Skoda Servicing cost!

04 Sep 2015 6 Comments Author: Anuj Guglani


Does it drill a hole in your pocket?

Monica Ray No way! Skoda Rocks!
Anuj Guglani heard a BMW Sales guy trying to sell his car to an existing Skoda Owner ... COO shall be Lower for you sir! Ha hA!
Anuj Guglani In the Past probably true ... But not a sea change !
Roopchand Suman Skoda! Great...
Anuj Guglani hi!
Anuj Guglani oh yeah!

Maruti - Master of lightweight technology

07 Jan 2017 4 Comments Author: Gaurav Bhateja


It seems maruti has mastered the art of lightweight technology. With paper like metal sheets they seems to show no concerns on passengers safety.

Majority of indian buyers are obsessed with Maruti name and generally ignore safety aspects.

Volkswagen and Skoda though costly to buy and maintain but its good to see that they do not compromise on safety front.

Kartik Gupta Oh wow! thanks for such a wonderful insight! @dr neelu
dr neelu chhabra It's not that the car body has to be super rigid or strong all across. . there has to be a combination of soft and hard steels. . Crumple zones and rigid passenger cabin. . So if we take the case of tata indica ... the body is rigid ..and the Fender is soft metal to absorb the impact which is equally important if not more ... the absence of this combination of soft and hard metals actually made cars like ambassador which looked superb safe and sturdy., actually unsafe..
Kartik Gupta I have the same problem with my Hyundai Verna... though they provide airbags for safety, but still the metal body of the car is comparatively weaker. A simple nudge from another vehicle creates such a deep and big dent. Where as my friend's Polo is so rugged in design. I guess all Japanese and Korean companies prefer using lightweight tech. and provide more airbags. Where as the European and Americans prefer the other way round. But no matter what way they choose the safety of the driver and the passengers should be the foremost priority for every company!
Monica Ray Majority people in our country are generally and consciously ignorant to Safety and Environment...Only Govt rules and compliances can reign these things... which sadly get excessively influenced by Car Makers and their powerful lobbies... after around 8% of GDP comes from Auto and around 20 million jobs...

Maruti Weaves Magic with Ciaz  ; Overtakes Honda City!

05 May 2017 5 Comments Author: Varun Gandhi


Whats up Maruti Suzuki ? Broken the decade long jinx, if not longer??

Lets discuss the list of Products bombed in Premium segment last decade : Baleno , Kizashi, Grand Vitara ... Yup! A long list it is! 

Now comes in NExa, New Marketing, New Branding, Fading Consumer Memory ( always helps) , forgiving customer for past debacles

and you have a brilliant new Product and Buying Experience! 

Despite Honda launching a refreshed City, the Ciaz has overtaken the former in monthly sales. Tables have surely turned

Honda as a brand has stood for prestige, premiumness, luxury and comfort and has enjoyed a superlative Aspirational value since its launch in India in 1997-98. though it was very distinct from its global image which has been of entry level workhorse. Several Mass Auto Brands come to India and become Luxurious and Premium , other examples being VW,  Skoda, 

So what worked for Ciaz ? Shift to Nexa , Consistent Product Performance, Change in Mindset and Brand Perception of Maruti Brand or a combination of all these factors ... All said and done ...a big Hats off to Maruti Suzuki India for Pulling this off ... Lets see how long the lead can be sustained... as its just the beginning!


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Anuj Guglani Now new and Different Stories coming in Media how Honda is going well with WR-V and New City .. PR Machinery at Overdrive, after all the Flagship Model of Honda has been challenged by the Brand of the masses!
Monica Ray Lets see @varun .. too early to pass a Judgement ... a Honda in Unbeatable!!!
Anuj Guglani Seems "Spot On"

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