Motor Uncle helps you find Your Perfect Car Whether New or Used
Motor Uncle team procures, processes and analyses Experts and Magazines Ratings and Actual Consumer Data along with the syndicated consumer surveys. The Data is standardized and conformed to a 12 Parameter Report Card and thus Motor Uncle Ratings get created.
Here's a Sample Sheet how the ratings are collated !
Chevrolet Beat
Every Car's Actual Report Card
You can raise your After Sales Car Service Blues through us !

After getting your car repaired or serviced at an authorized outlet, how many times do you feel you have experienced :

  1. Being Wrongly Charged
  2. Rude Behaviour
  3. Delayed Delivery
  4. Bad Quality Of Work
  5. Suspicion of Spurious Spare Parts
  6. Being Pushed with Non Mandatory Services (VAS)
Bye-Bye Car Service Blues, Hello Red Carpet !
Well, time to rejoice as you have a friend now by your side and that’s Motor Uncle! It takes just a minute to raise a concern through our Service Complaints Section and it is shared with your Car Dealership, Car Company’s Regional Service Head and eventually the National Service Head through a well laid out Process. You can submit your service Complaint here:
You can rate Dealers based on their Responsiveness & your Experience !
After giving a Test Drive or Call Back request, you can rate your Buying Experience at the Dealership you chose. This helps other buyers like you to get better guidance in selecting the Dealers who are doing a great job !
Smart Competition Comparisons & Spec Sheets Demystified !
Now its no more a struggle to decipher the complicated Auto terms and Specs. Motor Uncle’s advanced Logic shows the superior spec in green with a thumbs up and the benefit statement.
Now, no one can take you for a Ride, when you go to select your Ride! Experience Smart Comparisons here:
Motor Uncle Forum Section
Get the Pulse of the Industry, talk to fellow Customers, PetroHeads or Car Aficionados at the Mu Forums. Built with features to speed up your Blogging & Search and Social Share experience. Forums can be accessed here :
Now every customer is A VVIP and gets a Red Carpet
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