, after all the Flagship Model of Honda has been challenged by the Brand of the masses!
Monica Ray Lets see @varun .. too early to pass a Judgement ... a Honda in Unbeatable!!!
Anuj Guglani Seems "Spot On"

New Car Co's on the Block, Who will rule ? Kia , MG or Peugeot ?

23 Mar 2018 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Indian Motown Story was never this exciting! 3 New Car Companies getting ready to launch! Kia Motors which created sensation at the Auto Expo Last month and then MG Motors which is a famous UK Car Brand, makers of the Once Popular Morris Minor but now owned by the chinese Auto behemoth SAIC and of course the Peugoet part of the French Giant Groupe PSA 

Each of these companies have their own strengths as well as drawbacks. A Shared Drawback aka shared Mobility is that they are coming in late.  Maruti , Hyundai, Mahindra, Honda and Toyota have already had a ball.  Maruti and Hyundai enjoy more than 70% market share 

Lets take them one by one ...


They have already made multiple U -Turns in the past. Lets Hope this time they are here to Stay.  Though they have some great exciting products. Motor Uncle had blogged on  Peugeot

MG Motors 

They have adquired the General Motors Old Plant at Halol. It was aged even when GM acquired it from Hindustan Motors, more than two decades back.  Moreover It shall take tonnes of Mktg Ammo for MG Motors to paint the picture thats hey! its an iconic  British Brand. Meanwhile the rivals shall be busy googling MG Motors, opening Wikipedia on their deivces and educating the customers of its Chinese Owners ie SAIC. This is very similar to what GM India faced with Optra and other vehicles of GM Daewoo antecedants. In the last decade, Korean Car Companies had faced lot of flak and a run down on image due to Daewoo Bankruptcy.  But that was last decade.....Success of Hyundai has been a great image makeover for Korean Co's and yes Kia gets to leverage this.

And for management at MG Motors life is a full circle. This is because most are from the Initial Years of GM India when they faced similar issue due to Daewoo and now they shall face from the Chinese Owners SAIC. People also say it was the dated SAIC products launched by GM India last few years which proved as latter's death warrant! Anyways lets bury the past as we are here to discuss a promising future! 

Kia Motors 

Kia has a lot going its way. A Big Brother like Hyundai by the side, whom it can always turn for advise, support, leverage.  Then its a Korean company and thanks to its parent, Korean Brands acceptance have seen a sea change for the better last one decade. Then its an easy to pronounce name, almost like a Hindi word "Kia" . This can mean higher recall and engagement with masses. It all begins with a easy to pronounce and remember name. Ask Mktg & Sales guys at Renault India and Chevrolet India and they share their Market challenges of a difficult name to pronounce! 

By the way Chevrolet in French means Goat's Milk! So Big Advantage to Kia on the name part and the lineage. Additonally their product line up oozzes excitment and assuming the power trains are shared with Hyundai, this means trust and proven quality even if not supremacy

And they have already invested in a plant with a capacity of 3,00,000 units an year  based on the confidence of gaining traction and marketshare. 

So the lines have been drawn ! Time to rev up the engines or charge up the Batteries! Its  Race Time ! May the best Companies win! 

Anuj Guglani It shall be surely very exciting to see who gets sustained success, as we have the best men and women of the motown behind each of these brands and companies... Eventually it shall be the win of the eco system, leadership and culture
Monica Ray Great Candid Piece! Way to go Motor Uncle ! Thats why we all love you so much !!

All New Honda Civic Launched! Is it worth the Wait ?

09 Mar 2019 2 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


Honda Cards India has launched the #AllNewCivic today! 

Several Buyers, Honda Fans , enthusiasts, Experts had been waiting for it for a while now. 



First Generation Civic was launched in 1972 as a Sub Compact or Hatchback or 5 Door

Though Civic was not the First Production Car by Honda but surely the first model to win most hearts!


Brief History of the Legenday Honda Civic 



Presenting the 10th Gen Honda Civic 


 So now after the History and the Introductions lets get to sharing our first few experiences of the New Civic

So this is the 10th gen Civic. Honda skipped the 9th gen for India and 10th Intro gen. This one is the Refreshed 10th gen , so makes it the very latest across the globe!

India got 8th gen Civic which was first shown at the 2016 Auto Expo , launched thereafter and was there till 2012. It was surely futuristic for its time. The IP , criss cross wipers, the Digital speedo , the space craft styled dash were in a different league altogether!


Quick Notes by Motor Uncle :

Globally Latest Civic Model, Premium & Spacious Interiors, Coupe Like Styling, Catchy C Shaped Taillamps, No A/T in Diesel, No M/T  in Petrol, Great Mileage, Not as Peppy, Feature Loaded, Great Ride & Handling, Starting Price a Bit High, Overall Great Package


Lil more Details , just lil more :  

Ride :  So full marks for Ride and Handling but its not a Drivers car.  The CVT makes it a tad sluggish esp in the Hills but also gives great stress free driving and great mileage
Mileage  : its Class leading !  16.5 KMPL Petrol 
Aesthatics : Full Marks again for Looks & Styling ( can be polarised though ) , Great Interiors, Sporty feel , the Coupe style rear design, C shaped tail lamps - C for Civic! can also call it "Boomerang Taillamps"   Though we miss the double barrel exhaust from the 8th Gen. This one has the concealed exhaust, more a clean rear finish!
Engine :  1.8 litre iVTEC , Previous Civic Engine finetuned for greater Power . iVTEC ! And Yes 1.6 Litre DTEC is the new one for Civic @ India , but same as which powers the current CR-V.  Might seem peppier than CR-V , as Kerb Weight lesser by 300 Kg! 
Ground Clearance  : They have lifted up the 10th Gen Civic by 20 mm compared to global Spec Model as 8th Gen Civic use to love scrapping tarmacs on Breakers and pot holes! Special India Spec of 170 mm. After All, we matter!  :)
Space : Class Leading , Great comfort but tall guys at back might feel leave their hair gels on the Car roof esp with three guys on rear seat !
Boot Space : Least compared to all Rivals. it is 430 Litres only! It encourages you to carry Baggage probably ! 
Interesting Features :  Features like Lane Changing Camera Assist , Electronic Power Brake,  Hill Start Assist
For  Specs and Motor Uncle Rating , please click here :


So overall its a great machine to look at , to be in , Great Ride n Handling, Great Mileage, Great Pedigree. 
The only down side : Just a few features missing here and there and cud have been Peppier.

Rest its all Sorted my Boy ! Makes Civic Sense!

 Write to us at


Bob Flexner Beautiful and nice car! See our review
Ketika ranjan This is really beautiful and I just loved the test ride of this car, it was very comfortable & handing was smooth. It is one of the most luxurious sedan in the market, I must say.

Is Honda going the Audi Way ?

25 Mar 2019 2 Comments Author: Monica Ray


Hey People at MU Forum!

Is it just me or even you have noticed ?

Most Hondas now look so so much alike. Yes! A family does look a like. Its the same lineage, genes

But a person buying a car worth Rs 36L  might not want striking similarity with cars of the same brand which come for half or 1/4 the price

A similar reason why Audi A8 didnt sell much. A reason why New E Class has started selling a lot more , due to striking resemblance in size, shape, design to the eder sibing S Class

Past gen Honda cars City, Civic, Accord used to have a common Design theme and at the same time distinct design cues to justify the price premium ... but now its gradually fading away 

Similarly when the cars  go for service, they end up at the same service station too! One Argument can be that Nowdays its mostly Pick & Drop. Owners seldom go to the service station. At the same , time most car lovers end up actually visitng the service station. The Car Makers are well aware of this and try to engage them  when they are on Premises!

So Would honda try to  go the NEXA Way or the viability act as a hindrance! If not now, probably in future

However the Striking resemblance in Design can act as a spoiler and affect the Brand's Aerodynamics ! ;) 

Whare are your thoughts on this ?

Would love to knw 

Bob Flexner Thanks for the article. See our useful review
Anuj Guglani hmmm ... Interesting Perspective! Must Say !

Why it wont be a Cakewalk for MG Motor at India ?

30 May 2019 5 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


MG, Morris Garages, the Iconic British car brand owned by the Chinese Auto Co SAIC is all set to make its brand debut in India with the SUV, MG Hector. 
As always we begin with the good points. The strengths that can really catapult this debutante to the Performers Club :
  • New Brand brings with itself,  freshness, new energy, Innovation. 

  • The Culture is open, operates like a start up , encourages innovation. 

  • The Company goes overboard in wooing the employees and the dealers as they are extended family.  The Dealer personnel represent the brand and a new brand understands this completely.  

  • The Top Team at MG Motor is mostly from GM India. Even the Plant at Halol is the Old GM Plant. They have unfulfilled aspirations from the GM days which shall be harnessed for the success for MG Motor. It surely comes round as a watershed moment. 

  • The company leaves no stone unturned in launching a classy product with Top Notch performance and deliverables at every front. In the Automotive, it surely begins with the product as the consumer experiences it on a daily basis.

  •  The Product is surely a show stopper. Its feature loaded with several Segment First initiatives.  



Now Come the Challenges : 

The Passenger Vehicle Industry in India is between a handful players. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai command close to 70% of Market Share. You add Tata Motors PVBU and M&M to the list, it crosses 80%. You add Toyota and Honda so 6 Auto Makers and you are talking about close to 93% of Market Share!
The Customer in India is very choosy and picky. For the Car Makers, the ROI and viability comes from volumes and they lie in small car segment, which happens to be a place where a lot of car makers have burnt their fingers.
And of course you need Rural Penetration and Products which are more mainstream and can Perform in Challenging circumstances.
Its Essentially Maruti & Hyundai who have tasted sustained success here. You need an extensive dealer Network, you need spares availability, You need trained Manpower following the Company SOPs.
You need the entre Supply Chain, Tech, Ops in Place. It has taken Maruti and Hyundai years and years to build this. Thats actually when you begin to make profits too. For Instance, Just the annual spare parts business of Maruti Suzuki across its Dealerships and MGP Outlets is around Rs 6,000 Crores. It took them 25 yrs to reach here. Do New Cos have that much time ?

"At the Same time, GM entered India before Honda, Toyota and Hyundai but could not sustain. It boils down to the Right Strategy & Vision."

The Business Partner who needs viability first is your dealer. If the dealer is making money, you can make them do anything from SOP to Customer delight, to employing expensive manpower, anything, Period!  A skill craft-fully mastered by Toyota In India.
MG Motor might also be adopting a Toyota Like Strategy for Dealer Network. Have lesser dealers. More touchpoints. First right of refusal for expansion lies with present dealer.  

Brand Acceptance can be a Big Challenge 

MG Motor is not the only new entrant around this time. We shall also see Kia Motors and Groupe PSA debut with Citroën. Kia shall be able to leverage their Hyundai Sibling Strengths in a Big way. Right from vendors, to processes to functioning.  When it comes to Citroën, they  can position themselves as a 100 Year old French Brand.
They shall have their local partner Hindustan Motors support ( wondering whether we can really count  that as  a support!). But the narrative of a French brand surely gives the positioning of Class, Great Design & Taste.
The Chinese antecedents might haunt the Brand MG atleast initially. "Chinese" as a Brand Tag, is where "Korean" was 15 years back. Daewoo faced it. Hyundai faced it from Maruti dealer personnel when it came to competition bashing.
Even GM faced it for the GM-DAT products like Spark, Optra, & Aveo. Eventually the "Korean Antecedents" ceased to be a taboo at Motown due to the overwhelming success of Hyundai and yes SRK! 

Possible Initial Competition Narrative against MG 

A very convenient narrative for competition dealership this time against MG can be, "Sir ji  its actually a Chinese Company. You know how Chinese products / mobile phones are - flashy and feature loaded but they dont last long.
Madam ji Even if they Say, its MG, Iconic British Brand, please ask them how much they sell in UK ? Its not even 5 %. Not a single model of MG is in Top 10 Selling Cars List of UK. See, I shall google and Show you. They sell majority cars in China.
They say leader in connected cars technology, Madam ji , Hyundai Venue has the Blue Link Tech at half the Price. Just the OTA updates & some features they have extra. Better to avoid sir ji, for security and to prevent car being attacked by Hackers!

"So this is one rendition. You can control , train your own dealer teams but not the competition ones!

A Great far Reaching Digital Campaign can help arrest such narratives from becoming popular opinions."


Motor Uncle's Opinion 

A relationship based on 'half truth' can't endure. So MG Motor should surely talk about the Iconic British Brand but at the same time, should not shy away from saying its owned by SAIC. In fact take it as an opportunity to share the humongous achievements, the colossal stance, the great achievements of the parent company.

"Establish MG Motor as well as SAIC as brands in the minds and hearts of the consumer before the competition bashing narrative grips the consumer's mind."

Remember how Baleno used to desold by Honda sales guys, 15 yrs back ? When a customer would take Baleno's name as an alternative, Honda Sales guys would ask , "Sir, are you thinking of Buying the Maruti Baleno instead of the Honda City?" Back then , just "Prefixing Maruti" would kill the premiumness of the Product.
The constant premium product market failures of Maruti eventually led to formation of Nexa, which surely turned the fortunes for the Baleno Brand!
The other day , we overheard one proud father mention on the phone, "My Son has bought a Creta"
He didnt say his son bought a Hyundai Car. Now the products aspiration and Brand even exceeds the car brand! A great situation to be in! 
At the same time it cant be a One Product wonder. No Company has tasted sustained success like this. 
Moreover in the Age of Shared Mobility, A Personal car Plus Personal Driver Business Case is in any case unviable! People are in no tearing hurry to buy a new set of wheels or even replace their existing car.

"Kaam chal jaata hai Uber and Ola se.  So Focussed Pan India Fleet  Penetration and Tie Ups would not be a Bad idea!" 



For any new entrant there are these 5 balls which need to juggled and balanced. 

1. Employee & Vendor Relations 
Thats literally where it begins. They are your first family. They spread an important message about you in the trade, in the market, in the Industry. They are also the info source for Industry, Media and Investors when all is not well. Managing them well surely pays the dividends. 
2. Customer Experience with the Product 
Products are becoming more and more world class, better and better and thus losing key differentiators. Customers want nothing but the best. It takes years to build the Brand and minutes to destroy it. Here we have the "Brand WIP!" MG would need to listen to the customers very carefully. Its human, its ok, to mess up. How fast we respond to fix it, is the KEY! That can be the opportunity to win!

3. Dealer Viability & Dealer Manpower R&R
Even now Nothing beats Toyota's Dealer Network Strategy. They made the initial dealers come up with a great infrastructure with just one Product Qualis.But then the dealers did it for "Toyota". Here MG would need to put constant energy to cajole, impress, retain. Would that be "The GM Way" or a brand new "Mg Way" is what we need to see.
4. After sales experience & Cost of Ownership
For a new company, launching an SUV in the range of 15L,  volumes shall be low. But one can take it as an opportunity. You have to impress less no of customers. You can really focus and do it well! The Price Range is such you are neither luxury nor entry level. So customer would surely show they are price conscious. You have to manage your economics well and not go the Kingfisher Way!   
5.  Resale value
This is eventually your report card based on your performance on the aforesaid 4 points. It eventually ensures your sustained success!
 We wish MG Motor all the Very Best to Surge Ahead and  Create History!!
Motor Uncle Team

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alex nicolas recommended to see callahan brake parts review
Kevin Evans Great! I also recommennd to see here
dr neelu chhabra Good one ! It's not at all easy that's what makes it worth it motor uncle !
Monica Ray Very Well Written Motor Uncle .... Great Depth and Knowledge of Industry ! Keep it up !

Honda City 2020! Who would buy the Civic now?

28 Nov 2019 1 Comments Author: Motor Uncle


The New Honda City 2020 was recently launched at Thailand

Just look at the car! 

Does it make Civic Sense anymore ?  :)

The Fifth gen Honda City got launched at Thailand. 

Just look at the car! front styling. Wide stance! Brilliant and extended LED Headlamps. The easy to recognise Honda DNA Fron grille

It shall come with a 1 L Petrol turbocharged engine and a 1.5 L Diesel Powertain too.  The Petrol powertrain mileage is 23.8 Kmpl as per Thailand Testing Cycle. 

It shall have new great interiors, brilliant LED Taillamps. It is 100mm longer than the previous gen City. 

With such a great package of styling, performance and price, Now who would go for the Honda Flagsip Model Civic which got launched earlier this year! 




rohan Sharma honda city is an emotion Yamaha MT 07 specs & Price

Best Mileage Car of the Year 2020

30 Nov 2020 0 Comments Author: Tarun Shetty


That is the fundamental inquiry that a possible vehicle purchaser pose. Mileage remains the most searched after quality in a vehicle for Indian buyers. Thus, they need to go for the best mileage
Since days of yore, mileage and normal have been the measuring sticks to quantify how great a vehicle truly is.
In spite of the fact that, with the adjustment in the client base, the components are evolving. Yet, the eco-friendliness of a vehicle actually stays one of the vital variables in purchasing a vehicle.
We've gathered an elite of the absolute best performing and glancing vehicles in India. The rundown has been accumulated remembering the mileage, execution, brand variety, and looks also.

  • Hyundai Aura (Mileage: 25kmpl)

  • Hyundai i20 2020 (Mileage: 25kmpl)

  • Hyundai Verna (Mileage: 25kmpl)

  • Honda Amaze (Mileage: 24kmpl)

  • Ford Aspire (Mileage: 24kmpl)

  • Ford Figo (Mileage: 24kmpl)

  • Hyundai Grand i10 Nios (Mileage: 26kmpl)

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